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Carole Stephens
• Thursday, 24 December, 2020
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Origins I love this map, especially when your friends are over and are playing origins, you can do many stuff as the maxis drone or build wonder weapons as the elemental staffs. Also, this map can be done, you access the crazy place and the crazy room where the generator zombies (which I call king Arthur) come in high quantity.

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The best part of it is on rounds 7-8-9 when you are preparing yourself for the panzer sold at and hear his gears noise and say in your mind he's coming, he's coming and when you take out your best weapon and go near gen1 to take the zombie blood, that's just amazing It is fun and entertaining because of all the different things you have to build that keep you busy.

Even if you don't want to do the Easter Egg it is still a big map that you and your other 3 friends can train around and go for high rounds. Maxis drone was cool and the shield was a nice touch.

Plus paralyzed, ray gun mach II are the highlight. Plus we can put guns on the wall, so An 94 and SVP as is no longer off chart.

But the coolest part is the witch, and also the maze, it is a really cool map to play and enjoy with friends I had a little of trouble learning it at first but when I figured it out I instantly fell in love with it, and the new wonder weapons the blunder at and tells retriever are awesome and also the upgraded versions.

Also, there is a new melee weapon to keep it interesting and an awesome boss who can shut down perks and gives you 1000 points upon defeating him BRUTUS. I don't have trouble with this map anymore and the huge amount of space on both the bridge and in the cafeteria make for effective training.

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My highest round on this map is 54 add me on Xbox my GT is THINGS DUKE45 if you add me I'll do the Easter Egg with you I think this is the best map of all time I love everything about this map it's the unique and I can't believe that people don't like this map as much as origins it's probably because this cite pretty old by the time a lot of you are reading this.

It is quite challenging since there are a bunch of doors you need to open, and the map is very big. It has the hell's redeemer which is a one shot kill on any round.

Ever! Also, I hate how people complain about the random perks, I mean, if they took that feature out, the map wouldn't be fun anymore. AND nuke town introduced the LSAT and the m27, so you have to give them credit for that.

Die Rise I like this map because its challenging there is a lot of space, so you can't get trapped, and I think riding elevators are fun to the clues and things u have to find, and I like how every five rounds or so the crawlers come that replace the dogs from back in bo1 so my opinion Die rise all the way. The mystery box is so hard to find, I once found it upside down in a building.

As soon as you figure out how to travel through the map easily, the fun really begins Plus, the area is huge and having a bus driving around the location is very useful.

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Gust getting to the different locations is fun but some bus add-ons are annoying, the fact that the map is large, and it takes a while to get around bugs me, but the large map is great, the wonder weapon sucks (literally) but it is the worst wonder weapon of all. I think transit was a fun map or game mode and I don't understand why it was so disliked in the bo2 community and I liked it way more than mob of the dead.

This map is much better when you play with friends because you can leave in an area while they move to a new one. Town is a really fun map to be playing on with friends and even by yourself, highly recommend if u don’t have any DLC maps or anything like that, it gives u multiple training spots and camping spots throughout the map, and Pack-a-Punch is easy to get to and the perks are easy to get to as well, I really enjoy this map, just have fun with it.

I feel that MOOD is just a dubbed down version Alcatraz Island... what Whichever 4% of people voted for this, are utter, stupid, retarded, idiots.

Lots of sheep, cows and pigs on a nice friendly farm, what more could you want Bus Depot is the most boring idiotic map ever, because 1 no perks 2 no pack a punch 3 too small 4 nothing to do but camp back in that corner by the mystery box and wait for the zombies to come to u.

But since no perks or pack a punch it poses a good challenge for some players I was surprised that the EE cutscene showed full low gravity penetration of misty, but overall it is a very fun experience.

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Not in black ops 2 but otherwise this is my favorite zombies map ever because it really changes zombies with the gravity and had a very good wonder weapon. Although people hated the boss I like him because he stopped you from camping.

Wunderwaffe This is definitely the best because blue waffles are worse than diabetes! Yacht her UntotenShi No NUMA This is actually a wonderful map.

Well, DLC season for Call of Duty: Black Ops II is over. However, it is important to note that I am not ranking these six maps in the typical sense of how they play.

I can definitely see the intention when it came to Green Run's design; Trey arch was obviously trying to raise Zombies to the same level as the Campaign and Multiplayer components of Black Ops II, it was all about the scale, making it as involved as possible, as is evident by the many submaps of Green Run and the introduction of new modes. The intent was to make the biggest map there was, and boy did that backfire completely; the only way to experience the whole of Green Run is through Transit, but almost as soon as that glorified Survival mode starts, there're problems: pretty much all the map is covered in that ugly red mist.

It's hardly experiencing a huge map when the game itself seems like it's trying to stop you from venturing too far, railroading you into the sections that aren't covered in mist, and punishing you for daring to venture out by throwing zombies specifically designed to block and obscure your vision. And even then, it only gets worse; the sections that aren't covered in mist are incredibly small and cramped.

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The end result is a map that is supposed to be huge, but feels incredibly small and disconnected; and that's without mentioning any of the new gameplay features they introduce and misuse. It may be very bare bones, but eventually, I found that these characters and this story were fleshed out and given the proper attention they deserved.

Just not in this map, so think of Green Run as a risky foundation for something better to come along in the form of DLC. I am definitely inclined to put Die Rise above Nuke town, it is the bigger, proper map after all.

Because that pretty much just sums up how Trey arch treated the followup to their big outing. Whereas Green Run was Transit and a load of other mini-modes, Great Leap Forward contains Die Rise and Die Rise only; while there was a little something extra (and I do mean very little) in the form of Turned, it's quite obvious that the idea of a massive map with various little modes and a big storyline was something that could not be squeezed into a DLC pack.

No awkward transportation system, no obscuring mist, just very traditional gameplay. This is made all the more obvious by the fact that it doesn't have any sort of aesthetic look about it; it takes place in a ruined building, no sense of identity or anything that actually makes it memorable.

And to top it off, the aftermath of am atomic blast in a well known multiplayer map is a far more intriguing design than whatever Green Run or Die Rise had going for them. Buried's a damn improvement over Green Run or Die Rise; it's the map these characters and this weird story should have had.

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The opening cutscene for solo players gives the new crew a surprising amount of development and motivation I certainly didn't expect at this point; this little scene makes their little quotes and mannerism in the map itself far more enjoyable. A western town underground is far more memorable than the settings of Green Run and Die Rise; there's a good deal more to this, but I can't discuss until the end of the article.

This was intentional, through careful jumping, as well as the Paralyzed and the Trample Steam, you can get right to the Power Switch and the Bank without having to spend a single point. Perks, weapons and the box are all easily at reach, and you can access it all without spending too much, due to the aforementioned point.

Make him pick up a crawler, so the round can effectively last forever, meaning you don't have to worry about a zombie dying while you do your thing. Avoid zombies, and with careful aiming, you can keep ammo reserves high.

In other maps that you could call easy, at least you had to work your way towards a position of relative safety. With Buried, you can pretty much access all the map has to offer on the very first round, in fact the game will reward you for doing so.

Now every map has the potential to be incredibly easy or excruciatingly difficult, depending on what kind of players are experiencing it. Because it was the final outing, I expected it to be the cumulative result of everything we experienced in every map that came before in Zombies season.

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Well, Origins fixes that immensely, being the best looking map to date; an engrossing diesel punk depiction of World War One, its many elements nicely fitting together to compliment that style: the staffs, the robots, the generators, the Zombie Shield, it really pays off to see such a brilliant map after the blandness of Green Run and... well what do you think I'm going to say. It really shows how much the Zombies experiences has grown and matured from its early days.

But I am reminded of Moon; what I mean by that is that a well-coordinated team or a competent solo player will get the most out of the map, but the rest of the gamers who play without coordination will find Origins a very difficult struggle. It was the same instance with Moon, and is particularly jarring since Origins is the followup to Buried, the easiest map there was.

A certain feel, a mixture of horror and wackiness that gradually grew in scope. That atmosphere was always there though: be it in an isolated shack in the middle of a fog of war, or an abandoned mental asylum or a Japanese swamp, it was always there.

As such, it grew in scope as new features, new characters and new utilities were introduced, while always trying to have a particular atmosphere in a particular setting. It was more about trying to make the Zombies experience feel more like Multiplayer, with all the little submaps with different modes, strictly for game plays sake.

Die Rise did little to remedy that, being stripped of all visual identity just like Green Run, it only improved gameplaywise, whilst giving little regard to the immersion factor Zombies is known for. The genius in Mob of the Dead does not come from its gameplay, but rather from how it expertly manages to give us that true Zombies experience that was missing from preceding maps.

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It was a risk too, departing from the established story to tell something completely different, but for me, it whole heartily paid off. As I've said many times before, Green Run and Die Rise were devoid of a look, no sense of immersion with a vague story that was unrelated to how the map plays.

What does Mob of the Dead do, well for starters, it makes a connection between the two, gameplay and story and having them really service one another? Why, do you do the first steps of the Easter egg in Mob of the Dead, why do you build that plane.

Noticed anything about its function and name, how it calls to mind an Electric Chair, very fitting for the supernatural prison setting. Very fitting for the Prohibition era in which Mob of the Dead takes place.

Also, what about Afterlife, interesting gameplay mechanic that also services the supernatural setting of Mob of the Dead. Mob of the Dead had the Thompson and the Electric Cherry to make its setting more believable, well, Buried had Vulture Aid and the Remington New Model Army to make its Western setting also seem more believable.

It's for that reason that I believe Mob of the Dead to be the best of the Zombies season that Black Ops II had to offer, and even if it might not be the best map there is, it's definitely the most important. Because it reminded us just why we value Zombies so much more, and why Infinity Ward's offerings will never come close to matching it.

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