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Maria Garcia
• Thursday, 28 October, 2021
• 9 min read

Let's make it even better by finding classes in the Lawrenceville & Gwinnett area and close to home. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page.

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Do any of these FOUR things I learned in class last week ever happen to you? Last week I had to work extra hard to start the mower and my shoulder was more than sore.

I woke up just in time to throw on my workout gear and get to the gym. If I had used the excuse that my ankle and shoulder were sore then I might still be recovering instead of functioning.

3) I didn't feel like working out BEFORE the workout, but the music, the instructor, and the other class members carried me through, and I had a GOOD TIME! 4) The BIGGEST LESSON: If I had to work out at home on my own, I would quit or not even get started most of the time.

My data may not be scientific, but I can tell you by observation that the fitness instructors are just as many victims to injury as the novice participants. For a novice participant, they rely on the instructor to guide them through their workout to improve their health. For the instructor, they are relying on the hope that the participant will enjoy class SO MUCH that they will come again and again.

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So sometimes they forget that the primary focus is *improving* the condition of their body, not just impressing everyone! The instructor throws out her back or tweaks her neck whipping her hair or gets a stress fracture.

The participant executes poor form and torques their knee or rolls their ankle or has such a knot in their hamstring that they can't muster the desire to go to class again and make it worse. For the participant, unfortunately, all the good regular habits they had been building will crumble, and they may never get back into the routine.

It improves your endurance and really sculpts your body shape. Because I've been cross-training for years already, my body was ready for introducing YOU to this format.

I'm so happy it can come together with such great music to drive it. Key points are a proper warm up/cooldown that prepares the body for movement, good form, cross-training, appropriate exertion level, and what to do about knee injuries.

Just because your brain isn't a moving part doesn't mean it doesn't need energy. In fact, your brain uses about 20% of your total caloric intake.

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The research is unclear about whether high brain activity requires significantly more energy, but either way, having low blood sugar levels isn't going to help you think clearly when you need it most. So in response to a need for greater focus, our body may send us into a consumption mode to make sure we are fueled up.

Okay, NOT refrigerated cookie dough, Big Macs, Doritos, and microwave popcorn. So if our bodies are naturally wired to want to munch more during stress, the kind of food we are responding with is like putting out a candle with a firehouse.

But let's be real, if you're stressed, the last thing you are likely to be when it comes to food choices is TOTALLY LOGICAL. Maybe we have to deal with some paperwork, or an unpleasant relationship, or tackle a difficult chore or project.

Before you know it we've mindlessly eaten a half-batch of cookies because that requires WAY LESS brain power than preparing our taxes. Maybe we just feel tired, or don't want to do the dishes, or have to deal with putting the kids to bed AGAIN.

This one tip will make the work 5 times easier! Listen. People who only sorta know me think my kitchen cupboards have nothing but organic, whole-grain, super foods and I that I go into convulsions at the sight of a Snickers bar.

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But people are always apologizing to me for foods they are eating or serving or buying or whatever is in my sight. But this perception of me being a health fanatic creates a bubble of protection around me.

People don't show up at my door with a plate full of cookies because they know (think) I wouldn't like it. If you want to have a bubble of protection around you for goals you are trying to meet, TELL PEOPLE.

When New Year's Day arrives I hope you'll feel like you are on top of your goals and will look forward to whatever else you want to accomplish with confidence! You have really exercised your decision-making skills over these past weeks.

You've been thoughtful about how you structure your life so that it is easier to make the right choices. Decide HOW you will make the goal happen and set up the scene, so you know the plan in advance.

And if you enjoyed the process of picking one new goal each week, go through each goal again, but this time focus on the “EVEN BETTER” portion at the bottom to take it to the next level of good healthy habits. I think you'll recognize some of the strategies I used in the 12 Weeks to New Year Program we just completed.

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Load a plate with the food you choose (remember what you learned about portion sizes), put the rest away, and sit down. WHY: Eating anywhere besides the table can easily lead to overeating or eating for reasons other than hunger (boredom, social situation, habit, empty craving, emotional impulses).

EVEN BETTER: Keep snacks between meals to healthy choices only. Save treats for after dinner when you are already full and likely won't binge.

Make a list of things that can keep your mouth busy without doing a lot of damage. WEEK ELEVEN: Don't drink your calories, which means no juice or soda.

I still add milk to my cereal, but I don't drink it by the glass. And honestly, the major problem with drinking your calories is typically not milk, it's juice and soda.

This goal can be a hard one if you rely on caffeinated drinks to give you energy. Many people find that it's the fizz of the soda they really want more than the sugar.

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I promise that keeping these habits will pay off big in the long run. WEEK TEN: Correct your posture 10 times per day AND smile.

WHY: Standing up tall makes you feel more in control, more confident and is good for your spinal health. And when YOU feel more confident and in control, you'll make better choices and even LOOK stronger to others.

Every time you correct your posture and decide to smile mentally count on your fingers. Or put a ring or loose hairband on your thumb at the beginning of the day.

That will place your pelvic bone in a more neutral position (instead of swayed backward like most people). This pelvic position should cause your gluteal muscles to tighten a bit and your lower back to loosen.

Push your shoulders back as you lift your chest. Your chair, chair height, desk height, and desk tools can make a big difference in your spinal health.

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