Are Zombies Coming To Call Of Duty Mobile

Maria Garcia
• Friday, 11 December, 2020
• 7 min read

Many were surprised when zombies were brought back to COD Mobile as a part of its Halloween event. The General Manager of COD Mobile, Matt Lewis, has implied that zombies will return to the game at some point, however.

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Everything is speculation at this point, but based on the quote from Matt Lewis, it is clear that Zombies won't stay permanently removed from COD Mobile. Black Ops Cold War is releasing soon with a brand-new way to play Zombies.

Maps, weapons, operators, and game modes all match up across the console and mobile editions. Image via Activision truly does make sense for Zombies to reenter COD Mobile in Season 12, once Black Ops Cold War brings it back to the main series.

In the community update of 29th February, developers announced that they are removing zombies mode from COD mobile and the reason behind this was that the level and quality of zombies mode is not as good as they want. COD Mobile was released on 1 October 2019 and now the 1st anniversary of this game is near.

There was successfully run betas before its launch, but Call Of Duty Mobile is now available on iOS and Android as “free-to-play.” And Zombies will most probably arrive very soon. Tencent Games and Activision haven’t been discreet about the fact that Zombies will most definitely arrive in Call Of Duty Mobile.

According to Xfinity Esports (who have cited YouTuber ParkerTheSlayer), Zombies in Call Of Duty Mobile will instead feature linear missions that can be completed in a few minutes. The awaited mode is said to boast four-player online co-op, and it will see the return of iconic enemies such as Napalm Zombies and Brutus.

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And that’s what we know about Zombies in Call Of Duty Mobile so far, as well as the suggestion that it’ll boast a Green Run inspired map with Farm, Town, Diner and Boss Hay Field. In addition to the early preview footage and leaks, the Call Of Duty Mobile app also features a greyed out icon which says coming soon.” This is most likely a placeholder for the impending Zombies mode.

The Zombies' mode has become a bit of a fan-favorite in Call of Duty games ever since its inception in World at War all those years ago. Fast-forward to 2020, and Call of Duty Mobile Zombies has been giving players the chance to take down the undead on-the-go, no matter where they are.

Call of DutyMobileZombies was added as part of Season 3 content a few months back, and gave players the opportunity to use perks and various zany weapons to kill the undead. It can be played in online four-player co-op, so you’ll always be able to call in support, and it also brings iconic enemies from the mode such as Brutus and the Napalm Zombies back into the picture, too.

In an update given to the community last month on Reddit, players were told that the Zombies' mode just wasn’t up the standards the development team wanted to reach. This does appear to be lower down the priority list for the team, citing Multiplayer, Battle Royale, and Ranked Modes as their “focus on development” for the time being.

Recently, Call of Duty : Mobile has released a season 11 update. With this update, all the players expected the Zombie mode in season 11, but the developers did not bring it.

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Don’t worry, as the developers are teasing the “Undead Fog” game mode. In the Battle Royale game, the developers have released the “Alcatraz” map.

Most of the players of Call of Duty : Mobile was not happy, as the Zombies' mode didn’t come in the update. Earlier, this year in March, Call of Duty Mobile has removed the Zombies game mode.

The developers removed this mode because they wanted to improve the multiplayer and Battle Royale resources. We need to wait for the official announcement on the Zombies' mode is coming back or not.

The Call of Duty Mobile team on Reddit posted about the Zombie mode coming out to the game soon. From the last month, players are eagerly waiting for the zombie game mode.

This gets the community even more excited as the most awaited Zombie game mode is officially going to be released any time this month. Leaks from the Chinese version of Call of Duty Mobile suggest that the most awaited game mode is going to have a Eve Boss battle where the players are going to have to kill the Zombies /Boss who will have a large amount of HP as compared to the others.

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The latest patch for Call of Duty Mobile will introduce the highly anticipated Zombies mode into the game while also adding controller support. The mobile shooter that's quickly skyrocketed up the App Store charts launched in early October and accumulated 100 million players in just its first week.

This “massive update,” according to the Activision developers, includes the Zombies mode, controller support and more unannounced content like new maps. A Battle Pass, that will allow you to earn extra content by completing daily and weekly challenges, will be available in the game on November 25.

The Zombies' mode has always been a much-loved aspect of the Cod franchise since it was first introduced in Call of Duty : World at War. This mode could bring a massive influx of gamers to their smartphones and maybe even briefly distract them from playing Modern Warfare.

When controller support is introduced over the coming hours, we imagine peripheral players will be sectioned off into different lobbies than those using screens. “In terms of peripherals, we are looking at the possibility and have already been testing controller support with a portion of our live audience.

Credit: Activision Call of Duty : Modern Warfare may be dominating the conversation where Activision’s major shooter franchise is concerned, but there’s another, surprisingly competent mobile port that’s simmering there in the background as well. Call of Duty Mobile just announced that it’s going to get a major update with two of its most-request features in two: full controller support and zombies.

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Technically you can already use a controller in Call of Duty Mobile via a roundabout official PC emulator, but this is going to significantly simplify the process. The post also talks about the new battle pass, which will be coming our way on November 25, though there aren’t many new details on that yet.

I'm a freelance writer whose work has appeared in The Atlantic, The New York Times, The New Republic, IGN.com, Wired and more. … Read More'm a freelance writer whose work has appeared in The Atlantic, The New York Times, The New Republic, IGN.com, Wired and more.

Earlier this week, Activision announced that the super popular Call of Duty Zombies game mode would be making its way to mobile alongside some other requested features. Call of Duty : Mobile‘s zombies mode arrives tonight at midnight or 9 PM PDT on iOS and Android.

The release date is just in time for the holiday season, as Activision will be hoping even more players will jump into their newest Call of Duty venture, off the standard console and PC market. Yet, while it may differ from the usual Zombies mode, one long-standing feature will make a return to the form of Perks.

The Zombies content creator noted that Quick Revive, Fleet Foot, Hasten, Bloodthirsty, Beefcake, Gecko, and Dead shot will be a part of the list but there’s no word on the old faithful, Juggling. Trolling your teammates in Call of Duty has been around much longer than War zone, but it’s certainly a tradition that’s still alive and well, and one that’s often used by NICKERS.

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During a recent stream, Nick added a certain David Debris into the mix, and since the pair haven’t played much in the past, it was the perfect opportunity to “initiate” the YouTuber with some good of’ tomfoolery. Pretending his controller was “glitched,” NICKERS claimed he couldn’t revive Debris because his game pad was causing him to ‘T-Bag’ the downed player, all while failing to keep a straight face.

Activision detailed the beloved gameplay’s specifics in a lengthy blog post, noting that Zombies can be unlocked after hitting Level 5, along with further information regarding the default map and game types players can expect. Located deep within a sweltering jungle in Japan, the Rising Sun Facility may look like a simple remote village in the middle of nowhere, however the nefarious experiments conducted within the facility has born a breed of half-dead creatures ready to eat.

Zombies classic wave-based Survival mode will be one of two game types available for Call of Duty : Mobile. Survival mode can be taken on by one to three gamers at a time with players starting off utilizing only a pistol and a knife.

As the game progresses, players can use their points from killing zombies and boarding up windows to purchase advanced weapons. Those looking for a bigger challenge can opt for the Heroic difficulty setting and battle another boss that lurks the swamp.

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