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Christina Perez
• Wednesday, 06 January, 2021
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However, it's important to note that his prophecies are in poetry form, and are often times vague. He's said to have predicted King Henry II's death, the rise of Hitler, JFK's assassination, and a few others.

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The lines allegedly about Hitler are especially chilling: “From the depths of the West of Europe / A young child will be born of poor people” who “by his tongue… seduce a great troop.” Again, though, Nostradamus's wording is always vague and can pretty much be applied to a lot of catastrophic historical events.

He apparently also wrote, “Fathers and mothers dead of infinite sorrows / Women in mourning, the pestilent shemonster: / The Great One to be no more, all the world to end.” He also allegedly threw in a famine and a couple of asteroids smashing into earth.

Some believe he predicted COVID-19 when he wrote, “There will be a twin year from which will arise a queen who will come from the east and who will spread a plague in the darkness of night, on a country with 7 hills and will transform the twilight of men into dust, to destroy and ruin the world. Plus, experts aren't exactly alarmed by Nostradamus's apocalyptic prophecies anyway, especially with the mention of plagues.

The focus of the Zombie Apocalypse Medicine Alliance preventing all forms of control by outside forces through various medical and psychological means. “Zombie Apocalypse Medicine (ZAM) is a theoretically grounded approach to understanding and treating disease in extreme conditions.

These conditions include post-disaster environments, challenging ecological settings such as high altitude and freezing, social conditions characterized by mind control and manipulation and scenarios characterized by highly contagious infectious disease. While all of that sounds sophisticated and futuristic, Antipas warns that disasters, highly contagious infections and mind control are already here and can easily reach modification levels.

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From microbes hijacking behavior, to humans influencing each other, to our brains being taken over by social media, we talk about why modification happens, why we are susceptible to it, and what we can do about it. Like a good Scout, she gave AFP some other cheap and easy ways to be prepared for the zombie apocalypse.

“She recommends keeping a go-bag of vital supplies like first aid kits, duct tape that can be used to fashion a shoe or a weapon, and whiskey to sterilize water and wounds (or drink if things get awful).” The French astrologer, whose real name was Michel de Nostredame, made a series of predictions in his book Les Prophecies in 1555.

Nostradamus wrote 100 years before the Great Fire: “The blood of the just will commit a fault at London, Burnt through lightning of twenty threes the six: Nostradamus infamously predicted the Great Fire of London (Image: GETTY)As such, over the course of hundreds of years, at least a few are bound to come into fruition with the meaning of the philosophers' words interpreted differently after the event took place.

This is one of the greatest fears of humanity, inspired by a bulk of Hollywood movies, and scientists do believe a zombie outbreak could happen. While it would be impossible to believe the dead would rise and feed on the living, experts do think that a parasite could affect the brain or a virus could evolve.

Already it is believed half of humans around the world have a dormant version of the parasite on their brains in the form of harmless cysts. Beware of Toxoplasma Gandhi (Image: GETTY)A study from several years ago from the University of California revealed the parasite is more powerful than previously thought.

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Wendy Ingham, who was involved in the study, said the team tested the parasite on mice which were ultimately unfazed by the presence of a predator once infected. She warned toxoplasma was dangerous: “The idea that this parasite knows more about our brains than we do, and has the ability to exert desired change in complicated rodent behavior, is absolutely fascinating.

“Toxoplasma has done a phenomenal job of figuring out mammalian brains in order to enhance its transmission through a complicated life cycle.” Zombies are coming to War zone as 'Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War' approaches.

Credit: ActivisionExciting news: Zombies are finally coming to War zone, Call Of Duty’s free-to-play battle royale game. Seasonal Battle Passes unlock rewards for both games, including skins and XP boosts and so forth.

Will there be two Battle Passes, one for Cold War and one for Modern Warfare, both of which tie into War zone ? MORE FROM FORBESWatch The Crazy New 'Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War' Trailer Starring Ronald Reagan Erik Main In any case, things are heating up as we near the big Cold War reveal which takes place in Verdant (in-game in War zone) tomorrow.

MORE FROM FORBES'Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War' Release Date And Multiplayer Reveal Date Leaked Online Erik Main Pandemic / Outbreak Armored Cargo/Truck Wars Plunder: Fire Sale Zombies Royale Maybe it’ll land this weekend after the big Cold War reveal, or maybe it’s being saved for Season 6 in October, which would make more sense in my humblest of opinions.

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MORE FROM Foreshore's The Exact Time That 'Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War' Will Be Revealed In 'War zone'By Erik Main Today is the big day, and we should learn a lot of new stuff about Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War during both the live event in War zone and during the GDC livestream which should give us a second, separate look at the game. Remember to log in to War zone today at 10:30 am PT (click the link above for other timezone) and then tune into the GDC livestream at 11 am PT right after for whatever Call of Duty is showing off there (presumably another trailer, though it’s conceivable they’ll show the same trailer twice to catch more viewers).

It was not a perk in a build from several months back Field Upgrades are back, the following known: Trophy System, Proximity Mine Two maps known (Miami club setting & Desert open map that has ammo crates) Ground War: A 12v12 Ground War map with three ships that are connected with zip-lines Swimming mechanics is back (like Black Ops 3 & 4) There are no specialists Score streaks are returning, but with a twist. Streaks known so far: UAV, VTOL, Chopper Gunner, Cruise Missile, Napalm Strike, and Artillery Strike Modes: Hard point (arrow shows next HP), Kill Confirmed, VIP (kind of like safeguard), Ground War There are no specialists CONFIRMED GUNS: As: M16-A2, AK5 SMG: An hairstyle gun, MP5, AK74u Additional: Type 63, Stoner 63, Type 15, Colt Commando Sniper: M40 LOADOUTS AND ATTACHMENTS Simple to BO4, not as many options as MW There’s a hybrid Pick 10 and MW-style where you still get 5 attachments on all guns.

At least it sounds like there won’t be specialists, and maybe the whole thing will be less cartoon than the last two Black Ops games. While it might not be the typical scenario that you’re used to seeing depicted in Hollywood movies, the reality of the situation is no less frightening.

Of all the horror tropes, zombies might be the most accessible because the idea of the dead rising from their graves dates back to when early man was living in caves. Since not much is known about what happens to us when we die, the idea that corpses could somehow be reanimated is something that has always captured people’s imaginations.

There are actually numerous real-world examples that closely parallel what we see in zombie books and movies. In fact, in the animal kingdom we can find a real-life example in tropical countries like Brazil.

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We also know of numerous bacteria and fungi that can infect the human brain and change the way a person thinks and acts. Recently, scientists have discovered tiny organisms carried by house cats that can infect the human brain causing everything from altered brain chemistry and changes in personality to schizophrenia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and Parkinson’s disease.

It’s a degenerative brain disease that causes dementia and death, and one of the characteristics is sudden jerky movements that might resemble those of a zombie. Confusion could cause someone to step on the gas instead of the break, or hallucinations could lead someone to start attacking people around them.

Whether they’re walking down the street or driving a car if someone isn’t able to process decisions it could spell disaster for innocent bystanders. Haitian zombies As crazy as it sounds, there are documented medical cases that suggest some sort of modification in humans in Haiti.

In the same year, in northern Haiti, the local peasants claimed to have found a group of zombies wandering aimlessly in the fields. AT THE Center DE Psychiatric ET Neurologic in Port Prince, Dr. La marque Coupon, a Haitian­-born, Canadian-trained psychiatrist, has been systematically investigating all reports of zombies since 1961.

Though convinced zombies were real, he had been unable to find a scientific explanation for the phenomenon. Anthropologist and ethnobotanist Wade Davis Ph.D., has spent years investigating a possible scientific explanation for the alleged existence of zombies in Haiti.

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While studying the phenomenon, he discovered a powder used by Voodoo practitioners that he believes is responsible for some cases. There are also stories of people experimenting with drugs for the first time and having horrible reactions that land them in all kinds of trouble.

Not only do the drugs take away their fear and inhibitions while giving them enhanced strength, but their ability to think is also gone. What’s worse is that they might be hallucinating, in which case they might perceive you as the threat, which means you are the target.

During the first season, the survivors head to the Center for Disease Control headquarters in Atlanta for answers and find that the government is as helpless as everyone else. Some versions depict slow-moving members of the undead who wander aimlessly while others move quickly in search of their next victim.

Just because “Hollywood zombies don’t exist doesn’t mean that there aren’t similar threats to your family’s survival and well-being. While Hollywood zombies may not be existed, there are real situations that mimic zombie attacks, from people high on drugs to people who are so preoccupied with their phones, gadgets and what’s going on in “reality TV” that they might as well be among the undead.

Many of these people were shot and killed simply for walking over some imaginary line in Chicago’s notorious gang filled neighborhoods. These aren’t poor urban kids in some neighborhood that you’ll never have to walk through; these are people of every race, and from every corner of America.

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Drugs like Molly are being pitched as a pure form of Ecstasy, and these other commonly sold synthetic concoctions are being marketed as legal alternatives to street drugs. Smartphone Zombies Survival and the drive to stay alive is supposed to be an inherent and basic human trait.

When people start falling into open trenches, getting too close to wild animals, walking into traffic or falling off of cliffs to get the perfect selfie or because they’re completely caught up in their game of Candy Crush, well, you know that’s a sign of the end times. It’s the 70% of Americans who rely on prescription drugs to function; the ones that will be going through massive withdrawals once they can’t obtain their medications.

It’s your neighbors who will be killing each other for food and water; because they thought watching reality T.V. It’s the unprepared masses who are so reliant on modern technology that they actually admit they wouldn’t last over 2 weeks without electricity.

It’s the average American Citizen who has forgotten the skills they need to survive without running to the local Walmart. But it’s even worse when you take a look at the next generation, who spends more than 7 1 / 2 hours a day consuming digital media.

If you have been stockpiling supplies in case of a natural disaster or attack, then you’re ahead of the game. When it comes to people on bath salts or on a bad drug trip, you need to incapacitate them as soon as possible.

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The problem with people who are high on drugs is that a half dozen police officers could be on top of them, and they’re still fighting. As with any kind of attack, keep basic self-defense techniques in mind: Go for the eyes, the groin, or use a key as a puncturing weapon to incapacitate them.

They might not be able to stop themselves or are completely unaware of their actions, and so the best thing to do is limit their ability to hurt you. Watch for people not paying attention and make sure that if something happens you’re two steps ahead.

Don’t forget, during a disaster people (especially the Zombies) are going to be one of the top threats you face. If you spend most of your time playing video games, staring at a screen, or whacked out on some type of drug, you might want to rethink your choices.

From learning how to hunt and fish, to taking a weekend hike or camping trip, there are a million fun things you can do that will also help prepare you for tough times. The amount of harmful garbage they’re exposed to on a daily basis far exceeds what most of us experienced throughout our entire childhood.

As with everything else that comes with preparing for disaster, thinking ahead and being vigilant is always your best defense. When you spot erratic behavior have a plan in place of how you’ll deal with any threat that might arise.

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The more you can stay ahead of the threats, the better off you’ll be in the long run and the more likely you are to survive. There are also degenerative brain disorders that can mimic zombie behaviors, and there is also the case of people who are so absorbed with their smartphones that they aren’t paying attention to anything.

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