Are Zyia Leggings True To Size

Maria Garcia
• Monday, 23 November, 2020
• 7 min read

The high-performance design offers a firm compression that feels supportive (think extreme fabric!) Strategically placed seams contour to your shape, supporting and accentuating your muscle tone while still allowing you to bend, flex, jump and twist.

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They do have a seam at the top of the waist, which means these leggings stay in place for a frictionless, effortlessly flattering look. The Light N Pantyhose fit true -to- size but are intentionally very compressive.

The most versatile of all workout clothing, our Brilliant performance leggings reign supreme. If you love our Light n Tight line but fancy just a bit less compression, these are the leggings for you.

We call these leggings Ascend because we're confident they'll rise above your expectations for comfort and performance. You'll love how the fabric contours to your shape and accentuates your muscle tone.

Jump, flex, bend, twist, and reach for more; these leggings stay in place. Free of all hardware and pockets for a truly “bare” feeling and flat-serge seams offer all-day comfort without chafing.

Best For: Weight Lifting, Low-Medium Impact activity such as walking, or casual wear Incredible range of motion meets moisture-wicking performance in this gently compressive style that feels better-than-bare.

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The desire to look good at the gym is not a new phenomenon but activewear today is being designed for more than just your workout. I’ll touch briefly on a few others and mention why their products don’t match up.

Second, my comparisons will come from my own personal experience using products and reviews from close friends and family. I’ve extensively worn Fable tics, Old Navy, Target, and random pieces found at Marshall's or TJ Max.

Overall the quality and customer service don’t come close to the other brands I discuss. I like my activewear to function properly, be cute and trendy and last through multiple wears and washes.

Even though I buy more activewear than the average person, quality is extremely important to me. As most of my workouts are high impact, HIIT and running, there are certain requirements that have to be met.

I’ve personally used these brands that compare to Via in quality: Lululemon, Athlete, Montiel and Carrie Underwood’s line, Celia. All of these brands use high quality fabrics that are breathable, have 4 way stretch, are sweat wicking and stand the test of time meaning the hold up to not only your workouts but the wash.

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Montiel’s leggings run an average price of $76 and their high is $80 and low $68. All things being equal quality wise, Via wins for the best product for your money.

Based on price point alone, where quality is your biggest concern, Via can’t be beat. Of all the above brands, and there are plenty of others I know, only Via and Athlete are geared towards a wider variety of activities.

Lululemon, Montiel and Celia are focused more on yoga gear and less targeted at other athletes. Via has developed products for hiking, biking, weight lifting, and CrossFit and as well as the yoga crowd.

Lastly, and one of my favorite things, is that when you buy Via, you won’t be wearing what everyone else is. This can sometimes be discouraging when you miss out on something you love, but when you get your hands on one of these product it’s a pretty cool feeling knowing no one else will have that amazing pair of leggings your just scored.

You read that right, we get new stuff every single week so there are constantly new products hitting the shop. Call them what you will- yoga pants, leggings, the perfect pant for every occasion Via Active has you covered in squat proof, sweat proof, moisture wicking greatness.

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Via Active offers a variety of legging choices. The first important thing to note is that Via Active offers a wide variety of sizes.

You'll find a hidden key pocket in the inner waistband is the perfect size for your go-to essentials. In an abundance of caution I would say this bright orange/light lilac color is not quite 100% squat proof.

Featuring a red and ivory stripe on the dark navy legging. A hidden key pocket in the inner waistband is the perfect size for your go-to essentials.

The flat, hi-rise waistband is wide and smooth for a sleek silhouette and a secure feeling, no matter how you move. The roomy pocket adds a fun and functional design element to hold all your essentials.

(and yes, I've worn some of the more expensive brands that you might be thinking of that cost twice as much) The fitted design and high quality fabric contours to your shape, accentuating your muscle tone without revealing the color of your underwear. These leggings stay in place for a frictionless, effortlessly flattering look.

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I can safely store my phone without having to wear any additional gear. So you are going to find the Light n Tight leggings in a variety of colors, lengths and with and without pockets.

If you are like me whether you are going for a run or just around the house having leggings with pockets is a game changer for storing your phone. As you can see there are wide variety of legging choices and options available from Via Active.

It would be my absolute pleasure to assist you in finding the perfect legging. It's for this reason that I feel like these Light n' Tight ZYIAleggings have earned themselves a review.

If you've never seen yourself in pants that have this much compression, you're going to be surprised at how great your legs look during your workout. Depending on your leg length, the inseam should hit you either right above the ankle or right below the calf.

I have enough to worry about during a workout that doesn't include “can everyone see my undies?” They can also hang during HIIT workouts without needing to be tugged or pulled up.

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