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Christina Perez
• Saturday, 02 January, 2021
• 7 min read

The best blend is called Light n Tight, which is very similar to Fast & Free only with the softness Lululemon Align fans enjoy (without the pilling! ZYIAleggings are more flattering in the rear area and the high waist is positioned about 1/4” higher, which many not seem like much, but it's the difference between muffin top and smooth line.

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You can see my review on multiple styles of VIA shorts below, but allow me to save you time: they aren't as good as the Lululemon Speed collection. Psst- the VIA Mesh Energy shorts are really doing' it for me, but they're priced too similarly to Speeds to even make this category a tie.

Check out the back area of the Lulu bra on the left versus the VIA on the right: My favorite VIA bra is the Star because I'm an ultra marathoner who depends on her bras for upwards of 10 and 12 hours.

DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY PEOPLE DO RESEARCH FIRST BEFORE JOINING ANYTHING THAT PROMISES THE GREAT MONEY? In fact, many people already feel apprehensive about an earning opportunity and yet, still REFUSED to listen to their gut.

Instead, they let the false promises of earning a lot of dollars lure them in. Read on for everything you should know, even MY VERDICT on this question, so that you can make your conclusion.

At the end of this Via review, not only will you have a better idea whether the company is a bogus or not, but you will also know if it is an excellent income opportunity for you, given your time, skills and resources. Via Active is an online network marketing company belonging to the activewear industry.

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The company is promoting a high-quality active lifestyle, which today is something coveted by an increasing number of people. The company was founded by Erin Bradley and started in February 2017.

Like most Alms in the clothing and lifestyle niche, it claims to empower and uplift women, especially full-time moms. The company sells activewear that it claims wearers can FEEL GOOD AND CONFIDENT IN as THEY PURSUE AN ACTIVE LIFESTYLE.

The company claims they have the perfect leggings for the gym, sports bra for yoga AND the perfect joggers for lounging or running errands, among all other products designed to make you look good, feel confident, while sweating it out. Zyia’s products are very affordable compared to better-known brands like Lululemon.

Even though there are no enrollment fees common to most Alms, you have to get a starter kit, ranging from $450 to $780. The cheapest one includes 5 Via items, depending on your size of preference and choice in styles.

All kits come with two months of a free virtual website where you can sell your products and Via Look Books. These are your main tools to get your business or journey with Via off the ground and start earning.

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If you perform well and meet specific standards, this monthly recurring fee can also be waived. Essentially, what these all mean to me is that before you can start earning from the company, you have to invest time, effort, AND MONEY.

Right off the bat, if you choose to become a Via representative, you are entitled to a 25 percent discount from all products. Knowing more about the other details of Zyia's Compensation Plan can tell you whether it is a scam or not.

What strikes me as unique and ATTRACTIVE about Zyia's compensation plan is that, unlike other Alms, the company does not impose quotas, auto-ship, and inventory requirements. If you sell hard and do not meet the quota, you can be disqualified from earning commissions.

As said a while ago, the monthly business fee of $15 can be waived, provided you meet certain requirements. To waive this fee, your personal volume (PV) should reach 600 monthly.

Retail commissions start at 20%, but this can increase depending on your PV. As a representative, if you successfully recruited members to join, you get 5% of the sales made by your direct sponsors.

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However, the ROI will largely depend on your efforts, and innovation is selling and recruiting. Another thing that is different with Via is that you do not earn from a lot of down lines, just from your direct sponsors.

On the other hand, this also means that you cannot earn the same level of passive income that you can in other Alms. You do not have to waste time and money on bogus Alms just to conclude that they are scams.

If you search for a company’s background, present state, and the feedback of its customers and distributors, YOU WILL ALREADY KNOW A LOT, without wasting some money first. At the same time, I like the products that the company is selling, even though a few of them are perceived as poor quality.

I just like the fact that it is a company that is part of a growing and expanding niche. Also, I like that the activewear is projected to grow more in the coming years; if there is one reason you should check this MLM out compared to others, it should be because of this possible growth.

Reading blogs of former Via distributors showed that they are making very little profit. The return and exchange process takes too long that you will start wondering whatever for.

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Via Active is a brand-new company with just three years of history on the market, but already has a lot of negative feedback for customer support. It has legitimate products you can sell and earn from, a simple compensation plan.

If you like to try out an MLM business model, then Via Active could work for you. You have to supplement this with other earning methods, at least to make decent money.

For me, no MLM business out there, or Via in particular, can offer you the same level of freedom that affiliate marketing can. It offers ten free training sessions, ATTACKED WITH INFORMATION, SO IT'S WORTH A TRY.

The high-performance design offers a firm compression that feels supportive (think extreme fabric!) Strategically placed seams contour to your shape, supporting and accentuating your muscle tone while still allowing you to bend, flex, jump and twist.

Style notes: Available in solid colors and patterns, with and without pockets, and in crop, Capri, 7/8, and full lengths The most versatile of all workout clothing, our Brilliant performance leggings reign supreme.

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There's no top-seam along the waist band, so it comes right to your bellybutton and lays flat, so it won't dig, pinch, or tug as you move. Some people find that without this seam, the brilliants “roll down” if you are bending at the waist.

Best For: Weight Lifting, Low-Medium Impact activity such as walking, yoga, or biking, or casual wear We call these leggings Ascend because we're confident they'll rise above your expectations for comfort and performance.

You'll love how the fabric contours to your shape and accentuates your muscle tone. Jump, flex, bend, twist, and reach for more; these leggings stay in place.

I typically wear a 6-8 in solid color light n pantyhose or 8-10 in the patterns, but size down to a 4 in the Luke because they are so stretchy. Style Notes: solid colors, color blocks, and monochromatic patterns, some styles feature a contrasting stripe down the leg, pockets, or drawstrings.

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