Best Anti Zombie Uber Battle Cats

Maria Johnson
• Friday, 23 October, 2020
• 7 min read

Wrathful Poseidon (Uber Rare Cat) The Step Up blitz process guarantees the player an Uber Rare Cat if the increasing draw is taken 3 times successively, within the event frame (2 million XP are also offered).

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(Source: battle-cats.fandom.com)


Born Carbon Bazibastra Mile Maximize Mizuririn AER Orphan Servant Vols Volta Gigavolt Grave Gravel The following events simply contain combinations of Uber Rare Cats from multiple other geisha sets.

Red, Air & Metal Busters and PERFECT & SPICIEST are in regular rotation, whilst the others were part of seasonal events. Note that PERFECT, SPICIEST and SUPERBEST greatly increase the chance to get an Uber to ~9%.

Platinum Tickets can be bought with real money during short time periods. Each Platinum Ticket guarantees an Uber Rare Cat from the Regular Pools.

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