Are Zyia Leggings Sweat Proof

Carole Stephens
• Sunday, 15 November, 2020
• 7 min read

Call them what you will- yoga pants, leggings, the perfect pant for every occasion Via Active has you covered in squat proof, sweat proof, moisture wicking greatness. Via Active offers a variety of legging choices.

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The first important thing to note is that Via Active offers a wide variety of sizes. To help you choose the best legging for you let's review the different offerings from Via Active.

You'll find a hidden key pocket in the inner waistband is the perfect size for your go-to essentials. In an abundance of caution I would say this bright orange/light lilac color is not quite 100% squat proof.

Featuring a red and ivory stripe on the dark navy legging. A hidden key pocket in the inner waistband is the perfect size for your go-to essentials.

The flat, hi-rise waistband is wide and smooth for a sleek silhouette and a secure feeling, no matter how you move. The roomy pocket adds a fun and functional design element to hold all your essentials.

(and yes, I've worn some of the more expensive brands that you might be thinking of that cost twice as much) The fitted design and high quality fabric contours to your shape, accentuating your muscle tone without revealing the color of your underwear. These leggings stay in place for a frictionless, effortlessly flattering look.

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So you are going to find the Light n Tight leggings in a variety of colors, lengths and with and without pockets. If you are like me whether you are going for a run or just around the house having leggings with pockets is a game changer for storing your phone.

As you can see there are wide variety of legging choices and options available from Via Active. It would be my absolute pleasure to assist you in finding the perfect legging.

It's for this reason that I feel like these Light n' Tight ZYIAleggings have earned themselves a review. These Capri are some of the first VIA activewear products I tried on, and I was stunned at how many things they have going for them.

Pine Pocket Light n Tight Hi-Rise 7/8 24” RC If you've never seen yourself in pants that have this much compression, you're going to be surprised at how great your legs look during your workout.

They can also hang during HIIT workouts without needing to be tugged or pulled up. They will stay put, and you won't need to adjust at all.

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I was in good company, surrounded by women, all pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones and further up the trail. Our awkward snowshoes crunched along, creating a soft background to the soundtrack of our laughter and words of encouragement.

Six months later, when my husband, Jeremiah, and I were considering starting a business together, this experience gave us our inspiration. Add Jeremiah's knowledge and business expertise to my love of people and fashion, and it's easy to see how we arrived at the idea of offering high-quality activewear.

We talked about my inspiration during that moonlit hike and turned my impressions into the four pillars at ZYIA’s foundation: Light, Activity, Community, and Uplift. Our mission is to inspire and uplift by making activity a fun and essential part of life.

We are independent representatives of VIA Active, which means each brand ambassador gets to build a unique business however best suites their lifestyle. At the core, VIA believes working for your goals should be fun and hugely rewarding.

I have decided to include quotes from some of my current customers below, as I strongly believe in honest reviews. I’ve worn these 1-2 times a week for the past year, washed & hung to dry.

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It is important to note that Via is Boutique in the sense that we keep some staple items, but most items have a short run, and then they are gone, which is what makes this company great. You are not going to go to the gym and find someone wearing the same outfit as you as Via is Unique.

Squat proof: Many of our leggings are Squat proof which is what drew me into Via Active leggings however not every style, and fabric is squat proof so please feel free to reach out for clarity. Type of Workout: Some of our clothing is more meant for casual wear than working out, so make sure that the item you are choosing works for the type of activity you are planning to wear it for.

For example, while our Grid Bra makes an awesome swim top, I wouldn’t recommend working out in it as it doesn't have very much support for intense movements. I’d like to take this opportunity to answer some of the most common questions to help you with your Via shopping experience.

Three separate people complimented me on my #look before I had even sat down on the Mega former, and for the first 10 minutes of class, every time I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror, all I could think was, “Damn girl, you look good.” I was feeling myself, for real. I may be a strong, independent, confident woman (I’ve been listening to a lot of Lizzy lately), but I am not down with showing off my crotch sweat to an entire room of strangers.

In order to avoid this situation from ever happening again, I reached out to a Gaia senior designer, Nicole And rick, to find out how you can tell if a pair of leggings will show sweat before you invest $85 in them… and then unknowingly wear them to a class in front of a bunch of people. Plus, why Forever 21 secretly has the cutest (and most affordable) workout clothes you’ll want to wear long after you leave the gym.

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