Are Zombies Nonliving Or Living

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• Wednesday, 30 December, 2020
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Math: We've been brushing up on our operations (add, subtract, multiply, divide) with whole numbers. If you need extra practice or review there are many resources such as: Online tutorials-Khan academy Worksheets-Get them from Ms. Chow or search on Google Online math games within the classroom Science: We are continuing our study of how animals, plants, and the environment are interdependent on each other.

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Reminder: No school on Friday Sept. 21 Field trip to Fort Calgary Monday Sept. 24 ***Bring signed permission forms tomorrow*** Bring empty 2L pop bottles for ecosystems Khan Academy: Intro Equations Science: We introduced our unit of Structures and Forces by taking a look at a variety of natural and manufactured structures that exist in the world.

Adapted from Robert Kirkman's graphic novel of the same name, the series debuted in 2010 and last season, it was the third most watched show in the US (just behind The Big Bang Theory and Sunday Night Football). HBO’s Game of Thrones, with half the audience, is the only other cable series in the top-50 programs by viewership.

During the 190,000 years of the Stone Age, our greatest asset for survival in a hostile world was the highly cooperative bands that also comprise the most resilient social units in The Walking Dead. Or maybe, the show’s grip on us rests on our fears of an apocalyptic future without states, laws, technology, or humanity.

The Walking Dead is of this world at this time, and it speaks to us precisely because a land in which the undead ceaselessly hound the living actually captures a defining experience of contemporary life: e-mail. The term “zombie” has its origins in West African religions; however, the fear of the dead consuming the living is found across many cultures.

The earliest work of written literature, The Epic of Gilgamesh, contains a passage in which a god threatens to release the dead from the underworld to feast on the living. In agricultural societies, zombies served as a supernatural elaboration of rabies, in which nature engulfed human beings through the betrayal of trusted domestic animals.

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For Africans in the colonial Caribbean, the emphasis on the supernatural mechanisms by which bodies came under the control of voodoo sorcery reflected the trauma of slave labor. Closer to our own era, George Romero used zombies to examine society’s racism, consumerism, and inequity in a sequence of films over four decades.

Robert Rodriguez's Planet Terror employed the undead to illustrate the social cannibalism of the military-industrial complex. Following the trend of inverting genres within the arts, in Warm Bodies and Zombie land, puppy love returns an undead adolescent to life and remedies teenage anime.

Forests, swamps, houses, churches, patios, garages, bars, and cars are infested, and thus transformed into an environment that’s hostile, dangerous, contagious, and, most of all, perennially waiting to eat you. Unlike other zombie apocalypses, there’s no initial wave of infestation to be defeated, as in Night of the Living Dead, or outlived, like 28 Days Later.

What part of it turns each moment of subjective experience into a landscape of potential threats haunted by the undead intent on devouring you? E-mail is a type of writing -- itself is a form of disembodied communication -- but the potency of its technology changed the way letters are used and thus experienced.

The conjectural eroticism in You’ve Got Mail that titillated Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan was sadly not a harbinger of what the actual digital world would become. Listen to how Ryan’s character romantically described what became the boulder of our Sisyphean existence: “I turn on my computer.

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If we have a Pavlovian response to emails, it’s holding our breath in anticipation of the day’s digital onslaught whose clarion should be “… brains … brainless …”. The significance of this is hidden by how it’s now assumed that e-mails are a platform for obligation and responsibility, but rarely growth, learning, pleasure, or other pursuits.

Ironically, the Nigerian scam of the internet's early years, in which a distant person contacts you because your trustworthiness remedies their fabricated situation was the prototype for what e-mail actually turned into, the only difference being that the fraud has been removed from the extortion. These requests take so many bites out of you; they, with the recent advancement in technology, transform space and time into mediums waiting to devour you.

Teachers, lawyers, engineers, project managers, and other “knowledge workers”” begin their days with dozens of e-mails waiting for them, and go to bed knowing more will follow. The majority were unnecessary and even unread, yet the average worker spends around 30 percent of his or her time reading and writing them; for those in the knowledge economy, it's likely far greater.

With smartphones and data plans, e-mails now reach us beyond the physical limits of the office and the temporal constraints of the workday. As is the case with zombies, the extreme environments associated with high-speed waterspouts and airplane travel are among the few places we are generally safe from their reach.

So e-mails are a medium dominated by continuous demands of our thoughts, and they reach us almost everywhere; then again, we've been in constant interactions of obligation to others throughout our existence. Before the 19th century's phonograph and radio, verbal communication was more or less instantaneously brought into and out of existence with a breath.

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Your coworkers or clients don’t simply just ask you something, to which you respond in situ ; the request lingers outside the physics of living nature. The cosmos is one that increasingly waits (or walks) to eat and infect the last living parts of subjective experience.

Enclosed in the protection of a hollow tree trunk as a pack of zombies passes, two teenagers in The Walking Dead prepare for a first kiss. You can find them in films, television, books, video games and graphic novels.

Bringing zombies into preparedness can not be ‘neutral’ as there is a long and complex history to contend with. The problem with a preparedness scenario where zombies are simply disposable is that it does not work ethically even in its own terms.

So using zombies as shorthand in preparedness training as some neutral threat that must be tackled does not work. In zombie films people quickly adopt brutal survivalist strategies.

Characters from “The Walking Dead”: survivalist chic zombies in small groups or die: and other humans are often the enemy. This would make for a very boring zombie film or television series as it would show small groups co-operating and helping each other as the primary theme.

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So using zombies in a preparedness exercise automatically gets people into a survivalist mindset. They have too much historical baggage, encourage us to inhabit a post-ethical preparedness universe and give us the wrong idea about human behavior.

However, since writing the chapter on which this post was based on I have been thinking about whether a preparedness scenario could be constructed in which some ethical and behavioral issues discussed above might be brought to the forefront. The phenomenon of “zombie graffiti” has only further reified the extent to which this trope has developed into a meta culture with its own self-identifying participants, rituals, and (sub)texts.

-Dr. Lily Addams, “The Stalking Dead: The Evolution of Narrative Into Reality”, from Ar's Academia, v.49 no.7, PPS.77-49 Yes, zombies, you can live, but there have got to be some ground rules.

Let’s have a conversation that involves something other than brains. You could do with a shower too, or at least put on some deodorant.

Trust me, I really appreciate how much you people have contributed to our culture. Here, you can nibble on my arm a little.

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Questions I Asked My Grade School Teachers That Made Them Regret Telling The Class “There Are No Stupid Questions” Living Dolls. Various forms of life exist, such as plants, animals, fungi, protists, archaea, and bacteria.

The criteria can at times be ambiguous and may or may not define viruses, voids, or potential artificial life as living ”. The current definition is that organisms maintain homeostasis, are composed of cells, undergo metabolism, can grow, adapt to their environment, respond to stimuli, and reproduce.

Biogenesis describes the natural process of life arising from non- living matter, such as simple organic compounds. Properties common to all organisms include the need for certain core chemical elements to sustain biochemical functions.

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