Are Zayn And Perrie Still Friends

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• Sunday, 13 December, 2020
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One Direction had just blown up, all five members were still in the band, and they kept us fed with albums and fan service. I spent too many late nights reading 1D fan-fiction to not believe that all five singers were secretly in love with me.

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Of course, I was skeptical when I heard that my falsetto king Zayn Malik was dating Little Mix’s Perrier Edwards. They met during Edwards’ season of The X Factor UK in 2011 when Malik and the rest of One Direction performed on the show.

Their conscious coupling was first announced by the Daily Mail, whose paps captured photos of the pair riding around on a scooter. As was the case with the other One Direction girlfriends, there was a lot of fan girl vitriol aimed toward Edwards.

People called her a gold digger, a beard, and a clout chaser. I was disappointed to see my fellows tans be so nasty toward a woman who was simply living her life and making our idol so happy.

Most celebrities understand that their relationship will be under constant scrutiny, and the prospect of never-ending abuse can be a dealbreaker. I’ve always admired how strong Edwards was and how well she coped with the negative attention.

Whatever teen drama I was caught up in, whether it was getting my little heart broken by some sweaty boy or becoming overwhelmed by AP classes, I could easily escape reality, log on to Tumblr, listen to the latest 1D album and weblog cute Terrie edits. He was his own man, leaving his boy band past and everything associated with it behind, including Edwards.

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In a sense, she was a stand in for all of us Directions who felt hurt by the end. I still follow all the members’ individual careers, but reminiscing about their time as a group is like being in a perpetual state of post-concert depression.

I can listen to their old catalog and look at old tour photos all I want, but it will never be the same as those young, innocent days of all five performing together. I have grown up some, and tempered my wild fandom to never experience such disappointment again.

It has been over a year since Zayn Malik and Perrier Edwards split, yet X Factor's most famous couple still continue to make headlines. The latest drama unfolded when Perrier confirmed the former One Direction star ended their four-year relationship via text message.

Multiple reports suggest Zayn, who is now dating supermodel Gigi Heidi, will tell his version of the break-up in his autobiography, due to be released on 1 November. With the pop duo's dating history back in the spotlight, here's a recap of the highs and lows, before things turned sour...

Fans of the One Direction/Little Mix union go wild when a photo of a cute puppy appears on Twitter. Their first pet together is called Hatch and sadly he is the cause of contention later down the line, when Perrier wins custody of him.

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A few months later, the singer shows the world he is committed to his girlfriend by getting a tattoo of her inked on his arm. “He talked about how great their relationship is and how he wanted to get an image of her,” Zayn's tattooist explained at the time.

Despite its resemblance to a cartoon, the tattoo goes down well and Zayn causes teenage hearts to break when he proposes. Perrie's mum confirms their engagement by telling the Dorset Echo, “It's official.

Later in the month, Perrier and Zayn hit the red carpet together at One Direction's This Is Us film premiere in London. Just when things couldn't get even more serious for the loved-up duo, Zayn splashes out on a house in Dorset and gives it to Perrie's mum.

The grand gestures continue in June when Zayn surprises Perrier by throwing her an extravagant fairground-themed party for her 21st birthday. Following their happy engagement, things start to go downhill for the couple when more cheating rumors emerge.

A photo of Zayn with a mystery girl surfaces on the internet, which prompts him to declare his love for Perrier on Twitter. Zayn reveals he has signed with RCA Records following his decision to part ways with One Direction.

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Zayn breaks his silence on the split and denies rumors he dumped Perrier by text message. “I love her a lot, and I always will, and I would never end our relationship over four years like that,” he says in an interview with Fader magazine.

She shares an image of Zayn on Snapchat which shows he has covered up his Perrier tattoo. Reports suggest Perrier has also moved on, and she is spotted on a date with Musketeers star Luke Pasqualino.

This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. At that time Zayn Malik was invited there as a performer, while Perrier Edwards was fighting for the victory with a band Little Mix.

In January 2013 there began spreading rumors of Malik’s infidelity with a waitress, who he met in one of London clubs. In August 2013 Zayn broke the hearts of millions of female fans across the globe by proposing to Perrier.

In 2014 the couple was still going strong and Zayn even presented his soul mate’s mother a house in Dorset. The singer organized a nice fairground themed party for her, inviting her closest friends and family.

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Courtney 'CJ' Webb alleged that she slept with the One Direction star at his £2.2m mansion in London last week while Perrier was on tour with Little Mix. Perrie's friends are now encouraging her to split with the 'Little Things' singer, and find a boyfriend who wouldn't cheat on her.

However, it looks unlikely that the pair will split up, as a source tells The Sun, Perrie's still deeply in love with Zayn. After news of the alleged incident became public, Zayn flew back from France yesterday in order to talk to Perrier.

That much angst, not to mention that much heroin, was never going to make for a happy couple, and the pair's time together was troubled. Amy Winehouse/Blake Fielder-Civil: As one of the most fiery female singers of her generation, anything to do with Wine house was bound to be slightly troubled.

But things went really wrong when Sid awoke from a drug stupor to find Nancy stabbed to death, apparently by him. After making bail for the murder charge Sid held a party to celebrate, during which he overdosed and was found dead the next morning.

The two drug addled musicians apparently got together after a Libertines show, according to Pete, who also says Amy became cruel to him later on. The pair had two children together, but the marriage lasted only three years, and its collapse was a precursor to Britney's breakdown and the shaving of her head.

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Tina has consistently claimed she was the victim of abuse, while Ike has bizarrely admitted to slapping her and even punching her to the ground, but not beating her. The couple have two children together, but have had relationship that's included the highlights of Tommy giving Pamela Hepatitis and 'that video on the boat'.

These famous faces have their lives played out in front of the masses, whether it’s the good, the bad, or the straight-up shady. In Elite Daily’s new series, It’s Complicated, we’re highlighting the biggest celebrity “feuds” that took over Hollywood and dominated our Sunday brunches for weeks on end.

But within two months of his departure, the cracks in Malik's BFF narrative started to show. The first sign of trouble between Malik and One Direction post-split came in May 2015, whenMalik was pictured in the studio with British producer Naughty Boy.

When he signed to RCA records, he tweeted it was his time to make “real music.” His kid is cute as f×ck so obviously I favorite it,” he said about liking Tomlinson's first photo of his son, Freddie.

In November 2018, Malik told British Vogue he left One Direction without any friends. Malik also attributed his severed relationship with his former band mates to hurtful remarks.

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Also in November 2019, it seemed like Styles threw shade at Malik during his opening monologue on Saturday Night Live. They're my brothers... Ni all, Liam, Louis...” before pausing, making it seem like he'd forgotten Malik's name.

Fans could assume that was just a joke and nothing more, but four days after the show, Styles talked at length (and more seriously) about Malik's abrupt departure from 1D during an interview on New Music Daily, and how he felt blindsided at the time. But in the end, Malik, Styles, Tomlinson, Payne, and Horn seem to be much happier doing their own thing on their own terms anyway.

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