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• Tuesday, 27 October, 2020
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Can I share my account with friends and family? Make the qualifying purchase of a specially marked ZEN can and peel the bottom label to reveal a unique reward code.

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Login to your ZEN Rewards account and enter the code to collect 15 points. Enter up to 60 codes per month and be on the lookout for chances to earn bonus points.

Your current points balance can be found in the points display box on ZYN.com/Rewards, or in the upper, right corner of the website for easy reference. You can also view your points balance and reward history in My Account.

Your points will only expire if you go 6 months without redeeming any codes. To redeem your points for the reward of your choice, simply add the item to your cart, confirm your shipping information, and submit your order.

You'll receive an e-gift card by email with an activation code and instructions on how to start using it. Then, we’ll send you another email that includes tracking information once your order has shipped.

Yes, if you order a larger reward item and the package is too large to fit in your P.O. Box, it will usually be held at that Post Office location for you to pick up.

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It’s always a good idea to check with your local Post Office for more information on their specific policies. ZEN is white nicotine pouches, without tobacco for recreational use.

ZEN gives you: Discreet white pouches Refreshing flavors … In a variety of strengths. Other ingredients like fillers, acidity regulators, flavorings and sweetener are of food grade quality and carefully selected to give the best possible product experience.

Since the pouch is thin and small no one will see that you have it under your lip. Use it at work, on long journeys or at home when you relax.

For maximum enjoyment, use minimum 5 minutes up to an hour. You will feel a tingling sensation which is the nicotine under your lip.

This site contains information about products containing nicotine, intended for people over 18 years of age and current tobacco or nicotine users. For visits and purchases on the website you must be 18 years or older.

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This mineral also aids the body’s immune system by helping fight infection and assisting with wound healing. It is possible to get enough zinc from commonly eaten foods, including oysters, beef, beans and peanuts.

The recommended daily allowance for zinc in males over the age of 14 is 11 milligrams per day. Adults should keep supplemental zinc intake below 40 milligrams daily, unless directed by a physician to take more, according to MedlinePlus.

Jaundice, or a yellowing of the eyes and skin, may occur if the zinc damages the liver. In addition to supplements, cold medications and food, items such as paint, dye and diaper ointments can contain zinc.

Additional symptoms that may occur with zinc poisoning include low blood pressure, no urine production, shortness of breath, convulsions and shock. A person experiencing adverse reactions from taking zinc supplements should see a health care professional.

Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should check with a doctor before taking zinc supplements to ensure the health and safety of the baby. The stamp on the cymbal is faint, but I can just about make out Zen and '5 star'.

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Zen cymbals were made by Premier from blanks brought in from overseas. CIRC, after WWII US cymbal imports stopped into the United Kingdom prompting Premier to start making cymbals using (confirmation needed) Italian POW's, where the possible FIP link comes from.

There's more info in the Premier catalogs on the Drum Archive (http://www.drumarchive.com/) I want to say that they were made by and sold with Premier kits back in the day (50's and 60s), but my memory is a bit sketchy on that. I learned to play on Super Zen's which were a B20 alloy, whereas the standard Zen's may have been a nickel alloy from memory.

As far as I've read, the regular Zens tend to be pretty hit-and-miss as to sound quality with the Super's being more consistent and more desirable. Sites like Cymbalholic and the Vintage Drum Forum are also great resources to research all this sort of stuff.

I had the misfortune to play these in the late sixties co's they were all I could afford back then. I have a pair of Zen hi hats my mom bought me over thirty years ago.

They still sound good (to my ear) silver color and medium weight. Hi there, and I have ended up collecting Zen cymbals and my uncle played some of them with his Premier kit in the 60s. From what I understand there were originally standard quality Zen stamped ones made from B10 alloy, and they are quite rough.

Then we have Super Zen which is B20 and date from the 50s and 60s, they generally sound great but can be roughly finished. During the 60s there was also a SER just stamped Zen and are made from nickel silver and can be very light and therefore sound quite trashy and poor although my 12 inch hi hats make great splash cymbals.

Also in 1968 the 5 star Super Zen came out and was B20 but sound more modern and ran throughout the 70s too. Post 1980 there were some inked Zen cymbals produced but these were far eastern and generally not of very good quality or sound.

Ringo is pictured with suspected Zen in the Abbey Road Studios about 2/3 way down the page. I used to own a silvery 16" Ajax crash that sounded pretty horrible.

Inetnum: – marysanders1descr: marysanders1netcountry: Reorg: ORG-OH5-RIPEadmin-c: OTC9-RIPEtech-c: OTC9-RIPEstatus: ASSIGNED Pantry: OVH-MNTsource: RIPE # Filtered I suspect that this whole block is being used for malicious purposes, hosts a site called find-and-go.com registered in China which has been fingered as an attack site before (e.g. here, click at your own risk).

I would recommend blocking the entire to be on the safe side. The infection sites are on and, they make extensive use of subdomains of mooo.com, EZ.LV and Zens .com.

There are probably legitimate sites making use of these domains, but blocking them completely should give you few headaches. is part of small block of IPs,, that I have seen malware on before, specifically and

Alternatively, these are some subdomains in use. There are a lot of them, and probably more than I have listed here. Zyns .com www1.v7cqv8zdy4pjn5.mooo.com www1.gno1meqrlspf5-0.

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