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Ellen Grant
• Thursday, 14 January, 2021
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The best blend is called Light n Tight, which is very similar to Fast & Free only with the softness Lululemon Align fans enjoy (without the pilling! VIA leggings are more flattering in the rear area and the high waist is positioned about 1/4” higher, which many not seem like much, but it's the difference between muffin top and smooth line.

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You can see my review on multiple styles of VIA shorts below, but allow me to save you time: they aren't as good as the Lululemon Speed collection. Psst- the VIA Mesh Energy shorts are really doing' it for me, but they're priced too similarly to Speeds to even make this category a tie.

Check out the back area of the Lulu bra on the left versus the VIA on the right: My favorite VIA bra is the Star because I'm an ultra marathoner who depends on her bras for upwards of 10 and 12 hours.

A good sports bra can eliminate much of this movement and keep you perky and in the right place. Since not all of us need the same support, and comfort is really important, keep reading to find out which Via sports bra is right for you.

First up, if comfort is your number one priority, and you just need medium support for your workouts the bomber bra is a perfect choice. A customer favorite, our vented Bomber bra offers a beautiful blend of form and function so perfect, you’re going to want to stock up.

The bomber provides medium all-day support without hardware, making it as easy to own as it is to wear. A flattering, supportive fit and a NEWLY designed charming racer back detail will make you want to show it off.

zyia active most wear skip don
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Wide elastic band keeps bra in place without digging, pinching or rolling. High-quality construction stands up to the regular wear and washing your favorite bra is destined to receive.

This super-soft 4-way stretch bra features an extra-wide bottom band for pinch-free comfort and support. A mid-rise neckline strikes the perfect balance between revealing and concealing, while the scrappy racer back delivers the secure, stay-in-place fit you want.

Pass-through style strap attachment to bra’s front offers a fun design detail. For high-impact sports and long workouts, nothing beats the functionality and support of our All Star.

A wide, ventilated back panel and zippered racer back construction offer additional stay-in-place support and a touch of style that makes this bra worth wearing solo. Wide elastic bottom bank stays in place without pinching or rolling.

This high-impact bra delivers big on functionality without giving up any points for style. We started with a fully-lined elastic bottom band for firm lower support.

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Then we matched it with adjustable “hook and loop” style shoulder straps for top-down support that won’t slack off. The racer back style ensures your straps will never slide off your shoulders, while the structured bust design and removable cups help maintain your natural shape.

Where the Star reigns supreme for performance and the Bomber wins on comfort, the Grid Bra is the queen of style and cool. An open racer back made almost entirely of mesh offers maximum ventilation while scrappy details at the shoulder and neckline show off Grid’s fun and flirty personality.

While there’s nothing we can do about gravity, and we don’t want to quit working out, or chasing kids, or whatever it is you do, we can do our best to take care of our breasts. Hopefully just a bit of info can help you figure out which Via sports bra is right for you.

Show of hands who has had trouble finding the perfect sports bra??? Prior to joining Via Active I struggled and spent a ton of money on bras that I never wore more than once.

Including my last PRE- Via sports bra from that very expensive and trendy place that rhymes with Muskmelon. All that changed when I started thinking differently about how to shop for a sports bra and found my perfect match with Via Active.

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Because we want to find you the most supportive bra for your level of activity combined with the best fit for your size. Take a look at the guide below for the levels of support offered by the various styles from Via Active.

The Star Bra is the most supportive for high impact and those are more well-endowed. Which means it's great for yoga, larger chested women, high intensity workouts and running.

The friction happens on the fabric not on your skin, so you have a chafe free fit and feel. The Bomber Bra also features a friction free band and an internal seam at the cleavage (goodbye uniboob!).

Expecting a baby or recently delivered this is also a great bra for you. With removable molded cups you can not only wear this as a sport's bra but also as a swim top.

For medium impact support size up one in the Light n Tight Scrappy. The Luke Scrappy features the softest, highest end fabric blend available while offering support for low to medium impact exercise.

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The double layer and gray color palette offer interesting detail while being perfect for those who prefer neutrals. The straps adjust on the shoulders to accommodate different proportions and control impact.

As you can see Via Active has much to offer in the Sports Bra world. While this article is designed as a guide I would love to work with you one on one to find the perfect sport's bra for you.

Join My Free Training to start making money working from home today. We’ll discuss everything about Via MLM, including background information, the cost to join, compensation plan, and more.

Many women have joint Via MLM to make money from home. But, they are required to order between $200 to $600 of Via clothes every month to receive commissions.

So bad that Via didn’t even publish the Income Disclosure Statement (IDS). Via is a clothing company specialized in women’s activewears.

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The company does offer a limited clothing line for men and children. The company distributes its clothing exclusively through an MLM network of Independent Representatives.

Many women compare Zyia’s activewears as an affordable version of Lululemon or Lorna Jane. You can start your own business from home selling Via cloths for commissions.

At the time of writing this Via review, the company has been in operation for only 3 years. I strongly recommend comparing Via with other home-based business opportunities before joining.

For a small startup fee, you can join Via MLM and start your own home-based business. If you don’t have a sponsor, you can find one with a Google search, Facebook Via party, or by contacting the company.

Your sponsor will help select a Starter Kit, submit an application, and train you. This person earns override commissions from your business activities.

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Besides purchasing a starter kit, you are required to meet a monthly sales quota to receive commissions. You also receive product catalogs and marketing materials to promote and build your Via MLM business.

Those who fail to meet this requirement are considered inactive and do not earn commissions. I hate MLM because of the monthly minimum order requirement.

The monthly order requirement is used by MLM companies to avoid being classified as a pyramid scheme. I’ll explain the main parts of the compensation, so it’s easier for you to understand.

You can purchase Via activewears at the 25% personal discount and resell them for profits. However, most Via reps prefer selling directly from their website to avoid carrying inventories.

The 20% based sales commission will increase when you achieve the Executive rank. From the Executive rank and above, Via MLM offers you a 25% commission on all personal sales.

Every month, you have an opportunity to receive an additional 8% Personal Commission Override (PRO). The PRO is giving to reps who have a monthly Personal sales Volume (PV) of more than $1,000.

However, the 20% commission requires a minimum monthly personal order of at least $200 and increases to $600 as you advance the ranks. You should know when someone tells you, Via Active has no monthly sales quota, that is a lie.

New reps without sales are encouraged to place a $200 order with Via Active every month to qualify for commissions. So, every new rep that you recruited will generate a $200 recurring monthly revenue for your Via MLM business.

If you want to make money with Via, you must focus on team building, not selling products. Team Override Commissions Team Override commissions are awarded based on your rank and total Group Sales Volume (GV) each month.

You must recruit at least 1 active rep. You maintain the $200 PV monthly orders. The Via compensation plan looks simple, but the sales volume requirements to earn commissions and bonuses are very high.

Via claims that reps are not required to purchase products or carry inventory. But if you want to be successful, Via expected you to buy and use the products to earn commissions.

The compensation plan was designed to force reps to buy Via products. They are purchasing products every month for a chance to earn commissions.

Via is a pyramid scheme where reps make money through team building, not selling products. People at the top of the team (the Pyramid) earned a big residual income.

While news reps spend money buying products and earn little or nothing. But you can’t deny that the Via compensation plan is not designed for you to make money.

The Via compensation plan was designed to sell products, not to help you make money. Most Via MLM business owners make little or no money.

Low Return On Investment (ROI), your chance of achieving financial success is less than 1%. You must obey and follow Via rules and policies to stay in business.

There’no traveling around town to attend late-night meetings and NO face-to-face sales or recruits with my online business. The MLM opportunities are no longer a lucrative option to make money from home.

You will have a hard time building a successful business with Via Active MLM. This business model doesn’t require face-to-face selling or recruiting.

The #1 reason we work hard to build a successful business is to make money. Via Active MLM doesn’t consider you a business partner.

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