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Select a game... Ace Attorney Investigations Attorney: Dual Destinies Attorney: Spirit of JusticeAdvance Wars: Dual Strike of Empires Animal CrossingAnimal Crossing: New HorizonsAnimal Crossing: New LeafAnimal Crossing: Pocket CampBioshockBorderlandsBravely DefaultChrono TriggerCivilization VControlDark Clouded Space Death StrandingDeus Ex: Human RevolutionDragon Age: InquisitionDragon Age: OriginsDragon Quest XIEarthboundExcite TruckFalloutFallout 2Fallout 3Fallout: New Megastar Cry 4Final Fantasy Fire Emblem Cheshire Emblem FatesFire Emblem Crossfire Emblem: AwakeningFire Emblem: Blazing Swordfish Emblem: Path of RadianceFire Emblem: Radiant Gunfire Emblem: Shadow Dragonflies Emblem: the Sacred Stoneware Emblem: Three Houseguest Trick God of War God of War II God of War IV Golden Sun Golden Sun: Dark DawnGuitar Hero 2Harvest MoonHarvest Moon: a Wonderful LifeHarvest Moon: Tale of Two TownsHorizon Zero DawnHotel Dusk: Room 215IcoKingdom HeartsKingdom Hearts 358/2 DaysKingdom Hearts Kingdom Hearts Kingdom Hearts Re:CodedKingdom Hearts: 358/2 DaysKingdom Hearts: a Fragmentary PassageKingdom Hearts: Birth By SleepKingdom Hearts: Chain of MemoriesKingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance Mario + Rabbis Kingdom Battle Mario Kart 8Mario Party Mass Effect Mass Effect 2Mass Effect 3Mega Gunmetal Parental Gear 2Metal Gear Rising: RevengeanceMetal Gear Societal Gear Solid 2Metal Gear Solid 3Metal Gear Solid 4Metal Gear Solid Metal Gear Solid: Peace WalkerMetroid PrimeMetroid Prime 2Metroid Prime 3Metroid Prime: HuntersMinecraftMonster Hunter: World Ni No Tuning No Zuni IINoneOkamiOkamidenOuter WorldsPersona 5Phoenix WrightPikminPikmin 2Pikmin 3Pokemon Black/White Pokemon Diamond/Pearl Pokemon Heartwood/SoulSilverPokemon Ruby/SapphirePokemon Sun/Moon Pokemon Sword/Shield Pokemon X/Portal 2PreyProf. I am very intimidated by that cat, and yet strangely I also feel as though we have become closer friends.

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It once could be described as not actually having much to do with its title, note Unless you see it as a metaphor for being a not so extrovert someone who is socially awkward. She has also started to illustrate (but not write) a brand-new webcomic called Ammonia, which can be found at this site.

In 2012, the author tried to raise money to print the comic book; the Kickstarter was a runaway success, and ended at over a thousand percent funded. Adaptation Curves : Inverted for Camus, who is much more built than in the game and has some rather impressive biceps.

Professor Layton is notably more aggressive than he is in the games as a result of viewing puzzles as Serious Business. Adaptation Personality Change : The comic portrays March from Fire Emblem rather differently than the games do.

The author was rather surprised when confronted with a game highlighting the difference, noting that “Sometimes I forget that I kinda sorta totally made up his characterization for the purposes of this comic.” This is, surprisingly, kept in a sort of canon; any comic dealing with March and Roy in the settings of their own games keeps them more or less in-character, while appearances in the context of Smash Bros uses the made-up characterizations.

Age-Inappropriate Dress : Now is Really 700 Years Old, looks like a human girl who's still in elementary school, and wears Stripperific armor. And Now For Something Completely Different : The occasional comic where Katie draws about what's been going on in real life.

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Applied Phlebotinum : Mass Effect is used for lots of advanced technology from Faster-Than-Light Travel to Artificial Gravity ; but not the translators, that's magic. Armor-Piercing Question : Katie makes Miranda burst into tears when she asks why if she was meant to be genetically perfect in every way, does she have buck teeth.

In this comic, Sniper Wolf asks why if Liquid Snake has all the dominant genes, he is blonde. Arc Welding : In this version Ike is from 400 years into March's future, but their actual Fire Emblem games take place in separate universes.

Awakening has playable descendants of both Ike and March, making this Hilarious in Hindsight. Artistic License Statistics : One of the strips is built out of this and Random Number God.

The blurb mentions that Katie actually has studied statistics, but when she plays Fire Emblem she conveniently forgets it all. After graduating from art school, BLU Spy makes a sniper disguise that is much more detailed and differently shaded from the RED Soldier standing next to him, inadvertently giving him away.

Katie's Animal Crossing comics are drawn in a Super-Deformed style, to amp up the cute and comedy. Ultimate's development time, this one being social status of the fighters (where March ranks himself and the other royalty members above the “divinity” tier).

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Ate His Gun : Snake found that preferable to Bacon droning on about Pokémon. Author Avatar : Appears when telling autobiographical vignettes or when she places herself in the role of the main character from the Pokémon and Animal Crossing games.

Author Tract : Katie has a strong dislike for Miranda Lawson, and makes sure her audience knows it. And this little beauty, a ship made entirely of guns that almost immediately crashes and burns.

She graduated and is now a bona fide mechanical engineer, building spaceship parts. When your planet is the size of a cottage and your food supplies consist of a single coconut, it's really easy for your ecosystem to be wrecked by a passing plumber deciding to use your planet's entire food supply as ammunition.

Bee Afraid : As seen here, where Katie is set upon by angry swarms lurking in trees, drawers, mailboxes, rivers... Berserk Button : DON'T call Roy “Lord Elwood”. Beware the Mind Reader : Mew two is seen using his psychic powers to induce embarrassing nightmares in other people.

Given that “divinity” in this context means actual deities like Patent, March evidently feels himself as more important than gods. Butt-Monkey : Odds are that if Apollo Justice is in a strip, he'll be mixing this trope with Only Sane Man.

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So far, he has been choked by Edward with his own bow and lost his inhaler, with Wyeth having no plans to return it soon. Characterization Marches On : March went from an Only Sane Man and Deadpan Starker in the early strips to an egotistical and condescending snob in the later ones.

Rather than directly referencing the game, however, this seems to be a minor jab at the artist's way of drawing Roy. He becomes a literal chew toy in a strip where he’s eaten and spit out in rapid succession by Joshi, Kirby, Mario, Bowler, King Decade... and Camus, who cites being part Metro id as her excuse.

Roy, starting with a Running Gag revolving around his removal from the roster for Brawl and continuing even after he finally got added back into Smash 4. Color-Coded for Your Convenience : Link wears his red tunic instead of his green one, and gets beaten up because it's St. Patrick's Day.

Comically Missing the Point : When Camus reveals that Ridley killed her parents, he protests it was only one time!”. Convenient Questing : The Pokémon games are laid out with wild Pokémon having strength proportional to their distance from the starting town; very convenient for any aspiring trainers living out there, bad news for anyone starting out from the last city.

Cross player : If Katie's Author Avatar using the male trainer's outfit during Pokémon strips is any indication. Interestingly a bonus strip shows her with a full-pants variant of the RSE female, while later comics based on their Gen VI remakes depict Katie once again wearing the male trainer's outfit.

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As well as Norris (her husband) wearing a full-pants version of the female player character, starting with B&W. After Katie sets her ringtone to be the “enemy spotted” noise from Metal Gear, she reflexively ducks and covers whenever she hears it.

Defeat Means Friendship : Big Boss makes prolific enough use of Fulton Recovery Devices in Peace Walker for every soldier in his army to be a former enemy henchman that tried to kill him and got knocked out, tied to a balloon and sent off to his base. Desperation Attack : Exploited by Lucio, who uses a smart bomb to damage himself and thus gain increased power (in reference to Super Smash Bros.

Distracted by My Own Sexy : Mart his initially stunned by Lucia's beauty when she's introduced for Smash Bros. Easter Egg : Clicking on the “O” in the site's title lets you change the color scheme of the webpage, at least for your computer.

Everyone Has Standards : March may be a narcissistic prick, but hearing about how he'll screw up his country in the future triggers a Heroic BSD for him. To their horror when they ask her to remove her helmet, they learn that unlike other dark counterpart characters, what makes Dark Camus different from Camus is that instead of just being a Darker and Edgier version of her, the armor is where the similarities begin and end.

Exhausted Eye Bags : A notable feature of Katie's Author Avatar. The new clone spends several panels coming to grips with his status as a newly living being and enjoying the world around him... until he runs into a tree and shatters moments after his birth, at which point ELO casually tells Link to just make another clone.

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Failure Is the Only Option : Katie sees taking out bosses non-lethally in Metal Gear Solid as this, pointing out in Worth a Shot that even if the player does it, the following cutscene will invent a reason for the boss to die. Canon Discontinuity : Katie seems to have adopted an “I haven't played it, therefore it didn't happen” attitude toward Advance Wars : Days of Ruin.

Invoked Felony Misdemeanor : The police are stricter about laws to not send out more than one Pokémon at a time in a Single Battle than they are in stopping a crime boss from trying to kill most of Earth's population. Festering Fungus : In one Minecraft comic, mushroom growth starts to get a tad out of hand as thick carpets of shrooms start growing under every tree, all over the player's house, all over the player...

I know that the mushroom spread rate has increased, but they have a tendency to completely overtake any patch of darkness they can wedge into. Flat-Earth Atheist : Fox mocks the Fantasy-based Smash cast for believing in gods, only for Patent to show up.

Forced Tutorial : No, Shauna, I already have a team full of Pokémon, and collected all the gym badges, and caught the legendary, and I've been doing this since before you were born. Foreboding Architecture : Katie Shepard knows what a room with waist high walls means.

I love that Kolyma couldn't help himself from putting iPhones and Gun dams into MGS, and then I guess all the futuristic SCIFI eighties stuff exploded before the events of the original Metal Gear, and they all had to go back to using radios. Having people around who fall all over the Sliding Scale of Anthropomorphism can lead to confusion, as Ganondorf finds when he starts to absentmindedly scratch someone lying next to his armchair, before looking up to find that the Duck Hunt dog is at the other end of the room, and he's been petting Fox's head.

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When Isabelle meets the Duck Hunt dog for the first time, she greets it as she would any other Funny Animal from her franchise. Incinerator gets subject to this too by Roy, thinking he's an animal person like the Star Fox characters instead of a Pokémon.

Furry Reminder : Even with the Animal Crossing folks' near-human status, the deer scare still does its job. Gift-Giving Gaffe : When Corrie gives Charlotte a new hat, Keaton asks if he can have an accessory too.

However, since she did not bring up a possible suspect, the judge decides to declare Athena's client guilty anyway because “someone should go to jail.” Hands in Pockets : Katie Tied rich admits in the description of this page that she hates drawing the top of Kidney's helmet, and thus always puts her at the top of panels in this page and subsequent comics including her.

Hidden Depths : Yen Sid, as it turns out, has a bachelor's degree in fashion design and still tailors clothing, and is a bit put out at people not realizing this. Horrible Judge of Character : The entire plot of Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep is soundly mocked when Eras introduces the Obviously Evil Seaport as his best friend and truest ally, and Terra falls for it hook line and sinker.

The breeder then points to the very different Pokémon that Katie left at the day care, and asks if she knows where an egg would come from. Impact Silhouette : Camus turns down Captain Falcon's advances by throwing him through several walls, leaving holes the size and shape of Captain Falcon's tumbling body.

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Implacable Man : In old Fire Emblem games, the characters didn't visibly block attacks and would just say no damage “, whether they just took an axe to the face, or got impaled with a spear. In this comic, the victim of said impaling then walks down the spear to stare at point-blank range with the Spearman.

In the second time, he uses Din's Fire to engulf a room in flame and quickly light several torches at once. Infinite Canvas : This strip, which uses an extra-long panel to convey a Visual Pun about March missing the romantic undertones in CADA's comment.

Games are spelled with a colon separating the title and subtitle (i.e. Super Smash Bros. ISO-Standard Urban Groceries : Carried by Lydia at the end of a comic depicting the Domain fumbling around because of imprecise controls.

It's All Upstairs from Here : Bowler puts his invite stairs to good use by using them as a vertical treadmill to get in shape for an upcoming fight with Mario. It's a Long Story : Solid Snake asks Master Miller where he learned so much about wildlife.

Cut to Venom Snake surrounding KAZ with a zoo's worth of animals in Mother Base, then saying the trope name. It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time : The title of this Metro id Prime -based strip.

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The “good idea” in question is a Space Pirate facility that has doors that can only be opened by weapons that only Camus owns. ABBA Table Manners : Effie swipes a loaf of bread meant for someone else and stuffs the thing into her face.

Karma Houdini : Two hundred years of community service turned out to be really useful for getting Winona into Heaven despite having been unrepentant villains in life. Last Place You Look : One strip has Katie talking about how if she can't feel her possessions in her pockets she gets paranoid.

Male Gaze : This strip (and especially the commentary) lampshades Mass Effect 2's tendency to focus on Miranda's posterior. Min-Maxing : When Katie played through Fire Emblem Awakening the second time, she played it on Lunatic Mode, which required min-maxing all the characters into unstoppable killing machines, resulting in some unusual character builds.

Mistaken for Pedophile : Now, from Fire Emblem Awakening, is a thousand-year-old dragon, who looks like a prepubescent girl and wears an absolutely scandalous outfit. Mistaken for Racist : Miranda's Dad in this comic, due to his idea of a “perfect human being” apparently being a white woman.

Mundane Utility : In one comic, Lynne blows her own brains out to make use of Sister's time travel powers to spill a glass of soda. In this comic, Wyeth demands So this rewind time after she bores Dorothea during a tea party.

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Played for Laughs when Miranda's dad freaks out rather hilariously when it's pointed out to him that the “genetically perfect being” he made happens to be white. Played for Laughs in one strip where the only other person he would be willing to describe as beautiful ... is his 32nd-great-granddaughter from the future who looks almost exactly like him, just with longer hair.

Nice Guy : Granted, we don't see it that often, but much like in Uprising, Pit shows this by being one of the few two people to actually recognize AND congratulate Roy. Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant : This comic will never allow you to see Pokémon Centers the same way ever again.

Not the Intended Use : In Down to the Wire “, Edward uses a bow to strangle Ignite and win an archery tournament. Oblivious Guilt Slinging : When ALM is sent to the world of Fire Emblem Heroes, he exclaims that he doesn't have time to be fighting there, since he has his own kingdom to protect.

After asking Anna “Don't you think the heroes you've summoned have better things to do than fighting for someone else's amusement? Only Sane Man : Apollo Justice tends to find himself in this position in Ace Attorney strips.

In the later Ace Attorney strips, Athena Cakes takes on the spot as the only sane one. Since then, he has deviated towards being the Narcissist, and Camus has taken his place, mostly because seeing the bounty hunter's reactions (or, rather, lack of them due to her 24-Hour Armor) is inherently funny.

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Generally, this role will drop into the lap of the person who is most likely to make the gag funnier. For instance, Hector taking issue with Elwood's irrational supply hoarding and, well, other player-driven antics.

Poor Communication Kills : The whole mess in Bravely Default could've been avoided if the heroes and villains had just stopped and talked everything out. Puppy-Dog Eyes : Shauna uses these to get Katie to sit through the Forced Tutorial on how to catch a Pokémon.

Preemptive “Shut Up” : After Link solves a Rubik's Cube in two panels flat and takes off with a small key above his head, we have this “exchange”. Product Placement : Parodied and taken Up to Eleven in this comic where all the Mass Effect characters are wearing the Runaway Enter t-shirt for no reason and The Rant hyperlinks to the store page.

The last frame here alternates between the punchline and an over-exaggeratedly blatant plug for the Awkward Zombie book. Random Number God : The RNG is not kind to Katie in Fire Emblem.

Reaction Shot : Mocks Golden Sun: Dark Dawn's use of this in Express. Reality Ensues : Many strips regard the consequences of some gaming events and abilities in real life.

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Shortly after the release of the comic, a number of forum members shopped a shirt onto their avatars. The same happened on the forums with the Troubadourable shirts after the comic where most of the Shepherds wore one.

Phoenix: Selective Magnetism : This comic portrays The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess's use of this trope more realistically to the extreme.

Not to mention many of the blurbs on the early comics are her constantly complaining and apologizing for her quality of artwork. Shipper with an Agenda : This strip, in which the Avatar from Fire Emblem Awakening is depicted as one of these.

Via some complex rules of inheritance and gender-exclusivity, a daughter fathered by Gains can get that class. Silence Is Golden : Quite a few strips rely solely on the visuals for the joke, with the only words being written sound effects.

He looks like a furry human with a fox's head and tail until he takes off his boots to reveal fully digitigrade legs, making Camus very confused about how he can possibly seem centigrade when he's wearing pants and shoes and digitigrade when he isn't. I have no idea if Fox is maybe just a normal-proportioned human dude with way too much hair or instead a weird dog that has crushed its horrible body into the vague shape of a man.

Something We Forgot : One strip for Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker has KAZ turning Mother Base into a tortilla chip factory, when Big Boss pipes up. So Much for Stealth : Adam Jensen is surprised when this doesn't happen after he knocks down a pile of oil drums.

Square Race, Round Class : Katie switches Muriel from a mage to a war cleric, giving her a battleaxe, which she can't even lift. Later, Katie announces her new job building rocket parts, and shows her performing tests while standing too close.

Stupid Sacrifice : Virion, you're not supposed to block for someone in a heavy suit of armor. Foreshadowed in an early comic after it was announced that some characters wouldn't be returning to Brawl, made official after the game was released, Roy was kicked out of the house by Master Hand and Pit started taking his place in the jokes, though Pit annoys the others a lot less.

this comic calls out Hurdle Hi jinx and Platonic (specifically for Yooka-Laylee) for making retro games that copy many of the same hardware limitations that frustrated players of their era, making them Nintendo Hard not by gameplay, but by poor design. The Thing That Would Not Leave : Roy has apparently been camping out in front of the Smash Bros.

Thousand-Yard Stare : Phoenix Wright does an impressive one when NAFTA Ahmadi tries to use his “beads of constriction” on him. NAFTA thinks he's being Stoic and unaffected, but Phoenix is just flashing back to all the other times he's been assaulted in court.

Throw the Dog a Bone : After constantly being ignored or unrecognized by his peers, one is given to Roy in this strip, when someone actually takes the time to congratulate him on his re-entry into Smash. Tomboy : Katie's Author Avatar often takes the place of video game protagonists, and is almost always shown wearing the male outfit (when there are multiple options).

Too Awesome to Use : Katie has a bad case of this, as seen in this comic where Elwood refuses to lend a Funerary to Hector because they might need it later, even when he has a lot of them in storage. Later on, they retrieved another Funerary from a chest but since they don't have another room for one more Elwood then throws one of them away much to Hector's disappointment.

Taken even further in this comic, where Hector points out the absurdity of increasing his secondary weapon rank when he already gets a legendary axe and is in the middle of fighting the Final Boss. Trademark Favorite Food : Garlic is this for Katie, if the hourly comics are to be believed.

Unexplained Recovery : The first time Master Hand killed Roy, Roy came back to life by taking a stock from March, only to be almost immediately killed by Master Hand a second time. Invoked Unfortunate Implications : Miranda's dad made her to be the perfect human in all respects.

The implied accusation of racism makes Miranda's dad so uncomfortable that he literally jumps out of a window. Yen Sid absolutely refuses to let Sort wake a world based on Song of the South.

The War on Straw : Carefully read the journalist's shirt in the first panel of A Brief Interlude “. The follow up to “Under the Table” likewise has the punchline delivered by a “StrawGuy2009” criticizing Katie's strips.

ALM is more direct in calling out Anna over the whole concept of Fire Emblem Heroes. With Catlike Tread : Jensen completes a stealth mission undetected, but Sharif sends a helicopter to extract him.

Despite being a combatant in a fight; she acts like an innocent little girl and screams “Ow!” House, and is confronted by Master Hand who says no one is allowed to return, except Dr. Mario... and a couple Links... and Mew two.

You Killed My Father : While many of the antagonists in Nintendo's universe live in the Smash Bros. House alongside their rivals, Camus refuses to let Ridley join because he killed her parents.

Played straight in this comic where Apollo's deduction is denied by the judge because he hasn't reached a certain point in the witness' testimony yet, only for Athena to provide the obvious hint when he gets the opportunity to present his deduction to the court.

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