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Free help with homework Free helps with homework Have students apply concepts from their Cornell Notes to evaluate the status of a zombie.

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On the flip side, students read about biotic and abiotic factors in an environment, and determine how the environment affects the zombie population. Use claims supported by evidence and scientific reasoning to answer the prompt.

Don't forget to nix counterclaims using your rebuttal. CHARACTERISTICS OF LIFE * Made of Cells * Has DNA * Respond to Stimulus * Get & Use Energy * Grow & Develop * Maintain Homeostasis * Reproduce * Evolve WORKSHEETS & KEYS: Practice the characteristics of life and identify biotic and abiotic factors that will determine the zombie population.

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The George Romero films call zombies the living dead.” Can you say that corpse-like people have life? Let’s recall our two varieties of zombies we talked about last week, those that were dead, but have been reanimated (brought back to life), and those that haven’t died specifically, but exhibit zombie behaviors.

How about, “livings things die?” Although it sounds sexy at first, this isn’t a very helpful definition. Most jellyfish start out as an immature polyp which develops into a medusa (the bell shape with all the trailing filaments).

But according to this line of thinking, you could never define life, because you couldn’t ever know if you had found every candidate in the universe. I tend to go with a seven characteristic set, because that’s the number of items that most people are able to remember.

You think it’s a coincidence that telephone numbers are seven digits ? This has been well discussed for hundreds of years, and we haven’t found any exceptions to this rule.

Different scientists added different parts, including Rudolph Virchow, the father of modern pathology (pathos = disease, and logy = study of). The TED video series has a good video about the weird history of the cell theory, including how Virchow’s contribution was probably stolen from someone else.

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A bacterium has a single (usually), large circular DNA on which is has coded all its genes. A new review has started to collate the evidence that this complex organization extends to the nucleus-less bacteria.

It seems that bacterial RNA functions are sequestered in specific parts of the cell. These spatial relations seem also to affect the functions of the cell, so even at the lowest level of biologic organization, there seems to be a lot going on.

Bacteria jump straight from cell to organism, but we can go further. We can start with individuals and then move to populations, communities, ecosystems, and biomes.

For instance, your muscles hypertrophy, while your prostate undergoes hyperplasia. That doesn’t mean that increasing cell number is always bad in humans.

It’s how we develop from kids to adults, how we go from a single celled zygote to an infant. I haven’t seen enough zombie movies to render an intelligent opinion.

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Several different cell types in your digestive tract; alpha, beta, This study found that many organs are involved, and are controlled by the brain in the effort to maintain a weight even when too much energy has been taken in.

This neuronal pathway may be a new way to manipulate weight gain and loss. In some organisms, replication and reproduction (budding or binary fission) occur together.

This is most often asexual reproduction, but yeast are single-celled organisms that can exchange some DNA in a sexual mode and then divide to produce two offspring. Zombies looked so decayed and lose so much tissue that I find it hard to believe that they are replacing lost cells by mitosis.

For many organisms, sexual reproduction is how they produce more individuals of their species. Sexual reproduction requires replication by mitosis in all cells of the organism, as well as meiosis to produce gamete cells (sperms and ovum).

Cellular organization of the transfer of genetic information. Current opinion in microbiology, 16 (2), 171-6 MID: 23395479 Yamaha T, Sunita S, & Atari H (2013).

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Identification of a novel interorgan mechanism favoring energy storage in over nutrition. The word “zombie” is related to the African word Zambia, which means god.” The Grand Serpent, the “Le Grand Zombie,” was the father of all “Laos,” or other gods, and appeared in the shape of a python.

Because viruses are not independent living organisms and need a living organism to reproduce, a “zombie virus” could be considered a misnomer because zombies are generally thought to be dead. Some critics theorize that zombies prefer the taste of human flesh (if they can taste anything) because warm human flesh may have to do with a zombie virus needing fresh DNA or some parasitic microorganism receiving some form of nourishment from live blood cells.

While the causes and depictions of zombies throughout history have varied, one element links them: they all have compromised brains. Modern conceptions of zombies originally began with voodoo religion in the West African Yoruba tribe and then traveled with captured slaves to the Caribbean island of Haiti, a busy slave center in the 1700s.

In other words, they are not movies about zombies, but rather about groups of human beings and how they react in crises. The disease causes painful, oozing sores on the face, legs, arms, and feet.

The painful wounds on the bottoms of the feet sometimes cause a sufferer to walk in a slow, zombie-like shuffle. Additionally, rigor Morris would cause serious tissue and muscle damage at the zombie’s each step.

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Eventually, a zombie top speed would be reduced to a crawl and perhaps even slow to the point where it could not move. Experts note that in order to survive a zombie attack, it is imperative to follow a few guidelines: 1) do not take shelter in a vehicle in which you do not have the keys, 2) do not leave weapons out for zombies to find, 3) do not give your only weapon to a hysterical person, 4) do not retreat to your basement without supplies, 5) do not get surrounded by zombies, especially in an elevator, and 6) do not let personal emotions and anger impede survival.

Some scientists claim that a zombie apocalypse is not necessarily an impossibility because humans are susceptible to neurotoxins, brain parasites, real rage virus (such as mad cow disease), neurogenesis, and nanobots (which can operate in a host even after the host has died). A recent study found that the fungus can synchronize several ants to bite down simultaneously on the underside of a leaf and then die.

The top 10 safest countries during a zombie outbreak according to geographic location, topography, armed populace, population density, and military preparedness are the following: 1) Australia, 2) Canada, 3) United States, 4) Russia, 5) Kazakhstan, 6) Bolivia, 7) Norway, 8) Finland, 9) Argentina, and 10) Sweden. For example, 5,000 years ago in the Middle Eastern tale the Epic of Gilgamesh, an angry goddess threatens to bring the dead back to eat the living.

Zombies in Chinese myth are called the Huang Shi (the “hopping corpse”). To kill a drug one had to cut off its head, burn its body, and scatter its ashes out to sea.

It is generally believed that in the hours before rigor Morris sets in, zombies would be at their most dangerous. They would, briefly, have the strength and speed of living humans before their bodies would be ravaged by decomposition.

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Like zombies, they begin to suffer decomposition and smell like a rotting body once they come back to life. However, unlike modern zombies, their teeth begin to grow into terribly crooked and jagged protrusions.

According to Haitian folklore, feeding salt to a zombie will restore the person to freedom. According to Haitian voodoo, there are several precautions people can take so that their deceased loved one can avoid being turned into a zombie: 1) bury the body under heavy stones, so they are harder to dig up, 2) watch over the grave for 36 hours (after 36 hours, death is final and a boor can no longer turn a dead body into a zombie), and 3) cut the head off the body.

The most popular zombie-based manga (Japanese comics) storyline is called High School of the Dead. The story is about a group of high school students who have been caught in the middle of a zombie apocalypse.

Additionally, they must face the threat of the societal collapse and the decay of their own moral framework. White Zombie is a public domain, which means no one owns the rights to the film anymore.

Ethnobotanist Wade Davis traveled to Haiti in 1982 after hearing reports of modification. He found that the zombies were most likely exposed to a dangerous mix of potent neurotoxins and hallucinogens.

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He wrote his discoveries in the book The Serpent in the Rainbow, which was adapted into a movie of the same name by horror director Wes Craven in 1988. According to Haitian lore, a Noun (Voodoo) zombie’s soul is returned to the victim upon the creator’s death.

Consequently, if someone used a zombie as a servant after the creator’s death, they would risk retribution for violating Noun law. In Haiti, “zombie powder” is most likely given to the victim through the skin on the left inner arm due to its proximity to the heart.

Then the person is buried alive in a Haitian Noun modification ceremony and then later “reanimated.” Many times victims of Noun (Voodoo) modification are reported to walk clumsily, speak with slurred speech, and act “space” or “inattentive.” Experts note this is probably a result of permanent brain damage caused by a combination of prolonged oxygen deprivation from being buried alive and exposure to “zombie powder,” which is a mix of the neurotoxin TTX and the hallucinogenic data and Malabar beans. Recent research shows that most likely only about 1 in 100 attempts at Voodoo modification in Haiti would be successful.

People being mistakenly buried alive played a role in zombie lore Long ago, people were sometimes buried alive because they were in a coma, which doctors mistook for death.

These zombies are usually rotting, smell bad, can’t feel pain, and prefer to feed on human flesh. They appear in stories in the Caribbean, Central and South America, and the southern United States.

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When a Nachtzeher is first reanimated, it gnaws on parts of its own body and then seeks other victims to feed upon. First, dormant infection, where the virus would spread around the world and remain unnoticed until the recently dead begin to reanimate.

The other side says that the corpse must be reanimated by either a virus or radiation and eat human flesh. Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein was the first novel to approach the idea of human reanimation from a nonsuperstitious point of view.

Whether Frankenstein’s monster is a zombie or not, Shelley was the first to depict a reanimated body caused by science. For example, in a stereotypical urban city with a population of 500,000 people, it would require an aggressive military response within 3-8 days.

Most zombie survivalists adhere to the following survival list: 1) 14-90 days worth of nonperishable food, 2) a personal water source and/or 14 to 90 days worth of drinkable water, 3) at least one firearm with 1,000 to 10,000 rounds of ammunition, 5) a gasoline electricity generator with 2 to 4 weeks worth of fuel, and 6) a sturdy melee/close combat weapon and some form of martial arts/close combat training. The people in the popular horror film 28 Days are not technically zombies because they do not die before they take on a zombie-like appearance and become fixated on killing.

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