Are Zombies Afraid Of Light

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• Saturday, 02 January, 2021
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Koch Media’s Deep Silver label keeps the chart sewn up though: it’s replaced at #1 by its rather better critically received stable-mate, Metro: Last Light. FIFA 13 has had a promotional boost up to #3, then at #4 it’s the week’s other new entry, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity for Nintendo 3DS.

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The Walking Dead is the other notable gainer in the top 10, climbing a couple of places in its second week to #7. Welcome to Hillock city, at the Harvest time.

It was not until the release of George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead in 1968 that the tsunami of zombie-centric entertainment that continues to wash over us was ignited. Zombies have been celebrated in Michael Jackson’s Thriller video, and The Walking Dead (currently in its ninth season) remains one of television’s most popular shows.

The short version of what I have found is that it is an ambiguity about whether we have something to fear from a person or a place that makes us uncomfortable because the uncertainty leaves us at a loss for knowing how to respond. However, philosopher David Livingstone Smith believes that the potential for danger is not always necessary for something to appear creepy.

He proposed a “Categorical Ambiguity Thesis” to explain how we can be creeped-out by something that almost certainly poses no real threat to us. The Uncanny Valley is well known in the field of aesthetics, and it was pioneered by Mahavira More, a Japanese Professor of robotics.

Things that reach this level of proximity to humanness often prompt feelings of revulsion rather than attraction. The fact that mannequins, ventriloquist dummies, and creepy life-like dolls frequently show up in horror films is no accident.

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On top of that, their “almost human” quality creates a sense of revulsion and dread, so they both creep us out and terrify us at the same time! So you’re sat outside on a gorgeous summer’s eve, soaking in the atmosphere, only to be pelted with bugs left, right and center that seem to have a one way ticket towards your mood lighting.

Why do certain insects carry out this irritating, yet slightly entertaining, behavior that often results in their rapid demise? A popular theory proposed to account for positive phototaxis in insects is that unnatural sources of light interfere with their internal navigation systems.

This theory has a couple of problems, however, since unnatural light sources such as man-made fires have been around for thousands of years. Furthermore, many moth species are not in fact migratory, therefore it doesn’t really make sense that they would all use moonlight for navigation.

Another idea is that seeing an unobstructed light source indicates that the pathway is clear, therefore the insects fly directly towards it in an attempt to avoid obstacles. However, once again this idea doesn’t really make sense given the fact that, as discussed, insects are far more attracted to UV than light with longer wavelengths, such as infrared.

In 1899, it was mentioned that the Dark Wizard, Geller Grunewald, sought to create an army of Infer, and believed that the Resurrection Stone could grant him such powers. It is unknown whether he succeeded, though his conception of the stone's abilities was in fact incorrect, as it brings back souls from the realm of the dead as more-than-ghost but less-than-alive state, not as a living body.

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The Infer in question were mostly vagrant, homeless Muggles murdered by Voldemort, but some of them were the earthly remains of wizards and witches who 'disappeared' during the war without explanation. Regulus' body most likely remains in the crystal cave as part of Voldemort's army.

At a point in time Dumbledore deduced the location of one of Voldemort's Hercules and discovered its hiding place as a crystal cave by the sea. At first, the Infer remained inert as the two sailed in the boat towards the central island.

When Dumbledore suffered from the Drink of Despair's thirst-inducing effects, Harry had to take some water from the lake (as this was the only option available to quench the thirst). Contact with the water triggered the Infer, whom nearly dragged Harry to the depths of the lake to drown.

Dumbledore successfully repelled them by conjuring a ring of fire, big enough to surround both Harry and himself. For some reason Voldemort did not have his Infer Army join the rest of his forces to participate in the Battle of Hogwarts.

It's possible that he had no way to transfer them from his cave, though there is a distinct chance that they did participate and simply weren't noticed by Harry. It's unknown what happened to the Infer after the end of the Second Warding War, though it is possible that since the magic animating them originated with Voldemort and said magic often dies when the wizard who cast it dies, the Infer merely returned to being actual dead corpses.

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The spells used to reanimate a human body are much more complex than those used, for instance, to make inanimate objects fly. The Inferior may be cursed to respond lethally if disturbed, to kill indiscriminately, and to undertake perilous jobs for its master.

Due to their status as being unfeeling dead, the Infer are immune to bodily damages such as slashing, and have great physical strength, enough to kill a human or drag them away. Due to their superior strength and surprising speed, they are especially dangerous en masse.

Preserved indefinitely by Dark magic, an Inferior can only be destroyed by fire, for no spell has been found to render dead flesh impervious to burning. “ However, like many creatures that dwell in cold and darkness, they fear light and warmth... Fire, Harry.

Because Infer are creatures of the dark, they dislike light and heat (no spell has been found to render dead flesh impervious to burning). This was evident when Harry Potter attempted to use the dark spell Sectumsempra on the Infer in the Crystal Cave, as they had no blood to spill.

Inferior is a tampered form of the Latin word for “underneath; below”, Infers, but with an obvious connotation of being 'lesser' than a living human. Infer may have been briefly referred to by Voldemort in the Little Angleton Graveyard as part of an “army of creatures whom all fear”.

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Infer may be incredibly strong as a picture in Shape's Defense Against the Dark Arts class shows a bloody mass on the floor, attributing to a person provoking the anger of an Inferior. Also, one tradition has the sorcerer using a zombie's soul, or part of it, to sustain himself, which she decided conflicted with her Horror story.

In the first part video game adaptation of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Infer appear again, despite them not being in the mainstream storyline. I had several good reasons for not wishing to call the guardians of the locket Horror zombies '.

While the students of Hogwarts would learn about them, they would not expect to meet them walking down the streets of Hogsmeade. I'm part of the 'Thriller' generation; to me, a zombie will always mean Michael Jackson in a bright red bomber jacket.

“Space spore,” Kirkman confirmed on Twitter when a fan asked how the zombie virus started. Kirkman has long credited the work of the late horror movie director George A. Romero as a key inspiration for The Walking Dead.

Fans weren't sure they'd ever get a straight answer from Kirkman as to what started the zombie virus in The Walking Dead. As recently as 2018, in a Q&A on Tumblr, he dismissed the notion of revealing the source of the zombie contagion as irrelevant to the story he was telling.

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On the surface, it may not seem like Kirkman's decidedly earthbound tale of humans surviving against impossible odds to rebuild civilization has much to do with extraterrestrials, but the alien explanation has always been bubbling around the periphery of The Walking Dead. While certain fans may prefer a pat resolution to the apocalypse plaguing the world of The Walking Dead, Kirkman's instincts are probably spot-on.

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