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Maria Garcia
• Wednesday, 13 January, 2021
• 16 min read

Draw Something is a doodle art based game for the smartphone users that is played in a multiplayer mode. This game based application is to set the challenges for all other connected users by drawing and making tricky doodles to ask the others guess.

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In the paid version, you will be given extra facilities in the shape of bombs that you can use to get more edge over your friends. The guessing and social drawing game will allow you to explore and experience yourself in an entertaining style.

Before starting playing this game, be prepared to flex only those brain challenges that will puzzle your friend. This turn based applications allow its players to play up to twenty games at once.

This game also lets the players challenge their friends directly to a duel for the highest score in a drawing and guessing match. The main highlighted features of this app based games are challenging friends in a speed guess mode, turning on the drawing and guessing mode, making new friends with other games via chat, earning new badges and unlocking achievements and much more.

Mini Golf MatchUp is an amazing game that offers tons of pure fun and entertainment hours. It lets you play golf on your Android and iOS devices, and you can also build challenges with your friends.

It is an attractive drag and releases gameplay that provides dozens of holes, stunning 3D graphics, stat and achievement panel, and an addictive sound for users. It offers a great mix of amazing levels, and you can challenge your friends for becoming the champion of this game.

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So collect stars to unlock new courses and return every single day for a free bonus gift. This interactive and challenging gameplay contains more than 100 puzzles categories to unlock and update some fresh one all the time.

This app lets you summon your friends with NEW Fast Play, make your move within 24 hours on game board with the help of fewer tiles. This app will allow you to chat with your friends’ in-game and play your games on your phone, tablet, computer, and Apple Watch.

You have to log in to Facebook or the email account to continue to play without third party ads between moves. This game offers a simple, fast, and fun scenario of play and lets you challenge your friends or family members and some other online music lovers using the same app.

Through this app, you can easily reveal some amazing songs, more playlists and become the true music master. It adds new music and playlist every week, and you can also watch your favorite videos or songs on YouTube and share these with your Songs chat buddies.

You can challenge your existing friends and family members or some strangers using What’s The Pic app. This interactive game offers a stunning collection of different levels also which lets you use your reveal wisely to uncover the hidden pic under over 100 little squares.

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The user can play weekly leader board competitions, and he can automatically see the strength of his word. You can beat the hint challenges by finding the best terms, and by dropping a word bomb, you can take your turn with a new set of letters.

Word Chums has lots of achievements, best -word challenges, leveling, player stats, leaderboards, and much more. It offers some new exciting challenges on a daily basis and never let you get bored by seeking old words that you already invoked.

This adds supporting application allow its players to set the funny but difficult challenges for their friends and opponents to lead in the world of trivia. The playing process of the game is not difficult at all but nothing could be said about those levels that take many days of the users for getting completed.

In case you don’t possess both of these skills then doesn’t worry as this game with sharpen your mind with its fast moving questioning system. You can challenge them in a number of stunning and exciting game levels and modes and enjoy each moment with this addictive gameplay.

It offers an outstanding graphical approach, stunning sound, great visual details, and much more in this addictive gameplay. You can easily share the high score with your family member or friends and enjoy the taste of success by defeating them.

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Trivia Burst is a wonderful game to play and enjoy and is available on Android and iOS devices. Private (Online Trivia) offers a cool gameplay loads with hours of entertaining and exciting levels and modes.

It is an amazing app that lets you enjoy an addictive gameplay with your friends and family members. You can win stars, improve your gameplay, and get experience through getting knowledge by defeating your enemies or opponents.

Private offers some amazing features that include habit-forming gameplay, stunning visual details, tons of interesting questions, and challenging game for you to enjoy. Quizzed (Trivia Quiz) offers three different modes, with thousands of questions, and can be played online as well as offline.

It is an offline playable mode that lets you enjoy this without any internet connections, and you can easily play Quizzed on your Android and iOS devices. The collection of thousands of trivia questions is picked from a wide variety of topics that include Arts and Literature, Astronomy & Space, Chemistry, Entertainment, Famous People, Food and Beverage, Geography, History, Language, Mathematics, Medical Science, and some others.

Mega Trivia is an awesome game to increase your knowledge by answering from a collection of almost 50,000 questions. It chooses questions from a wide variety of topics includes Chemistry, Entertainment, Famous People, Food & Beverage, Arts and Literature, Astronomy and Space, Mathematics, Medical Science, General Knowledge, Geography, and more.

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You can challenge yourself with interesting and unique questions and discover the awesome fun filled facts about the whole world. Mega Trivia contains a collection of a variety of question on a huge number of topics that cover almost all fields and gives you valuable knowledge.

Mega Trivia offers an ability to mix different questions from a variety of topics by choosing to weight for the topics to your liking and play with your choice of the number of questions as long, moderate or short. Logo Quiz has an outstanding community of people enjoy this app on a daily basis.

It is a game that lets you test yourself if you remember some popular and your favorite movies through images or posters. A collection of movies that it offers includes Finding Nemo, Brave, Terminator, Iron Man, Shrek, Jaws, Godfather, and much more.

And Friends is an amazing, addictive, and puzzle game to enjoy playing on Android and iOS devices. If offers tons of questions from different categories, special game cheats, challenging gameplay scenario, bonus rewards, interactive and high-quality sound and graphics, and a fun way to play.

It features some exciting new levels filled with awesome, challenging questions with an addictive gameplay. DK Quiz is an amazing game that lets you test your knowledge with hundreds of questions for free.

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It offers a real-time amazing platform for increasing the span of your knowledge and is perfect for intelligent people. This interactive game offers stunning sound, amazing graphics, addictive gameplay, and awesome scenario for the players.

This game lets you play Solo to check out your score to see how you rank on the leader board that it provides. It is a unique, funny, and entertaining game show that enables its users to choose the correct colors and unlock the brand’s logotypes.

It lets you challenge your friends to see that who is smarter and faster in answering a series of 100 questions. This interactive game measures your mental and reasoning abilities and does not provide any instructions so that each of your decision will be the part of the challenge module.

Genius Quiz features 100 unique questions, three lives to help you, dynamic soundtrack, and a leaderboard which encounters your marks for each level. This intuitive puzzle game offers an awesome graphics, and you would love to play it on your Android and iOS devices.

There is one category, one letter and one word only that will take you the highest score in case you will succeed in making relationship among all. This real puzzle game contains challenging questions in almost forty different categories that range from cities, countries, fruits to tools, instruments and much more.

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The main benefits that you will get by playing this game are access to the wide range of topics on every interest and subject, playing against friends in real time in case of having internet connection, getting the chance to discover the like-minded people and best above all it is a free game without any limitation and trial system. It is an addictive puzzle game that lets its users enjoy a simple gameplay with his existing or new ones, from millions of the people around the world using One touch Drawing.

Playing this game will give you tons of entertaining hours, and you can also increase the span of your friends in this way. One touch Drawing offers some amazing features and is available for Android and iOS mobile phone devices.

There is a huge community of people play this interesting and addictive game with their friends to get some amazing moments. You can easily beat your opponents by guessing more sketches and quickly earn more and more points than your partner to unlock new color packs, brushes, levels, and other exciting things.

You have to make a difficult to guess drawing using brushes, erasers (if you do something wrong), and different colors. ISketch is amazing puzzle, drawing, and guessing app for iOS users created by an 11 years old kid and helps support children in the hospital.

It is a well-designed and easy to use platform that offers an excellent quality graphics, and sounds for the attraction of its users from all over the world. It offers some amazing features that make this app a bit more exciting, eye catching, and stunning.

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It features an advanced option that includes Advanced HEX, RGB, or HSV color spectrum, quick selection color patterns, a variety of brushes, ability to change brush size, email or saves drawings and numerous others. Draw My Thing offers an exciting gameplay in which you can easily pick your brush and start painting.

It is an amazing platform to enhance your internal abilities and increase your knowledge by sharing your skills with others. Draw My Thing offers some amazing features that include attractive graphics, different modes, earn badges, unlock achievements, drawing awesome stuff using a distinct pack of colors, and more.

Box Office Smash is a trivia game created by Rome Studies and published by Microsoft Fame Studios. It is an amazing puzzle game that offers an interesting gameplay where more than four players test their knowledge and skills of movie clips through many fantasy-themed levels.

Box Office Smash provides some stunning range of points if the answer of the player is correct. So complete each level and gain enough experience points and impress your opponent using movie knowledge.

Some of its core features include brilliant visuals and sounds, exciting gameplay, and a wonderful game to enjoy. Quiz TV is a great game to enjoy playing with some friends and family members.

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Quiz TV offers some features that includes an interactive graphics, simple to use and, attractive and addictive gameplay, amazing sounds, earning points, and much more. Quiz World is a puzzle, party, multi and single player game that lets its users enjoy an addictive gameplay with more fun.

The main focus of this game is the questioning and answering scenario that mixes with both old and new round types. Quiz World offers a series of exciting levels and each of which is more interesting and difficult from the previous one.

There are many questions that it offers which includes One the Spot, Over the Edge, The Final Countdown, Point Builder, Stop the Clock, Pass the Bomb, Fie Fight, The Fastest Finger, and much more. It is a widely played game which is based on artificial intelligence programming that basically discovers and learn how to find the awesome questions to ask from other opponents or players.

Animator offers an exciting gameplay along with tremendous graphics, amazing sound quality, stunning interface and fun way to play and enjoy. It is an interesting game that increases your knowledge through mathematics operations like multiplication and division.

It offers a smooth panel of bricks where the answers of particular mathematics operations are available, and make it enjoyable for you. Wipe out Wall features an amazing graphics and sounds, and its addictive gameplay is awesome to enjoy.

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Fun brain Jr. is an interesting application where you can enjoy having a collection of unique and vibrant stuff for kindergarteners and preschoolers that helps jumpstart their journey of learning. This intuitive education provider app brings five separate engaging and fun games that introduce learners to have several important skills while they play.

Fun brain Jr. brings letter recognition, letter sounds, early literacy, number recognition, basic counting, sequence, patterns, order, concepts of quality and number sets, fine motor skills, and more. This intuitive application features Heat Wave, Balloon Blowup, Flashy Cards, Mushroom Bounce, Shape Shack, and more.

Fun brain Jr. brings more colorful and quirky characters which are loved by kids for practicing skills in early literacy, problem-solving, math, and more. It was efficiently created by the top developers providing quality content to millions of children.

You can learn intuitive skills and pretty much interesting stuff for having this lightweight app on your phone. Slumdog is probably the most famous game for the millions of students from all over the world due to its exciting features.

It offers a login panel and lets you add your normal details to play a series of interactive gaming. Millions of users play this game from worldwide to learn mathematics, reading, and writing.

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Family Feud is a party, puzzle, and addictive trivia game created by Lucia, published by Global Star. It is the most loving and widely played game with hundreds of exciting questions regarding different categories including Sports, movies, politics, entertainment, and much more from around the world.

Family Feud offers a chance to play with millions of real people across the globe by selecting your teammate, and start this intuitive game. Your ultimate task is to give the right answers to the question, asked by the popular host within a time limit.

Along with its superb gameplay, wonderful visuals, and intuitive mechanics, Family Feud is a stunning game to enjoy. Family Feud 2 is a stunning piece of puzzle gaming which lets you enjoy awesome graphics, all new twists, and surveys allowing you to boost up your score.

It is a game that enables you to discover all new tournaments, play live against 7 players, and become the champion to win tons of coins. It provides you the ability to directly challenge family and friends or anyone from a large community available on this platform.

This game offers some net set of surveys, with some stunning power-ups that boost you to score more, and an enhanced predictive text input to type your correct answer faster than ever. Family Feud 2 gives an ultimate experience of playing social games on the go.

This game offers an interesting scenario of asking questions and answering them and takes place in the awesome contest show. The questions are asked from a number of categories including fashion, politics, entertainment, games, and much more.

There is a limited time to suggest your question to them and progress through the game by scoring the highest points and defeating your opponents. Movie Night offers some stunning features that include the best mechanics, intuitive and addictive gameplay.

Space team is a game for aggressive persons who love to push buttons and shout at their friends. It offers an enjoyable game to play with your friends, family members, and thousands of other people around the world.

Some of its exciting features include Teamwork, Confusion, Beveled Nanobuzzers, Shouting, An untimely demise, Auxiliary Technophobes, Four-stroke Puckers, etc. It is a cooperative part mix game for 2 to 8 players who keep on shouting each other until the ship explodes.

It offers some cool and exciting features that make this app a bit more interesting and incredible. Mystical Eyeball offers an exciting gameplay, stunning graphics and sound options, a huge dictionary of answers, and is one of the best Q&A game to enjoy.

Wheel of Fortune is an addictive, unique, education, Word, and single player mode video game totally based on a TV show having the same name. You can easily use this app on your Android and iOS devices that revolve around guessing letters and some hidden phrases elements.

Wheel of Fortune is a mix of puzzle and word element that lets you take part in the contest of stunning game and struggle to win a handsome amount. Wheel of Fortune offers an intuitive gameplay that provides a chance to clear the set of rounds and win some exciting prizes.

You just have to run this platform and start guessing words and phrases to clear a distinct set of rounds. So simply solve the mysteries puzzles, collect the prizes and score the highest points.

This platform also lets you challenge your buddies to beat the record that you set and share their progress. Wheel of Fortune offers features that include Tournaments, collectibles, the bonus round, and play against the player.

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