Are Zombies Mentioned In Quran

David Lawrence
• Sunday, 17 January, 2021
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We all agreed that television could be an important source of information. “But,” I pointed out, “the problem with television is that it doesn’t teach you how to tell the difference between truth and lies.

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One can only wonder why anyone would seek imaginative escape in such a terrifying world as one where dead people rise from their graves to feed on the living. Perhaps people are looking for an escape from not only the present reality, but of the prospect of having to face their Maker and account for their sins on the Day of Judgment.

Given the choice, they feel safer with the thought of being chased by hungry ghouls. The word “zombie” originated in Haitian folklore and means a dead body animated by magic.

There were said to have been something called “zombie slaves” in Haiti back in the day, but it’s speculated that these were unfortunate people drugged into submission and forced to work in the fields. Today in popular culture “zombie” means “undead.” Just think about that word “undead” for a moment.

But the people of whom Allah speaks in this AYA aren’t roaming the earth like rabid beasts. They’ve achieved a higher level of life because they sacrificed their lives in the cause of Allah.

Thus does Allah bring the dead to life, and He shows you His signs that you might reason. There’s another group that actually does resemble zombies a little, at least in a spiritual sense, and that is those who ascribe partners to Allah.

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Again and again we’re reminded that the threshold between life and death is completely under the control of a loving creator. Surviving death is only possible through complete submission to Him.

The only tool you’ll need to protect you from the final days is the Quran. For the believer who strives after righteousness and obedience, neither death nor the “undead” can menace.

For another, it tells us that studying the Message can keep us from becoming like zombies ourselves by giving our lives hope, meaning, and direction. 18:18 Thou wouldst have deemed them awake, whilst they were asleep, and wouldst certainly have been filled with terror of them.

Maybe he made them be creepy starboard zombie dudes. That would explain how nobody came around to bother them for 300 years.

Anyway, he bumbles through the story and says he told us it so there can be no doubt about the Hour of Judgment”. There were zombies in this cave, right, so that proves zombies are real, man, and on the day of judgment we'll all be rotted, flesh-craving undead just like them.

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), and Mohammed settles that by saying “my lord knower best” and “don't enter into controversies.” Clears that right up. They don't have an answer, they just say “god knows how.” Well BFD.

When I report to the job site to construct a building over those poor 7 sleepers, if the boss man tells me “my lord know est how” he ain't getting any work. V23 & 24 keep on with the fatalism, tell us to always hedge by saying “Inshallah”, a good excuse to sit on your ass and do NASA because it's Allah's will.

Then it degenerates into more torture porn and bling. … The term zombie is just a reference to indicate some of the abnormalities which are difficult to attribute to normal human beings.

The idea of Zombie in regard to Ya’Jun/Ma’Jun was first teased by Dr. Ya sir Gandhi in one of his lecture regarding the ten major signs of the Judgment Day. Although the sheikh reiterated several times that the idea did not originate from him, rather from one of his friend whose name he did not mention; nonetheless, he did endorse the concept at some level.

He also shared other explanations given by the classical scholars, some of which are as bizarre as this zombie assertion. It turns out, indeed, there are some interesting texts found in Qur’an and authentic Hadith's describing their nature and characteristics.

It is quite hard to make any concrete conclusion out of these ideas, but at the same time it is also difficult to ignore them. The term zombie is just a reference to indicate these abnormalities, atypical characteristics which are difficult to attribute to normal human beings.

Depending on what books, movies or stories you are familiar with, your impression of zombie may vary. I was surprised to know that the term “zombie” is also recognized in the medical field, describing few conditions and situations dealing with drugs as well as mutations.

The medical researchers also explored and published multiple papers on “zombie epidemic” and other possibilities. However, there are plenty of zombie-like descriptions and behaviors that can be extracted from the Islamic texts.

Allah also mentioned few incidents about his justices in the Qur’an, one in which he traveled to the far west and found wrong doers. However, when he reached the area whereupon a local tribe complained about the mischief of Y’AJJ and Ma’Jun, he neither wanted to communicate with them nor meet them in order to provide proper justice.

That seems bit harsh and not proper justice to completely cut off an entire tribe of people from the rest of the world and leave them locked in one place until the end of time. Factful Bargain built the strongest barrier, never wanted to meet them, rather lock them up for thousands of years until the day of Judgement.

In another narration he went to his wife “in a state of fear” the word used is which means frightened and said Woe unto the Arabs from a danger that has come near ( )”, and explained that Ya’Jun and Ma’Jun has opened a small hole in the barrier. There are many authentic hadith that explicitly describe their number to be 1 to 1000 ratios with the believers.

Based on a research, there are roughly 7.2 Billion of Muslims born since the first year of Hire calendar (622 CE). Currently, population is only 7 Billion. Zombie score100% According to an estimate by PPUBtotal modern homo-sepien (humans) ever born since 50,000 years is roughly about 100,000 Billion.

To put things in prospective, rest of the world produced 100 billion in 50,000 years, while Ya’Jun and Ma’Jun tribes would have produce 7,000,000 billion since 4,000 thousand years until the Day of Judgement. FactReproduces at 1000 times more than normal human societyZombie score110% There are two places where Allah mentioned Ya’jJunand Ma’jJun both in which Allah used interesting terms such as waving or surging ”nd We will leave them that day surging (like waves) over each other (( ) and also in another chapter ”ntil when Gog and Magog has been opened and they, from every elevation, descend (( ) , as if they are surging like wave from every direction.

Thirdly, Allah will send birds whose necks would be like those of Bactrian camels, and they would carry them and throw them where God would will. It is mentioned in Tapir In Kathie that ‘ATA bin Said said that they will be thrown in Al Manual, which is located in the East where sun rise.

Interesting to point out that domestic animals are herbivores, meaning they don’t eat meat! Prophet () also sworn by Allah and said: “the beasts of the earth will grow fat on their flesh”.

It is also narrated that after the birds remove their bodies, Allah will send down rain that will completely wipe clean the earth and “there would grow (such a big) pomegranate that a group of people would be able to eat that”. This view is also stated in tapir In Kathie and also considered standard understanding of the scholars.

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