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James Smith
• Monday, 02 November, 2020
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The United States may have one of the largest armies on earth, but even the Pentagon has taken no chances at being caught off-guard by an unusual foe. In fact, in 2011, the U.S. Department of Defense released a strategy to combat a potential zombie apocalypse.

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The potential threat of “chicken zombies originated with a 2006 incident in Petaluma, California, when the unsuccessful euthanizing of poultry using carbon monoxide resulted in haunted hens crawling out the piles of their slain sisters, and walking around until their bodies died of internal organ failure. As it turns out, laws prohibiting military violence, both domestically and internationally, are only geared towards human and animal life.

One of these species, Ophiocordyceps unilateralism sense late, specifically infects, controls, and kills carpenter ants (Camponotus castanets), native to North America. The ants become compelled to climb to the top of elevated vegetation, where they remain affixed and die.

Share on Pinterest A species of parasitic wasps takes full control of small, social spiders, driving them to their death. A. Eximius spiders are social animals that prefer to remain in groups, never straying too far from their colonies.

But Fernandez-Fournier and team noticed that members of this species infected with Zapata larva exhibited bizarre behavior, leaving their colony to weave tightly-spun, cocoon-like webs in remote locations. When the researchers opened these artificial “cocoons,” they found Zapata larvae growing inside.

When the egg hatches and the wasp larva emerges, it starts feeding on the spider and begins to take control of its body. Share on Pinterest A newly ‘reanimated’ giant virus from the Siberian permafrost offers a chilling warning of possible dangers to come.

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In 2014, researchers from the Center National DE la Recherché Scientific at AIX–Marseille University in France dug a fascinating organism out of the Siberian permafrost: a so-called giant virus, about 30,000 years old, which they named Retrovirus Siberia. The size of giant viruses, as well as the fact that they contain such a large amount of DNA, can make them particularly dangerous, explain the researchers who discovered P. Siberia since they can stick around for an extremely long time.

Yet Laverne and Bergen warn that there may be similar giant viruses buried inside the permafrost that could prove dangerous to humans. Though they have remained safely contained so far, global heating and human action could cause them to resurface and come back to life, which might bring about unknown threats to health.

In 1997, the two published a study paper in The Lancet in which they analyzed the cases of three individuals from Haiti whose communities had identified as zombies. The final case study concerned another woman who had “died” at 18 but was spotted again as a zombie 13 years after this event.

The first “zombie” had catatonic schizophrenia, a rare condition that makes the person act as though they are walking in a stupor. “People with a chronic schizophrenic illness, brain damage, or learning disability are not uncommonly met with wandering in Haiti, and they would be particularly likely to be identified as lacking volition and memory which are characteristics of a zombie,” the researchers write in their paper.

Because the owner tends to be unaware, these computers are metaphorically compared to fictional zombies. A coordinated DDoS attack by multiple botnet machines also resembles a “zombie horde attack”, as depicted in fictional zombie films.

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(1) Spammer's website (2) Spammer (3) Spam ware (4) Infected computers (5) Virus or Trojan (6) Mail servers (7) Users (8) Web traffic Zombie computers have been used extensively to send e-mail spam; as of 2005, an estimated 50–80% of all spam worldwide was sent by zombie computers. They rely on the movement of e-mails or spam to grow, whereas worms can spread by other means.

For similar reasons, zombies are also used to commit click fraud against sites displaying pay-per-click advertising. Others can host phishing or money mule recruiting websites.

Zombies can be used to conduct distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, a term which refers to the orchestrated flooding of target websites by large numbers of computers at once. The large number of Internet users making simultaneous requests of a website's server is intended to result in crashing and the prevention of legitimate users from accessing the site.

Committed by “pulsing” zombies, distributed degradation-of-service is the moderated and periodical flooding of websites intended to slow down rather than crash a victim site. The effectiveness of this tactic springs from the fact that intense flooding can be quickly detected and remedied, but pulsing zombie attacks and the resulting slow-down in website access can go unnoticed for months and even years.

The computing facilitated by Internet of Things (IoT) has been productive for modern day usage, but it has played a significant role in the increase in such web attacks. The potential of IoT enables every device to communicate efficiently but this increases the need of policy enforcement regarding the security threats.

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Research has been conducted to study the impact of such attacks on IoT networks and their compensating provisions for defense. Notable incidents of distributed denial- and degradation-of-service attacks in the past include the attack upon the SPEWS service in 2003, and the one against Blue Frog service in 2006.

Were clogged to a standstill by a distributed denial of service attack mounted by ‘ Mafia ’, a Canadian teenager. Beginning in July 2009, similar botnet capabilities have also emerged for the growing smartphone market.

Examples include the July 2009 in the “wild” release of the Sexy Space text message worm, the world's first botnet capable SMS worm, which targeted the Symbian operating system in Nokia smartphones. Later that month, researcher Charlie Miller revealed a proof of concept text message worm for the iPhone at Black Hat Briefings.

Also in July, United Arab Emirates consumers were targeted by the Tiamat BlackBerry spyware program. In the 2010s, the security community is divided as to the real world potential of mobile botnets.

Amidst all the anxiety-inducing developments of the coronavirus pandemic comes a grisly report that a man in India broke out of quarantine in order to nakedly chase after a woman and viciously kill her by biting on her throat. The horrific slaying took place in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu on Friday when the man, who is in his 30s, ran out of his home naked and violently attacked the throat of a 90-year-old woman who was sleeping outside her house, Times of India reports.

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The ghastly homicide compounded the fears of some social media users in India who wondered if it was a sign of an impending “zombie apocalypse.” You have probably heard terms such as “bots,” zombies, ” and “botnets” in recent news stories about data breaches and other cybersecurity risks.

But what exactly are they, how do they work, and what damage can they cause? A “bot,” short for “robot,” is a type of software application or script that performs tasks on command, allowing an attacker to take complete control remotely of an affected computer. The owners of these computers typically do not experience any signs that the machine is infected and continue to use it, unaware they are being controlled remotely by a cyber criminal.

In June 2014, U.S. and international law enforcement seized control of the botnet, and are working with Internet service providers (ISP) to notify impacted victims. The value of bots and botnets to criminals comes from aggregating massive numbers of computers they can control simultaneously to perform malicious activities.

Cyber criminals may use the botnets to send spam, phishing emails, or other scams to trick consumers into giving up their financial information. Cyber criminals may also collect information from the bot-infected machines and use it to steal identities, incurring loans and purchase charges under the user’s name.

Cyber criminals may use botnets to create denial-of-service (DoS) attacks that flood a legitimate service or network with a crushing volume of traffic. While there is no single action that will protect you from all the cyber risks, by implementing these foundational best practices, you can greatly reduce the likelihood that your computer will be caught in the next botnet.

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