Are Zak And Garrett Still Together

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• Saturday, 07 November, 2020
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It's always a treat when an episode of Catfish (executive producer, 46 episodes: Ariel Schulman)crescendos with blissed-out lovebirds holding hands instead of tears being shed in the front seat of Nev's car. The premise of Catfish mostly lends itself to sniffing out lies, deception, and fake social media profiles.

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Garrett also left a seemingly flirtatious comment on one of Zak's photos on New Year's Eve. Oak, who seems to share a lot of his personal thoughts on his blog, posted last month that he wants “to live a full life and I want to know what would happen if I dated that guy that’s perfect for me, but I’m too afraid he might hurt me.

Oak had a more supportive family at home, based on what he said on the show, but they both still had to deal with the distance between them and the struggle that would have to ensue were they to move to each other. Every player continues to put in consistent work in the gym with the hopes of living out their dream in making it to the NBA or a long career overseas.

As the five-month season progresses, players on a team will form a strong connection and deep bond that extends off the court. Some players will develop a strong bond and form lifelong friends among their teammates.

Billy Garrett, Seoul Wings, and Oak Irvin spent parts of two seasons together in Westchester. The trio were a part of teams that recorded a combined 61 victories and made two postseason appearances in consecutive seasons.

It helps us grow as friends and as players, so it’s something I’ll always carry with me and these guys are here for me for the rest our time.” Even though the three were together for a short time in Westchester, they grew their relationship as each day passed.

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Along with Garrett, Irvin grew close to Wings during their time in White Plains. Players work on building chemistry and continuity, which can translate on the court and can lead to success.

The Westchester Knicks detailed the trio’s Monopoly contests as the regular season progressed. The Knicks featured standings on who tallied the most victories and gave out a trophy to the champion in a halftime interview at the end of the regular season.

Wings will return to Europe and play with Klee Basket Ferrara in Italy. The trio spent a short time in Westchester, but built a strong bond that will last forever.

I’m really slow to recap these shows lately because there is so much on TV right now to get to. And also because they are cutting back on staging houses in favor of meeting at public restaurants, my entire interest in the couches and wall colors is waning.

Did the giant wall of Catfish posters and this crazy office space really cost so much that we are going to see it every episode now? I just want to see people acting like fools for $1000 and some new living room furniture.

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No video chats, backed out of meetings, disappeared and changed his phone number. I am starving and got sidetracked googling recipes for a late lunch and missed somehow why Oak is flying to LA, and they are putting him up in a house there.

Oak is from Delaware and Garrett is in Kansas, so why are they in LA? The boys find no social media, no results for his phone or pictures.

The boys try some cached links and find some images. They find a friend named Alexander and message him to ask about Garrett.

She says about four months ago, Gary’s ex hacked into his FB account and was sending them to people. They tell him about the drag queen guy and his friend Katie, and he is all caught up to date.

Nev calls Gary/ Garrett, and he wants to meet with Oak and explain everything. Garrett agrees to meet Oak in LA and explain everything in person, he says he just doesn’t want to disappoint him.

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Apparently they got along well, and his parents don’t watch Catfish The Meet Up In A Public Park Near A Large Body Of Water Production calls and says they are at the airport, and they can’t find Garrett.

Garrett says he made the Gary profile to hide his homosexuality from his family. He also had a relationship with a guy from Georgia that was basically online and at some point he went back to Georgia for another guy and Garrett became skittish about online relationships.

Then despite taping for 70 minutes, I don’t get the end of the story. So I do a Google search and this is what Oak put on his blog about the current nature of their relationship.

If you’re reading this right now it’s more than likely because you saw my episode of Catfish last night and want to know if Garrett and I are still together. So I thought I would write this short post and answer everyone’s burning question.

After watching the episode I even made the leap today saying that maybe we should reconsider dating, because the episode brought back all of my feelings and I realized I don’t care about the distance or how long it would take but, unfortunately, it’s just bad timing right now. Don’t be sad though that’s the beauty of life, nothing is permanent, I’m making plans to go see him once he’s settled this summer, and I’ll be holding out hope that I will be with the love of my life this time next year.

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Max is adorably embarrassed by the confession and both he and Nev were laughing at his dramatic insistence of, “I’m a big boy and I can pick out my own clothes!” because he obviously can’t (or at least chooses not to). The Catfish portion of the show starts off with an email from Oak, describing his online relationship with Garrett.

Any parent who has children remembers that first night away, and I was totally impressed by how well Laura seemed to be handling it and how reassuring Nev was about the whole thing. Seriously, every clip they show of Nev and Laura has me thinking hashtag relationship goals.

Nev and Max sit down the next day to do their detective work with the information provided to them by Oak. They come up with nothing on the reverse image search, nothing for the phone number, but get a couple of hits on his name on Google.

They do a search of his Facebook URL in Google which brings up some photos of Garrett they haven’t seen before. They do a search for Gary and find him on Facebook in a bunch of pictures with a girl named Katie.

They explain the situation to Katie on the phone, and she says that she’s sure if Gary was talking to somebody for the last four months and was in love with him, she would know about it because their best friends. She mentions that four months ago some stuff went down with Gary’s ex, and he hacked into his Facebook account and was taking pictures of him and posting them online… which doesn’t sound very good for Oak.

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As you can imagine, hilarity ensues when Nev decides he wants to try the stretches Oak is making look so effortless. I’m sure you’re not surprised to read that Nev doesn’t quite pull it off as well as Oak, though Max did make sure to get the requested crotch shot with his camera.

When they come back, Garrett /Gary agrees to fly to L.A. to meet up with Oak, Nev, and Max the next day. I can’t lose another person from my life.” It was surprisingly sad to watch, because up until now, Oak had been doing a really great job of acting very upbeat, and he came across like he was handling everything so well.

The next day we get another quick recap in the form of a video call between Nev and Laura, featuring an absolutely adorable dancing Cleo in the background. Afterwards, Nev and Max meet up with Oak at the house they rented him and wait for Gary/ Garrett to show up.

They get a call from their producer who explains she was supposed to pick up Gary/ Garrett at the airport twenty minutes ago, but he isn’t there, she can’t get a hold of him, and she doesn’t even know if he got on the flight or not. They ask him all the hard questions, and honestly to me, it felt like he was being completely disingenuous the entire time.

Nev and Max were channeling the inner me when they were spying through the window and fist pumping in excitement! We get a few cute scenes of Oak and Garrett on their first date, and we hear them declare themselves officially boyfriends at the end of the episode.

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We skip forward to the video call one month later… and Oak and Garrett are still together and absolutely adorable! This episode left me with a great big smile on my face, my hopelessly romantic heart bursting with all the feels, and reminded me why I’ve kept watching this show over the last several years.

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