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Maria Johnson
• Wednesday, 13 January, 2021
• 11 min read

An inexpensive, easy-to-use plastic mug, it's fine if you drink your coffee shortly after leaving the house. Just don't expect it to keep beverages hot or cold too long.

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*Note that in the photos from our field test, we’ll refer to the products by the numbers below. It holds 30 oz without the lid, and includes a straw and a gift box.

#4: The Kiara Vacuum Water Bottle (25 oz) As low as $14.49 This one is a different body style from the Yeti, but it features a truly spill-proof, screw-on lid.

I conducted this field test in my air-conditioned home office, where the temperature hovered right around 72 degrees the whole time. I stored all four tumblers on my desk which sits in front of a bright, sunny window so there was some exposure to sunshine during the day.

I used a handy digital thermometer to measure the temperature inside the tumblers. Even after 13 hours, all four tumblers remained about ¾ full of ice.

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Temperature wise, the Himalayan came in just a few tenths of a degree warmer than the other tumblers and had the most melted ice, while the Kiara continued to hold the lead for the best ice retention. After being out and about all day Saturday, I couldn’t wait to get home and see how our tumblers fared at a whopping 32 hours into the test.

The Yeti had more ice than the Kong, but the Kiara took a major lead at this point. After a whopping 46 hours, ice had almost completely melted in the Kong and there was a little left in the Yeti.

There were a few tiny pieces of ice left in the Yeti, and the Kong was completely melted. We can safely say that ALL four tumblers delivered exactly as promised, retaining ice for at LEAST 24 hours or longer.

If the hefty price tag for Yeti isn’t working for your budget, you can choose any of our designer-inspired alternatives with ABSOLUTE CONFIDENCE, and add your logo to sweeten the deal! Even while suffering through 112-degree heat, we found the insulating value between most tumblers to all be effective (they can all keep your drink hot or cold for a few hours).

It retains both heat and cold only for as long as you need to get from one place to another and lets you sip easily while on the move: it’s the ultimate commuter vessel. Photo: Michael HessionFive tumblers stood out during our cold-retention Slurpee test, and the Hydro Flask was in that top five.

mermaid tumbler little disney insulated zak ounce designs walmart straw oz tumblers plastic straws
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The Hydro Flask has the slimmest, most cove table shape of all the tumblers we looked at and comes in eight pleasing powder coats. We’ve tried it on the larger version, and it’s awesome: secure, easy to remove and clean, and fitted with a flexible silicone mouthpiece to prevent soft-palate jabbing.

The Clean Canteen is nearly the same as our top pick in every way, from insulation performance to minimalist aesthetics. We feel like that’s enough to bump it to runner-up status but still keep it a great option, as 140 °F is still comfortable to drink according to the National Coffee Association).

We’ve returned to OR’s Summer Market every year since, monitoring developments in the tumbler field (among others). We walked the floors of the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market trade show, an annual event where hundreds of brands showcase their latest innovations, and picked up every tumbler on display, 18 in total.

The standard has a medium-sized opening at one side of the mouthpiece designed to restrict flow from hot drinks, yet allow cool beverages to pass with fluidity. Some brands have additional accessory lids, such as sliding, rotating, or flip covers for the opening, which create a splash-guard effect but are not leakproof.

Most brands have taken this into account, however small unattached parts may not be simple to disassemble and reassemble (and may have a tendency to disappear). However, we found the most technically functional lid designs don't matter a lot to the average person longing for hydration.

(Source: www.walmart.com)

We spent an entire evening around a campfire with about 100 industry designers and professionals and asked 100 questions about their tumbler of choice. We picked vessels that were similar sizes, but there were still slight variations that would affect heat and cold retention.

As the tumbler is the ultimate car-going vessel, either for commutes or on road trips, we concluded that three hours of retention for hot and four for cold was plenty. We pulled our fast-to-heat-up-on-the-inside black sedan into the parking lot in front of the 7-Eleven in downtown Salt Lake City.

We started lower than brewing temperature and filled each tumbler with 180-degree hot coffee (no creamer). There was one standout (Eco flask), a pool of final contenders, and a field of product that for the most part, all work just fine.

The Vessel 16-ounce tumbler is superb in all ways from insulation performance to hold ergonomics and lid sealing, but we thought it was just too small. Pelican Travel Tumbler : A top performer in insulation, plus we really liked the splash guard on this lid.

If you’re willing to pay, YETI does give you a slide-open spout that’s less annoying, though you run the risk of dribbles and drips. “Maybe the vacuum is actually less of a vacuum.” Our testing shows, though, that If there’s anything fancy that other brands are doing to improve theoretical insulation performance, the giant plastic lid is an equalizer that levels the playing field.

zak elastigirl designs plastic incredibles tumbler ounce kid
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If you're picky enough about durability or insulation that a budget model is a turn-off, you should probably check out a travel mug or thermos anyhow. The plastic “foot” on this new RIC is less tough than the YETI if you drop it on a hard surface, but the difference in price more than makes up for that.

Perhaps the most important consideration when it comes to recommending a bargain-priced tumbler is availability: Ozark Trail, Oak ! Designs, BEAST and a dozen other companies are also producing similar tumblers at low price points, but inventory (and new brands) come and go seasonally.

This flip-up lid stopper is the only option we found that really prevents leaks, though it’s still not safe to put in a bag. RIC compromises on quality very slightly, with some plastic parts, but the vacuum insulation is all that it needs to be.

YETI didn’t technically invent this category of drink ware (similar insulated travel mugs have been around for a very long time), but they created a new market with big 30-ounce tumblers targeted at outdoor enthusiasts who loved their coolers for camping and tailgating. This is not a Yeti thermos: You can easily beat this kind of insulation with the narrow-neck bottle from Clean Canteen, for about the same price.

YETI didn't invent this category, but they made the 30-ounce insulated party cup into a must-have accessory for cold refreshment. See Price at Amazon.com The one category YETI manages to squeak ahead of some competition is in spill prevention.

(Source: www.walmart.com)

The price of this tumbler is high, and it doesn’t keep your drink any hotter or colder than others. You’ll get drips if you hold the YETI upside down or drop it on the floor, but this lid is good at keeping your drink inside.

It’s a hefty price tag, though: The straw lid was a $13 accessory for a $40 tumbler when we checked. The basic lid that comes with the tumbler is claimed to be designed for good insulation, but without even a stopper to keep heat from circulating in and out it doesn’t make any difference.

They’re good-looking tumblers, but they don’t perform any better than the other brands to justify the huge price difference. There are over 20,000 listings on Amazon for “insulated tumbler.” YETI is the undisputed brand king, with a tumbler that’s now even more popular than their ultra-rugged (and expensive) coolers.

Wire cutter, as always, provides some in-depth testing, and Saving Freak compares the costs and benefits of the various copycat brands. Camelback has an interesting contender in the Kickback, and it fared well in Wire cutter’s insulation test, but customer reviews of the lid are scathing, so we skipped it.

We decided to test only the 30-ounce tumblers in this review, since they’re the most popular and represent a type of drink carrier that’s really different from a 16-ounce travel mug. It also allowed us to compare them directly to our favorite 30-ounce insulated water bottle to see what difference that narrower opening makes.

grinch juice recipe holiday zak approved surprisingly husband even
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Our tester used these tumblers in place of his usual water bottle and coffee mug for two weeks. The flip-lid from RIC doesn’t flop around as much as most travel mug lids in this style, which was our biggest concern.

RIC and Hydro Flask say that you should hand-wash only, while YETI specifically claims their tumblers will survive dishwashing. Given the number of outright contradictions we’ve seen over our years researching vacuum-insulated products, we’re not surprised by either answer.

Extra-hot drying cycles will make the metal expand and contract, so there’s some risk to every mug, but the biggest problems are usually with color coatings and glued-on plastic pieces. But it seems clear that one trip through the washer won’t destroy the insulation if you find a week-old smoothie in the back of your truck.

In our research, we saw so many variations of the ice test, we were a little surprised that there wasn’t some kind of consensus. Of the two brands that are trying sliders, YETI is fairly successful, while Pelican’s lid is a hot mess.

It’s not clear exactly what the issue is, since the basics of the mechanism seem the same, but the Pelican lid always dribbled a stream of water when we turned it upside down. The YETI “Mag Slider” lid isn’t as magical as it sounds, but it works fairly well to stop anything more than occasional drips.

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The vacuum insulation also stops that slippery condensation from forming on the sides and leaving a puddle on your furniture. In most ways, these products serve an identical purpose for most people: They maintain temperature, and they’re convenient to sip from (no screw-top like an insulated water bottle).

The lids are simple and easy to clean, but they offer far less insulation than good travel mugs. The best travel mugs keep your coffee hotter and your laptop (not to mention pants) safer from spills.

You can buy a thermos or a giant insulated water bottle, of course, but those aren’t easy to sip from. If you primarily want an insulated cup to drink coffee from, we think a sealed and better-insulated travel mug is a smarter pick than a tumbler.

But if you’re just looking for the functionality of the classic SOLO party cup with the benefit of better insulation, the double-wall stainless steel vacuum-insulated tumbler checks all the right boxes. Second, the RIC has a flip-up spout stopper that actually keeps your drink inside, even if you turn it upside down and shake it.

This does everything a tumbler should: It keeps your refreshing beverage cold, and if you close the lid flap it can stop spills when someone knocks it over while you're playing disc golf. Daniel is a Canadian farm boy who grew up to be a nerd with a literature degree and too many hobbies to count.

(Source: www.walmart.com)

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