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Dayton spent a lot of time at church growing up, as his father was a preacher when not working for the Army. Dayton learned to play instruments through the church bands along with his three younger siblings.

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Dayton was introduced to rap in middle school by a friend and never looked back even though his father wasn't fond of the words used in rap music. While he was performing one day at the game, local producer JT the Nigga Frigga liked what he heard, and invited Dayton to his studio, where Dayton had unlimited access to his keyboards.

He truly began to utilize his skills as a producer while making beats in JT the Nigga Frigga's studio before he started making a name for himself in Atlanta. Dayton started going over to JT the Nigga Figga's studio every day to make beats and learn how to use the equipment.

He began to sell beats to JT, and went on to collaborate with Bay Area artists such as Messy Mary and E-40 while still in high school. During his senior year in high school, Zaytoven's family moved to Atlanta, Georgia due to his father's retirement.

Dayton decided to stay in San Francisco, finish his senior year, and continue his producing for local rappers. He realized that he needed a studio of his own where he could produce with his own equipment and work at any time of the day.

Having saved up money from his day job as a barber, Dayton began to buy equipment for producing. He would ship this to his parents' house in Atlanta, to which he eventually moved, and set up his own studio there.

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While attending barber school, a classmate of his introduced Dayton to Gucci Mane, who would become his right-hand man in his career as a producer. Dayton and Gucci Mane began to work together every day after meeting each other.

Dayton said in an interview with Fader that Gucci Mane would call him at 7 in the morning asking if he was ready to start making music for that day. Dayton and Gucci Mane spent the majority of the early 2000s making music together and selling mixtapes out of the trunks of their cars in Atlanta.

It wasn't until 2005 that the two gained mainstream recognition from their hit song “Icy”, with features from Young Jeezy and Boo. This recognition gave Zaytoven's career the boost it needed to take off, landing the hit song “Papers” with Usher in 2010 on Usher's certified platinum album Raymond v. Raymond.

He started to work with more artists as his popularity grew in the Atlanta rap scene. He helped shaped the careers of artists such as OJ The Juice man, Young LA, Young Ralph, The Shop Boy, Little Scrappy, Jagged Edge, and Gorilla Zoe.

Zaytoven's keen eye for talent led him to collaborate with a young group named Minos. , including the hit track Versace “, which peaked at 53 on the Billboard chart.

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Zaytoven's collaboration with Minos continued; he helped produce their followup mixtape No Label II, released on June 3, 2014. In 2015, Dayton provided exclusive production for ten mixtapes, including Future's Beast Mode, released on January 15.

He also worked on Future's album DS2, which debuted on July 17. In July 2016, Dayton produced or co-produced seven songs on Gucci Mane's first album since being released from prison, Everybody Looking.

In the same month, Lil Uzi Vert's The Perfect Love Tape was released, containing the Dayton -produced songs “Money Mitch” and “Sideline Watching (Hold Up)”. In 2017, Dayton contributed to projects such as Gucci Mane's Mr. Davis, 21 Savages SSA Album, Minos' Culture, Moneybag Yo's Heartless, and Yo Gotta's I Still Am.

Dayton also released two independent projects, Wake Up & Cook Up and Where Would The Game Be Without Me. Dayton made his acting debut in the 2012 film Birds of a Feather, co-starring with Gucci Mane.

In 2018, Dayton joined the Creators Advisory Board of Track lib. “Symphony in Trap Major: The Uninterrupted Output of Atlanta's Dayton ".

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^ “Lil Uzi Vert Goes in Over A Dayton Banger On “A lot ". ^ Usher Opens Up About Divorce With New Song “Papers ".

“Symphony in Trap Major: The Uninterrupted Output of Atlanta's Dayton ". Dayton Breaks Down ATL History From His Lens + How it All Started For Him”.

^ Dayton Unveils Star-Studded Lineup for New Album 'Trap Holiday “. ^ “Decree Announces Let the Trap Say Amen with Dayton ".

^ “Grammy-Winning Producer Dayton Joins Track lib Creators Advisory Board”. ^ a b “Folio and Dayton drop joint project 6toven ".

Usher was discovered at one of his talent shows by Bryant Reid of Face Records, and he auditioned in front of the two brothers. They made a deal to the 14-year-old Usher Raymond IV.

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Usher gave Justin his big break Usher delivered his first single 25 years ago in the age of ‘90s R&B, which has been making a comeback on the scene with many younger artists mining the decade for their sound.

Despite the success of artists like Ella Mai and Daniel Caesar, we’re deep in the era of trap soul, where Bryson Tiller, 6LACK, Tory Lane and PARTYNEXTDOOR are the reigning champs. Usher started experimenting with today’s trap sound on his 2016 project Hard II Love with mixed results.

Known for working with rappers Travis Scott, Gucci Mane and Future on his Beast mode series, his name is synonymous with both trap music and chart toppers. The project starts with “Stay At Home” featuring Future, a rumbling, bass-heavy midtempo number about a bad chick who does anything but sit on her hands.

Usher utilizes what has been infamously popularized as a mumble rap flow, matching Future’s usual cadence. Dayton picks things up a bit for “ATA,” with intermittent staccato drumming, keys and, of course, a heavy dose of bass.

Next up is “Peace Sign,” the first true slow jam on the album and the place where Usher starts to shine. He even manages to sell lyrics like, “Legs up like a peace sign.” Usher puts his thing down in the bedroom and in song here.

Dayton also shines on “Peace Sign,” showing his versatility as a producer, giving us a modern take on a classic slow jam. The magic continues on “You Decide,” a Caribbean-inspired thumped, where Usher implores a woman to forgive him and give him another chance.

Piano keys open up the track “She Ain't Tell Ya,” where Usher lets the next man know he’s been messing with his girl. “Say What U Want,” a rumbling slow jam with twinkling piano keys, finds Usher once again begging the woman in his life to stay.

“Stay At Home” is a nice concept, but it falls apart in execution, as the insecurity and vulnerability that is there in subtext gets lost. As we noticed on his last long-player, his best efforts to keep up with the kids combine his seasoned soul singer showmanship with modern beats.

WireImageAfter suffering from something of a slump several years ago that went on for quite some time, R&B is back in a major way, thanks in part to rising talents who have put their own spin on the time-tested style. Now, when a new name breaks out, they are often able to make enormous splashes on the Billboard charts and rack up impressive streaming sums with new hits and albums.

A healthy mix of legends and newcomers are set to make 2021 one of the best years in a long time for R&B, though there are still many questions regarding what’s actually coming down the pipeline. In the years since that title rocked the world, she has dropped a live set, worked hard on the soundtrack to the new Lion King film and released a joint record with Jay-Z as The Carters...but on her own, it’s been somewhat quiet.

1 alongside Megan Thee Stallion and a top 40 smash with her solo cut “Black Parade,” but it doesn’t seem likely they will be present on her next album...which just means there’s even more music to look forward to. MORE FROM Foremost Anticipated Country Albums Of 2021: Carrie Underwood, Morgan Fallen And Dan + Shabby Hugh McIntyre Ella Mai’s debut album was a massive success for her, as it broke into the top 10, produced a top 10 hit in “Boo’d Up” and won the still-new musician her first Grammy, so when it comes to her second era, there’s a lot to live up to.

He’s shared quite a few singles throughout the years, but so far, it looks like just three are connected to the sequel to his generation-defining Confessions, and none of them (“Don't Waste My Time” with Ella Mai, “Sextet” with Lil Jon and Ludicrous and his own “Bad Habits”) have made waves like his hits used to...but that doesn’t mean a new album from the Grammy winner isn’t still highly-anticipated. 1 In One Nearby Hugh McIntyre The Weekend is still busy promoting his latest enormous album After Hours, which wrapped 2020 as one of the biggest drops of the year, featuring perhaps the most successful single in the world, “Blinding Lights.” The Canadian star just released a new single from the title, and “Save Your Tears” could rise the charts very soon.

While he’s still milking that effort for more sales and streams, The Weekend has reportedly been very busy during quarantine, as he wasn’t able to tour the world. MORE FROM FORBESMichael Jackson Has Now Charted Hits On The Hot 100 In Seven Different Decades Hugh McIntyre I am a freelance music journalist based in New York City.

My byline has appeared in The Huffington Post, Billboard, Mashable, Noise, The Hollywood Reporter, MTV, Fuse, My byline has appeared in The Huffington Post, Billboard, Mashable, Noise, The Hollywood Reporter, MTV, Fuse, and dozens of other magazines and blogs around the world.

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