Are Zombie Real In Philippines

Bob Roberts
• Thursday, 17 December, 2020
• 9 min read

The Philippines averages about 20 storms a year and that doesn’t include those “habitat” rains that come out of nowhere and flood everything. So even before a single Piney goes postal on the undead, we’re already ticking off how many of them are turning into fish food.

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Quick show of hands: who here thought Twitter was extremely useful during the habitat floods last August? Social media proved a lifesaver last August after the hashtag #rescue allowed Filipinos on the Web to pool together all reports of people who needed rescue or assistance.

In that instance, social media became a tool that harnessed a million eyes and hands to tell government where the were needed. Now put that real world effort into the imaginary disaster of a zombie apocalypse and the results are the same.

They post an Instagram, the MDA or maybe Jim Parades get alerted, and they report it to the police or the Armed Forces. The fuzz sends troops or a chopper, verify the attack and bang-bang, zombie guy gets a second send-off.

Let’s say more people are getting turned every day after the zombie virus spreads like leptospirosis after the flood. Here’s what you do: you get a few supplies, take your trusty bulk or samurai sword off the shelf; and then bike, hitch-hike or drive your way to ESA.

You spot a Rec zombie, and you’ll be on it like Bogart the Explorer or Ramon Bautista killing an Aswan. I’m talking about the TikTok, the Aswan, the tikbalang, the are, the Tirana, the manananggal, the dense and the rest of their ilk.

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This experience is available all year, but tomorrow night you may really lose consciousness in the middle of a graveyard. Sometimes in the evening, sometimes in the night but especially on Sunday an erratic and hammering sound could be heard from the cemetery in Ag oho.

We often saw an old man with a long white beard walking between the graves. This strange old man has often been seen walking between the graves accompanied by grieving younger ladies.

We like much less the hundred thousand homeless centipedes and worms that are now walking all over barrio Lower Baileys. The graveyard with its zombies and its old white bearded gatekeeper isn’t the only attraction of Ag oho.

Since August, it is occupied by smoke making monsters. Come tomorrow night to meet the Ag oho Zombies on famous Cameroon Island.

The barangay of Ag oho and the municipality of Mombasa might clean up as promised. Maybe the former tourism zone with the most beautiful beach in Cameroon will be reanimated.

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Here are a few local places you could seek shelter in to avoid the army of the undead. It’s common sense to escape to high ground when an outbreak occurs as these places are mostly uninhabited and hard for zombies to reach.

Mount APO is your best bet among all mountains because, other than being the highest peak in the Philippines, it has steep and slippery trails, thick forests, and giant rock boulders that make it a challenge for the mindless undead to climb. In Samar alone, there are a hundred caves to hide in making it harder for zombies to spot you.

If you really would not like to risk staying on dry land, you could escape to the seas via cruise ship which you can find a ton of along Manila Bay. You’ll be in constant transit and away from the ground, only going down to replenish your supplies (while hoping that there aren’t zombies lurking around when you do).

It’s surrounded by water, you’ll be on high ground, and you can live off of fishing and farming crops from the rich volcanic soil. Assuming that animals can’t get infected by the disease, you can try your luck at the largest zoo in the country.

If you’re fortunate enough, maybe the lions and tigers could feast on the undead bodies before those zombies get to you first. A military base is a great hideout because of ensured security and protection by the country’s armed forces.

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You may not be able to get back out so easily once you’re in and living there for an extended period is clearly impractical, but it could buy you some time before heading out to the war zone once again. The Philippines is so fortunate that Rodrigo Duterte never understood the need, nor had the ability, to formulate an ideology of governance or development.

And like bricks, his policy pronouncements and decisions, embedded in the same curse- and insult-laden speeches, were repetitive, often inconsistent, and often no more than jokes, if not altogether reprehensible lies. This microgranularity of President Duterte’s style sat well with his supporters, as they responded well to anecdotes but not to intangible webs of meaning and visions like frameworks.

It is not the strength or quality of the stimuli, but the exaggerated gut response provided by the gullible and the innocents that defines the worshipful situation. It is funny how, in the end, Mr. Duterte might just turn out to be the front act to Lens Rob redo’s star performance.

The DDS will violently object to this characterization, but they will not always be around to massage the harsh judgment of history. But as the DDS look to politically stillborn successors, the Alan Peter Caetano, the Cynthia Pillars, the Many Pacquiao are beginning to dismount from Mr. Duterte’s back, and the Ping Lac sons and the ISK Moreno's likewise emerge from his shadow to run their own races.

And Mr. Duterte no longer has the energy or the will to manage the increasingly turbulent tossups leading to the 2022 presidential election. Coma, however, is locked to the termination of his physical presence on earth to pull the plug for him.

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If Mr. Duterte does not pull the rug from under Rob redo soon, he will no longer be able to do it without threatening his own political existence. Ironically, the only hope of redemption for Mr. Duterte is if Rob redo finds a less murderous door to solving the drug problem that will not siphon off all energy and hope needed to resolve all the other wicked problems the country faces.

And if Rob redo will eventually also be able to ward off and defeat all the boisterous pretenders trying to succeed Mr. Duterte using the devious political corridor he created. Even then, we are just poised to start again on our systematic quest for national development and strengthening institutions for democratic governance.

a) devastating hurricanes) demoralizing tweetstormsc) cyberattacks) gun attacks) North Korea, Iran, Russia, etc.f) zombies) everything So just in case civilization does indeed crumble, explode, or implode around you, it makes sense to have a plan.

“On the other hand, being in a low-density rural location, with more abundant natural resources, and far fewer mouths to feed, will dramatically increase your chances of surviving the crisis,” he says. So we looked at a variety of criteria that could mean the difference between life, death, and the fate of the walking undead.

But hold on: The federal government also considers things like airfields, ports, refineries, and energy centers to be targets. The metro has one of the highest rates of housing listings with bunkers or fallout shelters.

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Structural issues caused the group to abandon the project a year later, but there's still no shortage of large underground shelters. On the downside, Fort Leavenworth, an army base on more than 5,000 acres, is about 35 miles to the northwest.

And a city like Manchester has plenty of health care professionals to treat any festering injuries. Others want to get deep into the mountains,” says Theresa Mondale, broker and owner of the United Country-Western Montana Group in Missoula, MT.

“My clients range from college students, retired government officials to high-ranking Silicon Valley .” After Kansas City, the best places to survive nuclear disaster are New Haven, CT, in second place, followed by Ann Arbor, MI ; Hagerstown, MD ; Springfield, MA ; Manchester, NH ; Duluth, MN ; San Luis Obispo, CA ; Crestview, FL ; and Lincoln, NE.

People around the world hunger for a taste of the Big Apple, but if a nuke drops while you visit, it could be your last taste: New York leads the list of worst places in the United States to ride out an attack. Like most of America's largest cities, NYC would be hit with a deadly double whammy: In addition to being a primary target, it has precious few natural resources to make post-blast survival possible.

If you call one of these urban centers home, here’s something to cheer you up: Just about everyone would be screwed during a nuclear strike. But the second rule is all about the double tap: Always shoot your zombie twice in the head, just to be on the safe side.

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What came out of it was that Texas Tech became a leader in creating safe rooms” to protect against future disasters, says area real estate agent Jacky Howard of Caldwell Banker. While proximity to military bases could prove fatal with nukes, it's likely a godsend in the face of the living dead.

In case of zombie apocalypse, learn from Rick Grimes, and get out of the city. It almost goes without saying, but you can’t grow a garden in a 500-square-foot apartment. And unless you purchased about 1,000 cans of Campbell's Chunky soup prior to the walkers' invasion, you're out of luck.

The lesson here is that if you live in a huge city and start seeing people take bites out of each other, it is time to run for the hills. “Equipping a home with shatter-resistant windows, security devices, and alarm systems could go a long way,” says author Duarte.

“Anything you can do to slow down a potential intruder or mindless zombie without much intelligence” would be good.

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