Are Zone Lift Kits Good

James Lee
• Saturday, 12 December, 2020
• 7 min read

Zone has been developing lift kits for trucks and Jeeps for over a decade and prides itself on offering everything from a small lift to a high boost. These kits are made for any make of car, and they offer suspension, body, and combo lift kits.

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Each product is made with a focus on strength, durability, and a perfect fit to ensure your ride not only looks cooler, but the performance is not impacted. If you add bigger tires on top of the suspension lift, the center of gravity will increase even more.

According to Stage 3 Motorsports, the lift kit allowed them to off-road up to 30 mph (48 kph) in some pretty snowy areas where they were able to absorb shock and perform well on the trails. Sells many parts separately: The fairly low and decent prices allow you to have the option to buy almost any part you may need for lifting your vehicle all on the website, or you can choose to buy a different brand.

Many options are under $1500, and with the ability to install it yourself, you can be saving a hefty fee that otherwise would be spent at the mechanics. Offers a limited lifetime warranty: Zone offers a limited warranty for all parts that are not damaged and given that the owner of the Zone lift kit still owns the vehicle it was purchased for.

Not the best for high-speed offloading trips: According to Stage 3 Motorsports, while the lift kit performed well in offloading, the bumps were felt when speed started to pick up. Zone sells these separately, and while not necessary, it can help keep things clean and working properly for longer.

The quality is strong, durable, and each part is made to perfectly fit your car, making this purchase totally worth it. The lift kits manufacturing promotes structural integrity by ensuring durability, strength, and no decrease in your car’s performance.

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The low costs: The Zone lift kit prices tend to be lower in regard to the fact that many pieces that are not needed are available for additional purchase. Making the additional costs bring the price up much higher if shock absorbers and splash panels were something you were hoping to purchase.

When this coil lift is sold on Amazon, it also comes packed with a track bar and Zone shock absorbers. According to the customer, this suspension kit provided a nice lift and ride even with a 500 lb (226 kg) bumper and winch.

The lift is worth the rather low price with the heavy-duty coil spacers, the improvement in ground clearance and wheel travel. This suspension lift kit fits all 1988-1994 Chevy Silverado/GMC Sierra 1500 pickup trucks with either a 2 or 4-wheel drive.

This kit takes closer to 8 hours to install and claims to be on the more difficult level compared to others. This body lift kit fits 09-16 Dodge Ram 1500 trucks and has scored a perfect five stars on Amazon.

This kit was designed for easy installation and long-term performance, holding up to 60,000 lbs (27,215 kg). It is made somewhere between an entry-level leveling kit and a full IFS lift system without adding the tough installation.

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This product has gained five stars on Amazon for the stocky look it gives your ride and the easy installation. This product comes with Black Nitro Shocks on Amazon that can also be purchased on the Zone website separately.

This is as too much backspace will put the rim to come into contact with suspension components, which ends up being bad for fender clearance as it will rub on the bumper and backside. If you have specific tires you want to use and are not sure about, contact Zone to make sure you will be able to use them without issues.

While this is completely up to you as well as dependent on the lift you choose, Zone sells them separately, so you are not paying extra for something that may not be required. Shock absorbers are mostly recommended if you are going to install a suspension lift that is 3 in (7.62 cm) or higher.

The large increase in ground clearance will shift the center of gravity, and the absorbers will make up for the new difference in level your vehicle has. It is also worth noting that trucks with a lift kit and aftermarket shocks will need replacing every now and again.

The Zoneliftkits are mostly praised for their easy installation, detailed instructions, sturdy and strong materials, being a great ride, and comes with every piece that was ordered. If we’re talking suspension lift kits, Rough Country, BDS, and Zone are three names that you’ll hear a lot.

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Rough Country is a sound choice for street driving and light off-road explorations. This kit of theirs is perfect for street queen trucks and lifting most pickups.

Don’t expect RC to cope with more serious adventures out there in the dirt, however. Rough Country 2.5''Affordable kit, perfect for urban trucks or light off-road adventures.

While I agree that RC pales in comparison to BDS, there are some things I’d like to note. Foxes are an aluminum beast that not only drives extra smooth…they also don’t rust.

However, even this upgrade can’t match the heat absorption, dampening, and longevity of FOX. I’ve seen a lot of truck owners get Rough Country suspension and just grab a pair of FOX shocks/coil overs and install them.

Their U bolts are at least 1.5x thicker, their nuts are also prepared for more hardcore stress. The same applies to Zone who follow the same manufacture process as BDS.

leveling chevy silverado kit 1500 gmc sierra 2in offroad zone inch announcement c1122 4wd
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However, they do reuse control or radius arms on most of their lifts, unlike BDS who give you brand-new ones. 2.5 suspension lifts are a staple for general driving and aesthetics.

You won’t see any significant effect on ride comfort and handling, parts wearing out or fuel usage. Ride comfort becomes more important here, including the quality of your shocks.

It looks monstrously kick ass, but the wear and tear and ride disruption are a bit too much for me. A very affordable, good quality suspension lift kit for most urban truck drivers…or those into light offloading.

The reason I recommend using Amazon for Rough Country is the better price compared to other retailers or their official site. Personally, I think BDS makes the most sense if you go for the 6 suspension lift kit.

Remember that BDS offers richer customization on their lift kits. In short, if you originally purchased any BDS lift kit, and it breaks, they will give you a new one.

lift kit cherokee jeep grand 2005 wk inch 2008 2006 2007 road
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Note: If you want a more modest 2.5 kit for your JK or Wrangler, Rough Country has this great bundle. However, if you want to embark on 4WD off-road adventures, Zone’s 4 suspension will be a huge improvement over that.

Remember that Zone features the same manufacture quality as BDS. While the Zone shocks here are twin-tube (and not a monotube which I praised in my KGB vs Einstein article), it’s not that much of a problem.

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