Are Zone Bars Bad For You

Ellen Grant
• Tuesday, 10 November, 2020
• 8 min read

A Snickers bar, although it has some incomplete nut protein is very, very high fat. I grant you, there are some very poor choices available in bar form, but not all of them are.

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A Snickers bar, although it has some incomplete nut protein is very, very high fat. Where a wrapper implies nutrition and wellness, oftentimes added sugars and other artificial placeholders are all that’s really hiding inside.

We ranked them in order of healthiest to least healthy, so by the time you get to the end, you’ll know for sure which bars to avoid. Click here for our comprehensive ranking of the healthiest and unhealthiest snack bars.

These wholesome, filling bars have really appealing names: Wholehearted Heaven, Sweet Rejuvenation, and Protein Paradise are a few of our favorites. A new company, Rise Bar has risen from the shadows as a new favorite for healthy people everywhere.

She makes her bars using mostly natural sugars with a little brown rice syrup to sweeten things a little more. The healthy fats and natural sugars in these bars make a great combo for lasting energy.

Each bar contains a good amount of protein, too, and an impressive list of vitamins and antioxidants. The taste gets mixed reviews, and while these are a healthy choice for a snack, they’re not made of very many real food ingredients.

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If it weren’t part of a bar, we doubt you’d be eating large quantities of soluble corn fiber on the reg. Their most popular product is their Oats ‘n Honey bar, a crunchy, rock-hard snack that makes a mess when you eat it, no matter how hard you try to keep the crumbs in the wrapper.

Why they don’t use wholesome ingredients like nuts and seeds instead of processed oils is beyond us, but we’re not fans of these sugary snacks. These have been a classic healthy choice in the snack food aisle for as long as we can remember.

They’re mostly made from oats and sugar, along with some other filler ingredients to add flavor and texture. Sure, they’re low-calorie and have a significant amount of protein, but they’re lacking the healthy fat and natural energy needed to truly keep you full till your next meal.

The number of artificial ingredients far exceeds what we can fit on this slide, and each chewy bite is hiding a ton of added sugar and processed oils. But the fact that it’s organic and brown doesn’t make it any less of a bad idea for a midday snack.

The spike of sugar is going to result in a crash later, which is left unaided by significant sources of healthy fat or protein. A person doesn’t need this kind of energy bomb unless they’re doing something that’s as strenuous as climbing an actual cliff.

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They provide you with the energy and caloric intake that you need in one small, single product. The protein bars can offer you the caloric intake that you’d need in an SHF situation.

After all, you don’t know when you’re going to need to maintain minimum caloric intake without much food available. They’re small and take little space, but they seem difficult to maintain under perfect conditions.

The whole situation makes people wary due to not knowing whether the bars will be ready for consumption. You’ll be able to learn all the signs that the protein bars present when they’re spoiled.

The thing is that if you store the protein bars properly, they’re more likely to be good for consumption within the expiration date and maybe even afterward. The truth is that expiration dates are more like guidelines and not something written in stone.

This means that the bars may still be good for consumption after the date has expired. Make sure to put them either inside the fridge or in a place that keeps them fresh.

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Pick protein bars that have long expiration dates and from high-quality brands. The Grenade Carb Kill Protein Bar is great for that.

If the bars don’t look or smell okay, you should look for the rancidity factor as a sign that things are bad. This complete or incomplete oxidation process can mean bacterial proliferation or something else.

It’s needless to say that you shouldn’t eat food that you don’t trust 100% that it’s fresh and edible. Make sure that they’re from a trusted brand, that you store them correctly, and that they provide the caloric intake that you need.

Now, some people wrongly believe that it’s not a big deal to eat something that expired a few months ago. So, the main problem is that something gets spoiled due to microbial attack.

Taking these bacteria into your organism can cause serious illness during a time that you don’t want to be sick for anything. So, understand that unless you can be certain that the food is good and ready for consumption, you should avoid it at all costs.

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The best you can do is to avoid this by storing the food properly an always check it to make sure it’s good. Another common problem that lets you know that the protein bars aren’t good for consumption is flavor loss.

As much as protein bars last a long time, especially the long-term ones, you should only eat things that are under the right conditions. Any product that hasn’t the original taste, smell, or appearance is probably better left alone and unconsumed.

Some bacteria are smart enough to not release the gas that makes the product smell bad as an evolutionary mechanism. So, make sure to check for flavor loss if the other tests fail.

If when you eat the protein bar, it’s tasteless, avoid it completely. Here you have two options, you either keep them in a fridge, or you store them in a room that has ventilation and is not exposed to the sun.

Whatever option you choose, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on your food. Choose protein bars from trusted brands that last longer.

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The MusclePharm Combat Crunch Protein Bar is a perfect choice. It’s quite simple they offer you the same results, similar price, and greater longevity.

They’ll last longer, provide you with the same caloric intake, and you won’t need to worry about it as much. The Quest Nutrition Protein Bar is a great option for you.

So, protein bars do last a long time, if you store them properly. It’s important to point out that you should make sure that you store them in the fridge or in a pantry that has ventilation.

Their wrappers make it easy to think that they’re healthier than a candy bar, but sometimes they’re not. Here are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind when shopping for protein bars.

At the end of the day, I don’t care how nutrient-packed your favorite protein bar might be; if you eat too much of it, you’re going to gain weight, so be sure to check out the calorie count before you check out of the store! Many bars being sold today contain an insane amount of sugar.

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