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This action is permanent, so do not need to worry about others applying data recovery tools onto your devices. Erase photos, contacts, messages, call logs, and all private data.

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Pros: Simple and easy to use; permanently delete data; compatible with many Android device models; affordable. Wiping out your device will take some time---this depends on how much data you have.

Performing an intensive Android data wipe sometimes requires an awful lot, so it is always great to have many features integrated into just one app. This one-click data eraser is unlike most apps; Cool muster gives you three data erase modes that you can choose depending on how “deep” you want it to clean your Android device.

Cons: compared to its peers, it takes a longer time wiping out data. Automatically detects and scans your Android devices when connected to your computer.

The Latest technology to erase and secure your personal data in a single click. ISkysoft Data Eraser is an Android data-erase software that will wipe everything on your device permanently so that you are protected when you are selling off or hand down your device or not vulnerable to digital attacks.

Completely delete every file and sensitive personal data on your device. Easily erase unused or unwanted data so that you will have more storage space.

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Conveniently overwrite any residual data left after being deleted from your device. Pros: support both Android and iOS; great desktop assistant; reliable.

Cons: a haphazard interface; do not give you the option to choose what to delete. Additionally, you will be able to customize pings to alert you where it is or avoid your personal data from being access if it is stolen.

Helpful device lost tools: geolocation, alerts, and remote wipe out. Pros: fast scanning; plenty of security tools; does not crash when other apps are open.

Another desktop Android data erase software that you can rely on is the B-Folders 4 ; it offers you smart data erasing capabilities and comprehensive security and device content management. Highly secure procedures are taken when data is encrypted to avoid unwanted access by criminals.

Therefore, if you always find yourself changing devices frequently and need to copy and transfer all contacts, photos, music, history of SMS and calls, videos, and applications, this may be the best option for you. Comprehensive ability to transfer contacts, call history, music, pictures, SMS, apps, and videos.

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Automatically transfer and organize every detail in a contact's file e.g., email addresses, job titles, company names, etc. Inclusive support of most operating systems: Android, iOS, Windows, and Symbian.

Pros: a user-friendly interface; easy to use; support a wide range of devices and networks; multi-platform compatibility. Erasing or deleting all the data from the device becomes important when you plan to sell it or hand over to a close friend.

This software is reliable since it takes pride in secure deletion of Android device so that anyone would not able to access your precious data again. The tool promises full and 100% security for keeping your data safe from any leakage.

Along with a sound Android compatibility, it fully supports many file types like your contacts, photos, voice memos, app’s documents, videos, call history and many more. Now, you will enter the next window which requires you to type “delete” in the given box and then click on “Erase Now” button.

After completion of wiping of phone, you will be prompt to Factory Reset your data. It removes unwanted and sensitive data on selected partition and help to maintain your privacy.

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Review: “it's a good program to install when you're not angry at freeware or paranoid in this always on broadband world.” Shredded can also help you to wipe Android phone’s data forever.

This tool is free of any risk and overwrites your device to make the data completely irrecoverable. You are allowed to delete your messages, photos, videos, contacts and many more data types in just one click.

The three modes are designed to choose according to your needs which are named as low, medium and high. The tool is easy to use as well as perfectly safe promising no data leakage.

Review: “I tried this tool to help me important photos, contacts, videos, etc from computer to Samsung Galaxy phone via USB cable directly. UNESCO DroidWiper is number sixth software to use when you need to wipe phone for any reason.

The tool is fully compatible to over 1500 Android devices and takes care to wipe everything permanently. It takes only 3 steps to remove everything from your Android device with UNESCO DroidWiper.

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There are a good quantity of data types that are supported via UNESCO DroidWiper like messages, photos, videos, WhatsApp and more. Here is the next software which promises to wipe Android device completely and forever.

You can easily get it from Google Play and clean your device with just one click via this software. This tool takes easy operation to work with and there is no need to grasp any technical understanding before using it.

Another option to choose for removing your private data permanently from your Android device is Microsoft. It also offers 3 steps to completely erase your data like Android contacts, messages, call logs, videos, apps etc.

It helped me find and deleted up to 3 GB hidden large files on my phone. Manikin is the last option in the list you can try to remove all your Android data permanently.

The supported data types comprise text messages, call logs, notes and many more. This data eraser for Android will also make sure to completely delete your files and no one will be able to get those back.

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Review: “Yes, I was able to delete my data permanently, but it's not that easy, I need to spend a lot of time.” Top 10 best Android data eraser applications have been listed in this article.

It can not only permanently and completely remove your undesired data on your any Android devices with ease, but make sure that the deletion is absolutely safe. The reason to reset a device running on Android to factory setting differs from one individual to another.

However, most cases involve attack of a virus and corrupted operating system due to a download or installation of an app. Even you have bought Samsung Galaxy Note7, but you have to wipe it and return it back because there us a danger that Note 7 battery may cause the fire.

Though the reasons are different, the solution to everything is a reset, which brings the device back to its original settings. Using Data Eraser, as the name suggests, will help you delete all the content from the device permanently.

Delete all files and sensitive information from a phone or tablet securely for Android users Support devices running on Android It can also erase your deleted files to ensure your data will not be recovered any more Frees space up and speeds your smartphone up. Remember to enable USB debugging mode on your Android phone to make it recognized.

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The company built the app in an engaging manner with all the needed self-explanatory points embedded. Some innovative features include Signal Flare and Theft Alert, which detects the loss of the device before it actually happens.

The paid version of the software has additional features such as backing up photos, call history, privacy advisor, safe browsing, remote lock and wipe. The new Theft Alarm features alert the user when it senses an unusual behavior of the device.

The remote wipe Android app gives you the ability to clean the contents permanently, in case you lose your device. The privacy advisor is a boost for everyone who would like to find which apps have permissions and access to what type of information on the device.

It performs a quick scan and categorizes the existing apps according to the information that they can access. Furthermore, Lookout is researching to stop aggressive advertising within apps, also known as adware, to protect consumer privacy.

The reason is that the information stored in a device is in the form of binary codes (usually zero and one), which is easy to retrieve. If you are in plans to sell your existing mobile, then it is important to delete the content permanently to make sure that none of the private information lands in the wrong hands.

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Simple Factory Phone Reset gives you the opportunity to perform a clean wipe of the device. Before using the program, it is important to give it the device administrator rights to erase all the data.

Irrespective of the decision, you need to know something that a simple factory reset does not wipe entire data from the device. With the aid of the application, you can reset the device before you plan to sell or exchange it with another gadget.

When you intend to sell your old device, you perform a factory reset and think that the complete information is gone. Such an action poses a threat to your personal information, sensitive data such as banking details, passwords, etc.

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