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While the attractive pair didn’t exactly have a fairy tale romance on the series, Hannah and Oak went on to date for years. Aired in 2015, Hannah and Oak seemingly lived together in Los Angeles where they collaborated on tons of content for YouTube and a now-defunct app called Vine.

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Moreover, the pair constantly shared loved-up photos from their travels all over the globe. According to a December 2018 Reddit post, Hannah confirmed her split from Oak.

That month, Oak also posted a YouTube revealing he was single. Since then, both Oak and Hannah have deleted the countless photos of each other on Instagram.

MTV and the cast updated fans on their relationships on Twitter Thursday, sharing who is still together and who has gone their separate ways. After his relationship with Hannah began to falter, Chuck found his way into Bring’s arms.

The duo realized they were not a perfect match in episode 4 after listing the truth booth but continued their flirtations during the game. During the season’s final matchup ceremony, Bring even told host Ryan Devlin her “heart” was still with Chuck.

Following her failed romance with Chuck, Oak and Hannah hit it off during a lover’s luau in episode 6. Ultimately, the two sat with different people at the final matchup, but that hasn’t put a damper on their love.

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She also confirmed she did not get the chance to give Mike, who exited the series before the final matchup, her perfect match bracelet. After leaving Hawaii, one half of Connor returned home to the South Side of Chicago and has been busy working to open his own gym.

MTV claims to have an extensive matchmaking algorithm to help each season’s “Are You the One?” cast members find their perfect matches. Before Season 6 of the series, which is hosted by Terrence J this time around, premieres on MTV Wednesday night, find out which “AUTO?” couples are still together in 2017 and which ones have broken up.

Gianna Hammer and Hayden Weaver caused quite the controversy on Season 5 of “Are You the One?” After refusing to separate after being deemed a non-match on the show, the cast mates are still together off-camera. After a tumultuous and very public breakup in January, Julia Rose and Stephen McHugh are back together and appears happier than ever before.

Fans can get daily updates from the couple on their Instagram pages in the way of bikini photos and other sultry shots. “Happy birthday @stephenjohnii aka my perfect match, late night storyteller, and best friend,” Julia recently posted to her account.

They weren’t deemed a perfect match on Season 3 of “Are You the One?” but Oak Long and Hannah Rathbone are still very much together. Fans of the couple can catch up with them on Zak’s YouTube channel where he frequently posts vlogs of their daily lives.

Last November, they discussed the topic of marriage in a YouTube Q&A and in a vlog released earlier this month, Oak commented on the possibility of them Hannah starting a family together one day. Rumors have been swirling that she and “Challenge” vet Derrick Kaminski have become an item after a video of them kissing surfaced online.

Season 1 perfect match Ethan Diamond and Amber Lee are still the most successful couple on the show to date. Ethan, who frequently posts social media updates for fans, recently shared a sweet message about Amber in honor of her birthday on Sept. 10.

This beautiful person, Amber Lee Diamond, was born on this day, 26 years ago,” he wrote. Before episode 1 airs, meet the cast, find out all about this season’s new host, learn what happened to Ryan Devlin and more twists and turns to come.

While some fans, primarily those rooting for Clay Jensen, were not happy about their fling, others are obsessed with their love story and are using the hashtag #Hannah to show their support. In case you're wondering, Ross Butler, the actor who plays Zach Dempsey, was totally on board when showrunner Brian Worked gave him the full lowdown.

After Marcus harasses Hannah at the diner, Zach joins her table and tries to comfort her. The next day, Zach sees Hannah sitting in the cafeteria by herself and admits he wanted her name to be on his Oh My Dollar Valentine's list.

The day after, Zach starts to steal the notes in Hannah's compliment bag. Once Hannah discovers Zach has been stealing from her compliment bag, she decides to write him a very personal note.

That summer, Zach sees a lot of movies and during one of his visits to the Westmont, he finally apologizes to Hannah. The catch is, his mom won't let him have girls over, so he wants to see a movie at Hannah's house.

Zach hides behind the bedroom door, and Hannah's parents never find out about their date. Note: Zach tells Justin he's seeing a girl from another school.

They spent the entire summer together, eating ice cream, reading books, and spending time at the docks. Toward the end of the summer, just before their junior year of high school, Zach tells Hannah that he doesn't want his friends to know about their relationship.

Zach shows up to the movie theater with some of his friends, including Monty, Bryce, Justin, and Scott. After the movie, Zach pretends to leave his wallet and talks to Hannah.

He tries to explain his weird behavior and says that he acts the way he does because he doesn't want his friends to make fun of her. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses.

They previously renewed their vows in a beautiful ceremony and made finding love look easy! These two sat together at the show’s very first beam ceremony, and by week five they’d confirmed they were a perfect match.

Also, a no match couple, Christina and Brandon’s relationship survived the show only to fall apart once the cameras stopped rolling. At the reunion, the two revealed that they’d tried to make it work, and Christina had even planned to move to Las Vegas, so they could be together.

And while they didn’t let their relationship get in the way of winning some money, they did stay together after the show ended. Mikaela and Cam are the earliest confirmed perfect-match in AUTO history, and by the third week they’d moved to the Honeymoon Suite.

But while they were there, they decided they didn’t want to have to struggle to make a long-distance relationship work outside the show. They seemed to be going strong after finding out they were perfect matches, but their spark fizzled when they moved their relationship to the real world.

They seemed to have weathered the storm of the show, and Alicia’s romance on Second Chances with her real perfect match, Mike, but these two couldn’t make it long, either. Hannah and Ozzy very publicly and messily fell apart on the show, but there was some buzz that the two were hanging out IRL after filming stopped.

By the time the reunion rolled around, though, they put that rumor to rest and confirmed their relationship was over. Hannah did have a brief fling with Stephen from season 4, and Ozzy had a flirtation with castrate Carolina after the show that had fans talking.

After the week two Blackouts, these two knew they weren’t a perfect match, and never explored their chemistry further. Another confirmed no match that just couldn’t let their relationship go, Taylor and Andre did their best to stay together during filming.

Though the two made peace at the reunion, Audrey admitted that she was seeing Hunter from season three and The Challenge. By the time they went on a date on the show, the audience already knew they couldn’t be a perfect match.

But when they found out they weren’t a perfect match, Malcolm started pursuing Diana again. He went back and forth between the two girls, leading to fights between them until they eventually talked it out and realized that Malcolm was the problem, not either of them.

They seemed to stay friends after finally working things out, and at the reunion, Turns admitted that she was seeing Nelson from season 3. Eagle-eyed fans spotted them celebrating together on the show as the competition started to wrap up, and they even gave their relationship a shot after heading home.

Kenya confirmed they parted ways and her costar Jasmine later revealed the pair broke up because he kissed Diana from season 6. Daniel said their relationship in the house was hot and cold, describing it as a “rollercoaster” romance.

Lauren said Was was her match and described herself as “bad, bossy, and classy,” which would be a perfect fit for the both of them, right? Cam was ready to head off to law school and Kayla was busy chasing her own dreams.

Maria and Shadow were the first Perfect match of the season, but things fell apart between them after a relationship bombshell came to light. Nuts announced Shadow had a girlfriend the whole time and was seemingly only playing with Maria’s feelings.

After the show came to an end, they have grown even stronger as a couple and continued to share PDA photos together. The Truth Booth previously confirmed that Brett and Nuts were a match, which garnered a celebratory response from their castrates.

They did have a love triangle with Kai before splitting and Jasmine said she maintained contact with Four post-split, but they decided not to pursue a relationship. Paige and Remy were confirmed to be a No Match in the Truth Booth, but that didn’t prevent them from getting involved with each other.

“The only downside of being bisexual and having an insanely hot girlfriend is always getting outshone in pictures together and being salty about it!” he captioned a November post with his leading lady on Instagram.

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