Are Zombies Real In 2020

Ava Flores
• Tuesday, 27 October, 2020
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In 2014, Gordon Lu bold came into possession of intriguing classified US military documents dated April 30, 2011. In them, he discovered details of a genuine US military plan to combat a zombie outbreak.

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Peter Cummings, a scientist from Boston University, states that several diseases and conditions already exist that could cause someone to be viewed as a zombie. According to Cummings, the key to understanding the potential for these conditions to produce zombie traits was to examine the shutdown of the frontal lobe of the brain.

When thinking of zombies, most people conjure up images of the dead rising from their graves. She stated that the rising dead was an unlikely scenario, but the mutation of a virus similar to rabies wasn’t.

With the slave trade, these traditions and practices made the journey to many parts of the Americas. In recent times, Haiti has become one of the epicenters of modern cases of zombies.” In fact, the notion of voodoo permeates the mindset of the population.

Without a doubt, one of the most controversial claims of real -life zombies came from Wade Davis of Harvard University. Even more intriguing was Davis’s claims that criminals were turned into zombies in antiquity to stop their wayward behavior.

Ultimately, he stated that creating zombies was achieved through a mixture of secret natural toxins. Other believed that such discoveries, if true, would be of great interest to secret military projects.

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In one intriguing account, Huston tells of being invited to study hoodoo rituals up close. A hoodoo priest gave permission for the unique opportunity, and Huston eventually performed several rituals herself.

The main worry is that these natural methods will be replicated in a science lab and used against the general population. For example, many natural zombies are created when a parasite enters the nervous system of an animal through the food chain.

Stephen Kane, an associate professor at the University of California, Riverside, certainly has a unique theory as to why aliens have not visited Earth. In 2014, he claimed that space travel in the past had left such astronauts stranded as zombies on an unknown planet.

It would probably take the world’s scientists and medical experts by complete surprise and on the back foot. When we view the idea of zombies in those terms, the prospect doesn’t appear so laughable regardless of how unlikely it is to happen.

Some researchers insist that the intelligence world is seeking to turn people into zombies through the use of drugs and mind control. Its spores infect other ants, which lets the zombie cycle begin anew.

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The wasp larva on its back controls the spider’s brain, forcing it to spin a special web. That new web will protect the larva as it develops into an adult wasp. In order to grow and spread, this fungus must hijack an ant’s brain.

Zombie crickets, beetles and praying mantises drown themselves in water. Zombie rats are drawn to the smell of the pee of cats that may devour them.

In order to accomplish these tricks, some parasites have evolved the ability to hack into the host’s brain and influence its behavior in very specific ways. Every parasite has its own method, but the process usually involves altering chemicals within the victim’s brain.

Researchers are working hard to identify which chemicals are involved and how they end up so bizarrely altering their host’s behavior. She is a biologist who studies parasites at Rice University in Houston, Texas.

True zombies, she points out, aren’t exactly like the type you find in horror stories. One parasite causes infected rats to become attracted to the smell of cat pee.

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This helps the parasite because it needs a cat to eat the rat for its life cycle to continue. User2547783c_812/istockphotoThe horsehair worm, for instance, needs to emerge in water. To make this happen, it forces its insect host to leap into a lake or swimming pool.

Toxoplasma Gandhi (TOX-oh-PLAZ-ma GON-dee-eye) is a single-celled creature that can only complete its life cycle inside a cat. To ensure this part-time host gets eaten by a cat, the parasite turns rats into cat-loving zombies.

So she and her team have been studying a species related to the Ophiocordyceps fungus in Thailand. This is likely due to the fact that trees and plants in this state lose their leaves in the winter.

There, her team infected a few species of ant with the South Carolina fungus. But the fungus made plant-climbing zombies only out of the species that it naturally infects in the wild.

To figure out what was going on, DE Becker’s team collected new, uninfected ants of each species. South Carolina photographer Kim Fleming discovered affected ants in her backyard.

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When the fungus was exposed to its favorite brains (that is, ones from the ants that it naturally infects in the wild), it released thousands of chemicals. The experiments at Penn State by DE Becker’s team were the first to create ant zombies in the lab.

And the researchers only succeeded after setting up artificial 24-hour cycles of light and darkness for the zombies and their parasites. It will take more work to learn how the parasite’s chemicals lead to zombie behavior in ants.

She now studies ant zombies at Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, Germany. There, she is now probing how that daily cycle of sunlight and darkness affects modification.

It spins a nursery of sorts for the wriggly, worm-like wasp baby stuck to its back. He studies insect behavior and ecology at Kobe University in Japan.

The extra strong threads most likely help the larva stay safe until it emerges from its cocoon 10 days later. In this video, the zombie spider has finished weaving an extra strong web for the wasp larva.

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(Although A. mentor is a close relative of the jewel wasp, Liberal notes that researchers have not yet confirmed that it also turns cockroaches or any other insect into mindless slaves.) She targets a specific part of the roach’s brain, turning it into a zombie. From the Laboratory of Professor Liberal at Ben Guion UniversityLibersat’s group has focused its research on figuring out what the jewel wasp does to the cockroach mind.

That venom might interfere with a chemical in the roach’s brain called dopamine, Liberal reports. This chemical helps the cockroach stay alert, walk and perform other tasks.

When researchers injected a substance similar to dopamine into zombie cockroaches, the insects again began walking. But Hammersmith, who was not involved in the research, notes that Liberal’s team has worked out this chemical process in more detail than is available for most types of zombie mind control.

She studies California billfish infected with a worm called Euhaplorchis Californians (YU-ha-PLOR-kis CAL-ih-for-nee-EN-sis). An infected fish will still eat normally and stay in a group with its pals.

Hammersmith now is working with Gyving Overly at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, in As. Researchers know what chemical changes should happen to a billfish brain when something, such as the sight of a bird on the prowl, stresses it out.

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Parasites have developed their control of other creatures’ brains over millions of years of evolution. Scientists have found fossil evidence of fungus-controlled ants dating back 48 million years.

Over this long period, she says, “the fungus ‘learned’ a lot more about how the ant’s brain works than human scientists have.” Figuring out the secrets of zombie mind control in bugs could help neuroscientists understand more about the links between the brain and behavior in people.

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