Are Zombies Coming Back To Cod Mobile

Brent Mccoy
• Sunday, 10 January, 2021
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Much like in COD : War zone, zombies were added to CODMobile's battle royale mode. The General Manager of COD Mobile, Matt Lewis, has implied that zombies will return to the game at some point, however.

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Everything is speculation at this point, but based on the quote from Matt Lewis, it is clear that Zombies won't stay permanently removed from COD Mobile. Black Ops Cold War is releasing soon with a brand-new way to play Zombies.

Maps, weapons, operators, and game modes all match up across the console and mobile editions. Image via Activision truly does make sense for Zombies to reenter COD Mobile in Season 12, once Black Ops Cold War brings it back to the main series.

Season 12 Going Dark of Call of Duty Mobile has been an absolute joy to experience. Also, we do feel how confusing and tiring it can get for players to go over a choice of 50+ attachments only to choose the best 5 from the lot.

We have dedicated quite a lot of time to try out various attachments to come up with some of the most optimized weapon builds. In our recent posts, we have mentioned the best purpose-oriented weapon build like Long-range ‘No-recoil’ KN-44, High Mobility US, ‘No-recoil’ DR-H, and a lot more.

However, the Devs have actually confirmed that the Zombie Mode is expected to make its return into the game after going through a series of updates. Activision sure did tease us by introducing Zombies in the Battle Royale mode of Season 11.

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The Zombies' mode has become a bit of a fan-favorite in Call of Duty games ever since its inception in World at War all those years ago. Fast-forward to 2020, and Call of Duty Mobile Zombies has been giving players the chance to take down the undead on-the-go, no matter where they are.

Call of Duty MobileZombies was added as part of Season 3 content a few months back, and gave players the opportunity to use perks and various zany weapons to kill the undead. It can be played in online four-player co-op, so you’ll always be able to call in support, and it also brings iconic enemies from the mode such as Brutus and the Napalm Zombies back into the picture, too.

In an update given to the community last month on Reddit, players were told that the Zombies' mode just wasn’t up the standards the development team wanted to reach. This does appear to be lower down the priority list for the team, citing Multiplayer, Battle Royale, and Ranked Modes as their “focus on development” for the time being.

In March 2020, zombies mode was removed from COD mobile due to some reasons. In the community update of 29th February, developers announced that they are removing zombies mode from COD mobile and the reason behind this was that the level and quality of zombies mode is not as good as they want.

Plummer revealed that the company is working on making improvements to the mode before it's reintroduced to the game. Recently, a 20-vs-20 battle royale mode was added to the game with infinite respawns, similar to Fortnite’s Team Rumble.

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Plummer said that the company wants to continue “reiterating the battle royale mode” to keep it interesting for players. The fifth season of the game, Steel Legion, kicked off yesterday and will run until the end of the month.

Recently, Call of Duty: Mobile has released a season 11 update. With this update, all the players expected the Zombie mode in season 11, but the developers did not bring it.

Don’t worry, as the developers are teasing the “Undead Fog” game mode. In the Battle Royale game, the developers have released the “Alcatraz” map.

Most of the players of Call of Duty: Mobile was not happy, as the Zombies' mode didn’t come in the update. So, we can say that the Zombies' mode is not coming to Call of Duty Mobile anytime soon.

Earlier, this year in March, Call of Duty Mobile has removed the Zombies game mode. The developers removed this mode because they wanted to improve the multiplayer and Battle Royale resources.

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While the release date still remains quite vague, the studio points to its social media channels as it prepares “to show Zombies to the world.” For now, we'll be keeping our eyes peeled on Call of Duty: Mobile's social media channels for more about the long-awaited mode.

However, it seems your ghoul-shooting days may be numbered, because this fantastic part of Call of Duty: Mobile is leaving the game. The developers only say “we may bring the mode back “, so it's not certain you'll ever be able to play zombies on Call of Duty: Mobile again.

To some Call of Duty: Mobile fans, the news that zombies wasn't at the right level of quality may come as a shock, because it played almost flawlessly with few bugs or issues, and the only real problem we had with it was the lack of more than one map. Call of Duty Mobile tips and tricks: How to play and win By Chris Hall · 27 December 2020 CoD Mobile continues to be one of the most popular games on Android and iPhone, both in multiplayer and battle royale gameplay.

Night mode, zombies and more arrive for War zone in The Haunting of Verdant update By Max Freeman-Mills · 20 October 2020The battle royale is getting a month-long Halloween event and things are getting nice and spooky for it. Call of Duty: War zone might be getting a new winter map, after Black Ops Cold War data mining By Max Freeman-Mills · 19 October 2020The map would likely coincide with the release of Black Ops Cold War later in a few weeks' time.

Call of Duty Mobile season 7 starts with big update bringing new maps, visual improvements and boosted audio By Chris Hall · 12 June 2020Call of Duty Mobile has pushed out season 7, with a huge update. Call of Duty: Mobile gets fresh Tunisia maps while new seasons delayed for War zone and Modern Warfare By Max Freeman-Mills · 2 June 2020Following in the footsteps of the likes of Sony, Activision has delayed the imminent new gameplay seasons for both COD : Modern Warfare and Mobile.

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By Risk Henderson · 10 March 2020Call of Duty: War zone will offer 150 person multiplayer matches, in two different modes. Call of Duty: Mobile is ditching zombie mode because it didn't reach expectations By Chris Hall · 5 March 2020Activation has confirmed that the zombie mode in Call of Duty: Mobile will be removed from the game on 25 March, because it failed to reach expectation...

Call of Duty Mobile season 3 lands with new multiplayer maps, game modes and rewards By Chris Hall · 17 January 2020Call of Duty: Mobile has ripped through to season 3, meaning there's a load of new gaming features to look forward to. On the multiplayer front there a... Call of Duty: Mobile update adds zombies, Summit map and controller support By Chris Hall · 25 November 2019Call of Duty: Mobile has seen massive season 2 update, bringing in a whole new range of features.

Call of Duty Mobile for iOS and Android fully revealed, preregistration now open By Risk Henderson · 19 March 2019Activision has announced that Call of Duty: Mobile will be coming this summer to the UK, US, Central Europe, South America and other regions. Call of Duty Black Ops 4 release date, formats, Blackout Battle Royale and everything you need to know By Risk Henderson · 17 May 2018We now know so much more about Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. The latest in the long-running first-person shooter franchise will be available this fall and.

Call of Duty movie on track, Ricardo 2 director expected to take the helm(ET) By Risk Henderson · 15 February 2018A couple of years ago, we reported on the creation of Activision Blizzard's new TV and film studio and its plans to make a Call of Duty movie. “Literally when I walk out my door I have to peek around look out make sure there's not somebody out there waiting to jump me,” Adam Wicker ham said.

“My son told me a couple of months ago that he wanted a new house because the bad men scare him,” he said. One of Sandy's eight security cameras captured a man dragging an American flag down the street at 5 a.m. Sunday.

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The security videos show police have responded here multiple times, but he says it hasn't gotten any better. “It makes you feel like a failure as a parent that you can't protect your kids,” he said.

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