Are Zombie Piglins Immune To Magma

James Smith
• Wednesday, 13 January, 2021
• 8 min read

SpawnNatural equipment Combined Higgins are undead, neutral mobs that inhabit the Nether. All combined Higgins spawn with a golden sword, which has a small chance of being enchanted in Normal or Hard modes, up to 25%.


This chance varies depending on the regional difficulty as the sword's enchantment is from 5 to 23 levels. In Java Edition, they appear inside one of the portal blocks on the bottom.

A combined violin spawns when lightning strikes within 4 blocks of a pig. If the pig is a piglet, then it transforms into a baby combined violin.

A combined violin keeps any armor or weapons collected before being combined . Baby combined Higgins also have a 5% chance of becoming a chicken jockey .

There is a 2.5% chance to drop a gold ingot if killed by a player or tamed wolf. There is an 8.5% chance to drop their golden sword if killed by a player or tamed wolf.

Combined Higgins have an 8.5% chance to drop their warped fungus on a stick if spawned on a Strider and killed by a player or tamed wolf. 5 for adults or 12 for babies if killed by a player or tamed wolf.

Combined Higgins move at 2.28 m/s and are immune to fire and lava. Like zombies, combined Higgins bang on wooden doors and may break them on Hard difficulty.

In Normal and Hard difficulties, up to 55% of combined Higgins pick up any armor pieces and swords better than their golden one, which they always drop when killed. When a combined violin is first spawned, it always detects nearby turtle eggs after exactly 2 seconds, as long as there are two blocks of air above it.

This applies to any hit registered as coming from the player or other mobs, including deflected fast fireballs, from sweep attacks, snowball and eggs, or a skeleton arrow. Combined Higgins remain hostile from 20 seconds to 27 minutes (limited by the Anger NBT tag type).

Having a constant line of sight with a hostile combined violin causes it to alarm neutral combined Higgins (within a 40-block radius) every 100 game ticks, or 5 seconds only if it is outside its player follow range. A combined violin remains hostile indefinitely if it is within entity processing areas and has a direct line of sight with the player.

Breaking direct line of sight causes a hostile combined violin to return neutral if their forgiveness timer (of 20 seconds to 27 minutes) expires. The forgiveness timer does not advance for combined Higgins in unloaded chunks.

Therefore, if the player enters a Nether portal and returns, any provoked combined Higgins in the area remain aggressive unless another player was nearby to keep the chunks loaded. Neutral combined Higgins do not prevent a player from sleeping.

Hostile combined Higgins have slightly different path finding than when they are neutral. Zombie _pig man.name Combined Higgins have entity data associated with them that contains various properties.

Java Edition Beta1.5Pigs struck by lightning in the Over world now change into zombie pigment. Java Edition1.0.0Beta 1.9 Prerelease Zombie pigment now drop 0-1 gold nuggets and 0-1 rotten flesh.

All humanoid mobs have the bottom texture of the face flipped, resulting in a change in the model of zombie pigment. Beta 1.9 Prerelease 5 Zombie pigment, along with other undead mobs, can now be damaged by splash potions of healing, and can be healed by splash potions of harming.

A sword enchanted with Smite now does extra damage to zombie pigment. 1.3.112w22a Zombie pigment can now spawn in the Over world from nether portals.

1.4.212w32a Zombie pigment may spawn with enchanted swords and have the capacity to wear any type of armor. The sword that a zombie pigment is carrying now increases the damage it deals.

12w34b Zombie pigment now try to get back into the Nether portal they came from when in the Over world. 12w37a On Halloween, zombie pigment now have a chance of spawning with a pumpkin or jack o'lantern on its head.

1.7.213w36a When struck by lightning, zombie pigment now spawn with golden swords. Baby zombie pigment with the villager tag now have skulls.

1.814w03a The only way to obtain gold nuggets and gold ingots from zombie pigment, is now for the player to kill them, whether through combat, potions, or player -activated mechanisms such as manually lit TNT. If killed without player intervention, zombie pigment now drop only rotten flesh, rendering fully-automatic gold farms impossible.

14w04a The above change has been partially reverted; zombie pigment now drop gold nuggets no matter how they are killed. An aggravated zombie pig man now become passive after 20 to 39.95 seconds, although they continue to attack until the player gets outside their aggressive distance.

Zombie pigment now use their attack animation as they did in Survival Test. 14w30a The weapon holding position of zombie pigment has been changed.

Pre1 Baby zombie pigment, like adults, now become passive after 20 to 39.95 seconds. 1.8.1pre1 Zombie pigment no longer run away from creepers that are about to explode.

1.1217w06a Non-hostile zombie pigment no longer prevent a player from sleeping in a bed. 1.1318w07a Zombie pigment now seek out turtle eggs and intentionally trample them.

September 28, 2019, At MINE CON Live 2019, it was announced that zombie pigment are to be renamed to combined Higgins, as their unmodified counterpart, Higgins, were announced as a new mob to be added in the Nether Update. Pre1 Combined Higgins no longer attack innocent bystanders unless / game rule universalAnger is set to true.

Combined Higgins now stop being angry if the targeted player dies nearby unless / game rule forgiveDeadPlayers is set to false. Zombified Higgins no longer drop experience orbs and rare drops when killed by something other than a player while in an angered state. Pre-release 1 The combined violin now holds a warped fungus on a stick when spawned as a strider jockey.

Zombie pigment are hostile to all players, but have a shorter sight range. Zombie pigment's drops are different from in Java : 0-1 feathers and/or a gold ingot.

0.8.1 Zombie pigment no longer take damage when they are burning in the daylight. 0.9.2 Zombie pigment now rarely drop carrots and potatoes.

Pigs struck by lightning now turn into zombie pigment. Zombie pigment can now spawn from Nether portals in the Over world.

Build 11 Zombie pigment now have a chance of spawning with enchanted swords. Build 12 Zombie pigment now attack iron golems.

Baby zombie pigment no longer can mount mobs. Bedrock Edition ? Adult zombie pigment are no longer rideable by their baby variants.

Beta Zombie pigment now seek out turtle eggs and intentionally trample them. 1.16.0beta Added Higgins, which can be converted into zombie pigment in the Over world or the End.

The textures of combined Higgins have been changed to match Java Edition 20w13a's. Beta The combined violin now holds a warped fungus on a stick when spawned as a strider jockey.

Legacy Console EditionTU1CU1 1.0 Patch 11.0.1 Added zombie pigment. TU12 Zombie pigment now have a rare chance of dropping gold ingots, golden helmets, or their own golden swords, which can be enchanted with a random level 5 enchantment.

TU14 1.04 Zombie pigment can now spawn in the Over world from Nether portals. Issues relating to “Combined Violin” are maintained on the bug tracker.

The PRE- Texture Update zombie pig man texture file has “THX PHOBIA” written on the unused section as a credit by Notch to the skin's original creator. The combined violin's angry sound is played twice the speed of the original sound file in the game. Applying the Classic Texture Pack changes the combined violin's model and texture back to a zombie pig man. A combined violin holds a warped fungus on a stick when riding on a strider.

There is a glitch where the combined violin texture appears as the zombie pig man even without the Classic Texture Pack. Combined Higgins are the only mob that has had a name change after its original release. The original zombie pig man skin, published on Deviant ART by Phobia on October 23, 2010.

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