Are Zone Lifts Good

Bob Roberts
• Friday, 08 January, 2021
• 8 min read

Zone and BDS are sister companies under the Fox umbrella and they both make some pretty amazing lift kits. In this blog post and video, we break down the pros and cons of each brand so that you can make a more informed choice.

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Many of the features on BDS are standard; with Zone kits, many are optional (keeping the price down). If you want a skid plate with the Zone kit, select it through the dropdown menu on our website.

Hope this post helps you make a more informed suspension kit decision. If we’re talking suspension lift kits, Rough Country, BDS, and Zone are three names that you’ll hear a lot.

This kit of theirs is perfect for street queen trucks and lifting most pickups. Don’t expect RC to cope with more serious adventures out there in the dirt, however.

Rough Country 2.5''Affordable kit, perfect for urban trucks or light off-road adventures. Their kits are a must for heavy offloading but would be an overkill if you don’t plan on mainly spending your time off the streets.

Zone is a middle ground between the other two, and a sister company of BDS. Their hydro shocks, or nitro with newer kits, aren’t as good as Fox.

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OK, let’s take a closer look at these Feel free to navigate to whichever lift kit interests you the most: While I agree that RC pales in comparison to BDS, there are some things I’d like to note.

Foxes are an aluminum beast that not only drives extra smooth…they also don’t rust. However, even this upgrade can’t match the heat absorption, dampening, and longevity of FOX.

I’ve seen a lot of truck owners get Rough Country suspension and just grab a pair of FOX shocks/coil overs and install them. Their U bolts are at least 1.5x thicker, their nuts are also prepared for more hardcore stress.

The same applies to Zone who follow the same manufacture process as BDS. However, they do reuse control or radius arms on most of their lifts, unlike BDS who give you brand-new ones.

2.5 suspension lifts are a staple for general driving and aesthetics. You won’t see any significant effect on ride comfort and handling, parts wearing out or fuel usage.

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Ride comfort becomes more important here, including the quality of your shocks. It looks monstrously kick ass, but the wear and tear and ride disruption are a bit too much for me.

A very affordable, good quality suspension lift kit for most urban truck drivers…or those into light offloading. The reason I recommend using Amazon for Rough Country is the better price compared to other retailers or their official site.

Personally, I think BDS makes the most sense if you go for the 6 suspension lift kit. Remember that BDS offers richer customization on their lift kits.

In short, if you originally purchased any BDS lift kit, and it breaks, they will give you a new one. Note: If you want a more modest 2.5 kit for your JK or Wrangler, Rough Country has this great bundle.

However, if you want to embark on 4WD off-road adventures, Zone’s 4 suspension will be a huge improvement over that. Remember that Zone features the same manufacture quality as BDS.

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While the Zone shocks here are twin-tube (and not a monotube which I praised in my KGB vs Einstein article), it’s not that much of a problem. As I mentioned, it’s important to think about your own driving habits and how a suspension lift kit ties into them.

Much as it also doesn’t make sense to be unprepared in case you want to do some dirty and rough driving, right? There’s a chance that in some areas you’ll get in trouble if you go for the higher lift kits.

I did however have several people tell me to consider Zone suspension lift. I did the Zone 2" with their standard shackles and got 3" of lift.

Quality was good and easy installation except for a few bolts I had to cut. I did the Zone 2" with their standard shackles and got 3" of lift.

Quality was good and easy installation except for a few bolts I had to cut. I did a 4" lift with zone leafs and added some boomerang shackles from beer.

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It rides much better than most of the lifts I have installed for other people. The springs are made by BDS, and they are of high quality, and I am very pleased.

I hope to soon have a review of my own on the Zone lift kit. I ordered one yesterday, now I feel like a little kid on Christmas Eve.

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