Are Zombie Mink Real

Ellen Grant
• Tuesday, 27 October, 2020
• 7 min read

The saga has also killed at least one career: Denmark’s minister for food and agriculture resigned last week after the government admitted it did not have the right to order the cull. Here’s the thing: with a death toll of 1,465,186 & the reported cases tally at 63,072,905, the coronavirus pandemic has been stressful as it is.

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In fact, Denmark’s Agriculture Minister Mo gens Jensen announced his resignation in the aftermath of this fiasco. Now, in a terrifying turn of events, thousands of dead bodies of the culled minks have reappeared.

After the culling was ordered & carried out, the bodies were collected at a mass burial site in western Denmark. According to the Guardian, the dead bodies of the minks are coming up to the surface because of the decomposition process that’s causing bloating in the corpses & overflow in the burial sites.

Thomas Kristen sen, a national police spokesman was quoted as saying, “As the bodies decay, gases can be formed. In this way, in the worst cases, the mink get pushed out of the ground.” In order to contain the morbid & ghastly situation, the police are trying to shovel a layer of soil on top of the furry critter corpses.

The hasty work done in the burial is honestly straight out of a horror movie about the end of the world & officials are also calling it a public health nightmare. The most pronounced fear local residents have is that the animal corpses could contaminate the underground water reserved & in turn, the groundwater drinking supply network.

After illegally ordering the cull of the country’s 17 million mink to prevent the spread of Covid-19, lawmakers now say they want to exhume their mass graves and incinerate them over concerns that they could contaminate nearby waters, while veterinary officials warn that mink escaping from farms could establish a permanent Covid-19 reservoir in the country’s wild animals that could allow the virus to re-enter humans and precipitate future pandemics. Getty The Danish government said it wanted to exhume, and likely incinerate, the millions of mink culled to prevent the spread of Covid-19 after hundreds have begun to rise from their mass graves, likely caused by a buildup of gases from decomposition.

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According to professor Joanne Santino, a microbiologist at University College London, this could make Covid-19 “extremely difficult to control its further spread to animals and then back to humans,” the Guardian reports. In Europe, France, Ireland, the Netherlands and Denmark have all implemented culls to contain the disease in mink and to stop it spreading back to humans.

Denmark’s reaction was particularly drastic, and the prime minister ordered the cull of the country’s entire 17-million-strong mink herd after a mutant strain of Covid-19 was discovered that could possibly undermine efforts to develop a vaccine. Though much of the country’s mink have been killed and scientists believe the dangerous strain to now be extinct, the agriculture minister resigned after the government admitted it did not have the legal authority to order the cull.

The decision led to 17 million animals being destroyed and to the resignation last week of Food and Agriculture Minister Morgans Jensen, after it was determined that the order was illegal. Dead mink were tipped into trenches at a military area in western Denmark and covered with 2 meters of soil.

The macabre burial sites, guarded 24 hours a day to keep people and animals away, have drawn complaints from area residents about possible health risks. “As the bodies decay, gases can be formed,” Denmark national police spokesperson Thomas Kristen sen told DR, the state broadcaster, this week.

Public broadcaster DR showed a chilling video of hordes of unearthed animal carcasses lying jam-packed inside the mass burial site at the Holster military training ground in the country's northwest. “Gases are formed during decomposition, which causes the bodies to swell a little and, in worst cases, they get pushed out of the ground,” police spokesperson Thomas Kristen sen explained.

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The government ordered the mass slaughter of mink on farms after a mutated version of the coronavirus was discovered in some animals. Prime Minister Bette Frederickson later admitted that the government had no legal authority to issue such an order and apologized.

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Preciousness by Rehab Jazz November 30, 2021, 7:15 am 1.2k Views So you likely have already heard that mink all over the world have been under the culling gin in recent months.

The dead Danish zombie mink are coming back to life, digging out of their own, mass graves. ZOMBIEMINK ARE REAL, BUT HOPEFULLY NOT TO STAY, AS DENMARK LOSES ITS MIND So if that sounds like a horror story, that’s because it is.

We’re talking about mass graves of roughly 17 million little critters, here. So just imagine standing near one of these mass grave sites and suddenly the ground starts moving.

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New Member let hunt zombies, ...seriously what so scary about slow walking corpse that got no intelligent, and slow to interact ? ? This post has been edited by Circa LAR : Yesterday, 07:05 AM.

MEMBERCovid-19 mink variants discovered in humans in seven countries are now reporting mink-related Sars-CoV-2 mutations in humans, according to new scientific analysis. Getting Started carcass rise from underground because of decomposition gas build up, they should have cremated the carcasses, now they want to exhume the carcasses because they fear it might contaminate local water sources.

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Farm. Photo by RIC Ernst /Vancouver Sun Mink at a Fraser Valley farm that was the site of a COVID-19 outbreak in December were recently euthanized and frozen, and will be pelted for their fur in the future. Government didn’t order the farm to cull its animals, the operator “decided to pelt out completely” after the virus was discovered in three dead mink, said Alan Herscovici, a spokesman for the Canada Mink Breeders Association.

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In early December, the provincial government confirmed eight workers and five mink at the unnamed farm had tested positive for COVID-19. Two hundred mink out of about 15,000 eventually died, and the farm was ordered to restrict the transportation of animals, products and goods.

The first outbreak now appears to have “burned itself out,” said Herscovici, who founded the advocacy group Truth About Fur. Their pelts are harvested in winter, when the animals are euthanized with carbon dioxide and their carcasses are composted on-farm.

The mink were buried in a mass grave in a military area, but many resurfaced as they began to decay. The government recently admitted the cull had been mishandled and announced the so-called zombie mink will be dug up and incinerated.

Herscovici said the situation has unfairly provided fodder for animal rights activists, as well as for groups like the B.C.

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