Are Zyns Bad For Your Gums

Daniel Brown
• Monday, 11 January, 2021
• 7 min read

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts I've been on the ZEN train for about a year and a half now, ever since they came out in the Western states, and have been going through a can every two days.


Lately I've been using a lot more, about two cans every three days, and today I noticed a red sore with a white patch in the middle where I normally place a ZEN pouch on my gum. It's a strange sensation, and especially noticeable after a day of heavy usage; it even seems to give me a bit of a speech impediment, kind of lisp.

I don't use any other nicotine or tobacco product, don't drink alcohol, don't eat a lot of sweets, and don't have any other habits that could be causing my issues. Sinus is a pasteurized, air-cured, smokeless and spotless tobacco, usually found in pouches.

It will not cause oral cancer or gum disease, and the minimal saliva byproduct can be safely swallowed. ZEN contains nicotine, flavors, sweeteners, pH adjusters and fillers.

You can always find the complete ingredient list for each product here or on the bottom label of the can. ZEN is produced in Sweden at Swedish Match factories.

ZEN contains nicotine which is a highly addictive substance and should only be used by people over 18 years of age. People with any type of heart problem, such as irregular heartbeat or angina, should therefore avoid all types of nicotine products, including ZEN.

Swedish Match has done laboratory tests showing that ZEN does not discolor enamel. However, as with most things, it cannot be completely ruled out that there may be a small risk that ZEN may cause discoloration of teeth.

We cannot give health related advice at an individual level, we recommend that you discuss this with your dentist. For the freshest possible experience, enjoy ZEN any time before the “best before” date printed on the bottom of every can.

There's no risk or harm in using ZEN after the “best before” date, but the flavor and nicotine experience might be reduced. ZEN should be stored at normal room temperature and humidity.

The amount of sweetener in the ZEN depends on the flavoring. Neither the sweetener Acesulfam K (E950) nor the nicotine in our products affects blood sugar levels, but we recommend consulting your doctor before using ZEN.

The lid on the top of the can is for storing used pouches if you are not able to throw them in a trash can. The nicotine bags should be disposed of in your normal household waste.

The sachet paper contains a binder that is not completely biodegradable and therefore cannot be recycled. While ZEN nicotine pouches aren’t intended to be swallowed, the nicotine and other food-grade ingredients found in ZEN are not harmful to adults if consumed in small quantities.

Experts, like Dr. Frank Michelson of East Amherst say these are the next trend in addiction for teens, and say these pouches can be especially dangerous to growing, adolescent minds. Dr. Michelson is setting up a program for youth in the Williamsville Central School District to help them try to get out of addiction.

Can I share my account with friends and family? Make the qualifying purchase of a specially marked ZEN can and peel the bottom label to reveal a unique reward code.

Login to your ZEN Rewards account and enter the code to collect 15 points. Enter up to 60 codes per month and be on the lookout for chances to earn bonus points.

Your current points balance can be found in the points display box on ZYN.com/Rewards, or in the upper, right corner of the website for easy reference. You can also view your points balance and reward history in My Account.

Your points will only expire if you go 6 months without redeeming any codes. To redeem your points for the reward of your choice, simply add the item to your cart, confirm your shipping information, and submit your order.

You'll receive an e-gift card by email with an activation code and instructions on how to start using it. Then, we’ll send you another email that includes tracking information once your order has shipped.

Yes, if you order a larger reward item and the package is too large to fit in your P.O. Box, it will usually be held at that Post Office location for you to pick up.

It’s always a good idea to check with your local Post Office for more information on their specific policies. The treatments are administered as single doses in a pre-determined computer-generated randomized order according to a four-sequence list.

Head buzz (head rush, “hit”, feeling alert, overall “product strength” is measured using a 100-mm visual analogue scale (WAS) at preset time points up to 30 and 60 minutes, respectively, after study product administration (as a proxy for systemic uptake)3. The extracted dose of flavor components are measured using GC-MS analysis and calculated by subtracting the residual amount after use from the mean of 10 unused portions.

Adverse events are measured using patient interviews at precise, five, ten, 15, 30 and 60 minutes For a long time it was thought that bacteria was the factor that linked periodontal disease to other disease in the body; however, more recent research demonstrates that inflammation may be responsible for the association.

Clinical research indicates that clove oil can relieve tooth pain and bad breath, as well as help reduce gum disease! Clove oil also has the natural ability to restrict the development of bacteria and can help fight mouth and throat infections.

“Brush and floss or prepare for loss.” It’s a mantra that has seen many a bathroom bin transformed into a sticky snake pit of discarded threads. Freedom of Information requests to the US Department for Health and Human Services (HHS) asking for the evidence underpinning its recommendation for daily flossing have prompted the organization to quietly drop this advice.

The evidence for interdental brushes reducing gum disease is slightly stronger than for dental floss, though still weak. And some people struggle to fit even the smallest size of interdental brush between their teeth because they’re packed so closely together.

But in spite of the lack of strong evidence, it is worth trying to get something in there, says the British Society of Dental Hygiene and Therapy. “They’re an expensive option, and I’m not sure the evidence has been shown for those,” says Derek Richards, director of the Center for Evidence-based Dentistry at the University of Dundee.

Not only does it remove much of the plaque that causes gum disease, but the fluoride in toothpaste helps prevent tooth decay by strengthening the teeth.

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