Best Bo3 Zombies Map

James Lee
• Sunday, 10 January, 2021
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Description: Donald Trump, in despair, sends our four heroes off to repair his wall from the incoming zombie invasion. Little did our crew know that there was a minor inconvenience as time and space was distorting itself, causing weird reactions with the...

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Fabric Her UntotenAn abandoned factory in Germany, Group 935 took over to continue there experiments and testing but what horrors await you This Map Version includes×Custom Perks×FULL EASTER EGG (with audio storyline)*Buildables×New wear...

Use the map layout to your advantage, look for hidden Easter eggs, and live for as long as you can! Welcome to Scrapyard Zombies, a medium-sized map I was making for World At War before the mod tools came out that I decided to port to BO3. Features:-No Perk Limit-Buyable Ending 50K-Detailed-Not a shitty ASF test map Shout out to NateSmithZomb...

Trapped inside the walls of an ever-changing experimental bunker, will you escape the madness? Survive the 25 rounds of Christmas and defend Santa's sleigh from the zombies to save Christmas! Updated for 2019 with all new weapons, game modes, and an all new ending. Features:- Modern Weapons, some with inspection animations.- Kill streaks earn...

This map features 8 perks, Gobble gum machines, SOE zombie models, a buyable ending, the Flogger, a King Teleport er, Jump Pads, SOE portal, a hidden Easter egg song, a buildable shield and... Dempsey Richthofen Nikolai & Take are entering the undead graveyard for Halloween you know it's going to be fun already For the Halloween holiday season a bunch of us original alpha testers on the mod tools decided to embark on a little spooky project.

NEW UPDATE: Lowered door prices, Lighting touch up, fixed some sounds. It was the night before Christmas .... Jessica, Jack, Floyd & Dempsey found themselves trapped in a snow storm on the edge of an old village.

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Trapped inside the walls of an ever-changing experimental bunker, will you escape the madness? The Essex heavy industrial plant was conceived at the height of World War II.

During which time it produced all means of weapons, from bullets to tanks. It's location next to the ocean made it critical to the supply and delivery of Allied armor.

Deep beneath the surface lies a high-tech underground laboratory, its primary function being researching devastatingly harmful experimental weaponry. A large portion of these research projects featured the ever lethal chemical known simply as, Nova 6.

Some time after leaving Her Eisendrache, Richthofen in his quest for harnessing the power of the realm lands the trio and himself on the ground of Assure, an old Japanese Castle which was the theater of a great battle. YEAR 2115: Humans destroy the earth by climatic change and global disasters.

But the only thing you can find is a dark beast with is sleeping in the great Friday Volcano. World War II Survive from the oncoming horde of the dead in the epic battle set in the historical battle of World War II.

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There are insanely detailed and hard to execute Easter eggs, stories that run so much deeper than you'd ever imagine, and honestly some of the funnest gameplay you can ever experience with your friends. We're even including Black Ops 3 zombie maps as they come out, so you can vote those up if they're wonderful.

You're almost always in close quarters, there are obstacles like mud to slow you down, and oh, yeah, there's a giant freaking robot trying to crush you with his feet. The Easter egg on origins is the hardest to pull off, and when you finally do, you'll be scratching your head at what has just been presented to you.

One of the many levels where you play as a guest cast, Mob of the Dead is definitely a fan favorite among Zombie freaks. Her Eisendrache is a visually stunning map with a lot of interesting things to marvel at, but if you're planning on completing this Easter Egg, you better know what you're doing.

Upgrading the fire bow can be ridiculously hard, requiring precision no scope shots to hit a target while flying through the air. King her Token introduced crawler zombies to the game, which became crucial in gearing up for the next round.

Now here’s the warning; not all of these maps are the prettiest to look at or the best to play, but they all include weird, random, zany secrets you can uncover and complete. Easter egg songs, full Easter eggs with unique boss encounters, and much more are included in these weird maps.

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