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Maria Johnson
• Friday, 22 January, 2021
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Fill out the application below, and submit a photo and, if you’d like, a video of one minute or less telling us why you’d make a great contestant. If you’re selected, we’ll contact you to set up a virtual audition from the comfort of your own home.

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And for whom have no ideas on designing, the app does support email templates that are proven to work well and ready-to-run right away. Moreover, you can easily manage your contacts with automatic data synced from your Shopify store.

Inviting popups that get people to subscribe to your email list Automatically sync contacts to Mailchimp & Flavio Popups with discounts and exit intent to close sales before people leave Automatic emails to bring old customers back Create and distribute coupon codes First, it allows online store owners to collect emails with a various type of popups, banners, bars, slide-ins and so on.

Additionally, Justin Popups & Exit Offers also helps you gain a deeper insight into customers’ behavior based on exit, page views, referral site, time on site, visit frequency, cart value, order history, previous engagement activity and so on, which helps target and segment customers effectively. Especially, with real-time dashboard and analytics provided, you can measure your campaigns’ performance, identify sales opportunities and make a suitable marketing strategy in the future.

Once the email address is filled in, the prize wheel will spin around so that customers can get a random discount code. On top of that, you can clearly identify the exact discount you want to give out and how often every each coupon code is provided.

Spin to win is a great option for businesses wishing to improve online marketing. When visitors come to your website, an email box will appear to call for buyers’ subscription.

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The subscription will assist your stores in sending information about sale-off seasons or discount codes to trigger customers’ interest. Second, you can change and adjust the visual of the email that you deliver to customers such as color, themes by using available templates.

First, VITALS serves as a review picker, which means that it will gather customers’ feedbacks and send to stores’ managers. By doing this, you can easily analyze their shopping trend, their favorite items as well as measure the effectiveness of the marketing campaign.

Last but not least, the app can connect with other social media like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and so forth to push brand recognition. Through the connection, your products can be launched online marketing to reach more potential purchasers.

First, the app connects with Facebook, in particular, Messenger to send to visitors welcoming messages and provide customer care service. In the inbox, shoppers can ask questions and your staffs would respond and persuade them to buy store’s items.

Second, Wheelie allows shops’ admins to collect buyers’ data via their email subscription. Thanks to these email, your company can send recent information related to discounts or sale-off season to customers as well as some questions to survey about their attitude about your brand, therefore, you can adjust your wheel popups.

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The application has been created by a group of international entrepreneurs that were tired of regular email pop-ups and were looking for something more fun and more attractive. Taxa offers interactive pop-ups that allow your visitors to play a little game in exchange for their email address.

Gamification is a powerful tool in e-commerce as it reinforces the relationship between the merchant and the potential customers. The application integrates with popular email marketing platforms such as Flavio and Mailchimp.

These questions are solved when your business chooses Free pop up, which is created by TK Digital. This is the company specializing in app development for marketing, hence Free pop up is likely to get a lot of store admins’ trust.

This means that you can change the design, the content of pop-ups as well as add some animations namely a wheel -shape selection tool to increase customers’ engagement. You can set some popular language on the pop up such as English, Spanish, Chinese to let visitors choose so that they do not feel strange when looking to your pop-ups.

For example, you can choose to display discount timer popup, which helps create a sense of urgency and push customers into making a purchase more quickly. Especially, Quick Pop ups Newark Events empowers you to create surveys to gather invaluable comments and suggestions from customers to improve your products and services.

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A variety of popup templates Grow email subscribers list Promote special offers and increase sales Collect valuable feedback by creating surveys Create discount codes This wheel of fortune helps the Shopify store owners to increase the sales effectively.

CrazyRocket allows the Shopify store owners to boost the sales by generating coupons with beautiful logos and backgrounds. Moreover, it is easy for online sellers to edit the popups with customizable colors, fonts in the Shopify.

The notifications instead of popups are placed at the end of the page so that they will not disturb the customer’s shopping process. Besides, this CrazyRocket app helps collect more 4 times the emails lists by Join our newsletter popups.

Lucky spin wheel, therefore, gets much of trust from enterprises focusing on online marketing. The app will help you to solve problems relating to newsletters, customers’ data and sell orders.

Hence, you can easily to upload photos from your gadget into the app as well as posted on social media to run online advertisements. Second, stores’ admins can self-create and choose templates of emails to fit with your products.

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