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It’s also very unforgiving; one little mistake, be it in turn-based strategic battle or during the RTS management, and you’ll be in tears. In fact, progressing your soldiers and managing their load-outs will directly determine what kind of role they can partake in battle.

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This setup should give your Assault soldier a fine mix of defense and good offense. Note that this leveling method emphasizes on you being up-close, so don’t feel hesitant in using a powerful shotgun.

Pamper these men and women as much as you can; I remember my veteran sniper had a base accuracy of 98%, and boy was he some big-time alien slayer. Actually, snipers are the best and only reasonable choice for Gene Modification on higher difficulties, and maybe even normal difficulties; don’t waste your time on others, they’re fine, and they won’t benefit from the pain and torture of alien genetic mutation, so just give it to you the Snipers.

Smoke Grenade Sprinter Field Medic Revive Combat Drugs Deep Pockets Savior You might think of using Dense Smoke instead of Combat Drugs here, but I like the idea of a buff giving ability with a pure medic.

It’s important that your medic support still wields a good weapon, and uses it to protect him/herself and nearby allies. This is a classical support build that utilizes covering fire and suppressive elements, so your assaulter can infiltrate enemy lines and take them out.

Though it may come as a surprise, my Heavy was the most gifted, most experienced, and most active member of my squad, from start to finish, even more than my veteran Sniper. Though it’s convention to keep the assaulter in the frontline, I always treated my heavy like a tank, and despite all the harshness he had to face, he lived throughout the entire campaign.

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Just imagine the sweet ecstasy of first shooting a foe with a plasma minigun, and then finishing it and its surrounding allies off with a rocket. It’s easy to ignore this if you aren’t experienced, but most COM veterans will know that some of the toughest enemies in the game are robotic, which makes HEAT Ammo all that more essential.

Recommended Loadout Heavy Plasma, Blaster Launcher, Alien Grenade, that’s all that can be said. Yeah, they give you firepower and stuff, but they’re a walking bull’s-eye in the battlefield, since they can’t take cover.

Yes, you could use them as bait, but making MEC Troopers isn’t cheap, so it’s not wise to be piling cash just to create something you’ll use for one or two battles. The Worst part is, no matter how much you upgrade them, they always have horrible accuracy, even worse the heavies.

When you really just need to shoot bullets in a general direction without much concern for collateral damage, then the Heavy is your go-to guy. You can drop the scanners and the spawn point won't scatter like it normally does when you first find them, leaving you with a perfect grouping for explosives.

Great for putting your biggest gun on the same target twice or spreading the wealth to multiple enemies in the same turn. This can be good for taking down a big or hard to kill enemy, however it's rare that the Heavy can't kill a big target with two shots that Bullet Swarm could have given him instead of this ability.

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For the next four turns, any enemies hit by this rocket suffer 33% more damage from all sources. This allows you the option of shooting a weaker rocket that may not kill your enemies, but instead give you a solid opportunity to capture or kill them with regular gunfire and loot their corpses.

This can be used to pin down a powerful enemy that you can't hit easily. Suppression will also remove the targets' reaction shots, making it safe for your troops to maneuver on the battlefield.

This ability simply gives a straight +50% damage against robotic enemies. Considering that most of the robotic enemies got a little of an upgrade on how hard they are to damage, HEAT Ammo could really pay off.

This one allows the Heavy to pack two grenades in a single inventory slot. With the new Tactical Rigging project in the Foundry, your heavy will be able to carry four grenades into combat.

Your Areas of Effect on Suppression and Rocket attacks are increased by two tiles. It doesn't increase the AOE on grenades, so you can toss those in when a rocket blast is too big, if you are close enough.

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It reduces the damage taken by the Heavy by two as long as they are undercover and not flanked. As long as your Heavy isn't flanked, he can draw the attention of several enemies without having to fear several high damage shots in a row.

Blazing speed and critical chance are two of the Assault's greatest strengths. Allows firing or Overwatch after Dashing on the turn Run and Gun is activated.

The downside can be moving a troop into unfamiliar territory and waking up an enemy spawn point. A second use that makes this ability superior is that, while you can't use items such as grenades, you can still activate mission objectives.

This doesn't mean that they will be a completely defensive character, but they will depend on their skills to survive once they make the push to the front lines. This Defense bonus comes in handy any time your assault soldier ends up on the front and alone.

Instead of going with survivability, you will be choosing to rely on your soldier's ability to eliminate his foes before he will fall under enemy fire. You can charge your soldier up into the battlefield for the perfect attack position with little fear you will be shot dead while running there.

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You can also use this ability to draw out the fire of an enemy you know is waiting on you with Overwatch or Suppression. Run the Assault into his field of fire, draw out his reaction shot and then bring in another soldier to finish the job.

The first standard shot made within 4 tiles of the target does not cost an action. Add this to Aggression and you have a monster with +30% Critical Chance and the opportunity to take shots against two of those opponents after moving into position.

It won't really put you at a tactical advantage if the enemy moves further away from you or into better cover. However, if you have a soldier nearby on Overwatch, he will use it against the enemy running from one source of cover to the next.

Your Assault soldier has the ability to Run and Gun to the front lines, where he will almost never miss, then unload to shots from Rapid Fire. The downside is the -15 penalty will often be enough to make this option useless at medium and long ranges.

Fortunately, with Close Combat specialist, you will no longer feel like you are leaving your soldier out in the open. Anyone who thinks +1 damage is insignificant at this stage of the game has never been only a point or two away from killing the big bad guy.

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The few extra points of damage could allow you fewer shots on small targets and more on the big guys. Confers bonus health based on which type of armor is equipped.

You would have to make some pretty bad decisions to lose this soldier after this upgrade. Never will this soldier suddenly be killed with a weapon dealing an unusual amount of damage.

Add this to extra conditioning, and you have a damage sponge with the Assault soldier. Activating Run and Gun now also grants +50% critical damage for the rest of the turn.

At this final level, your Assault soldier has a significant chance to critically hit on nearly every shot he takes. Killer Instinct will make those last ditch attacks with Run and Gun that much more successful.

Tactical Sense and Lightning Reflexes make this soldier incredibly hard to hit as long as they continue to find cover while moving up the field. The only downside there is, if you are wrong, you will likely have a dead soldier with plenty of offensive abilities.

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The first thing to know about the MEC trooper is that he must be promoted from a squad die, can't be a psychic and will lose any gene modifications he already has. However, you will get a new ability that will resemble his original class, and you will need to build a MEC to put him in.

MEC troopers can be pretty costly in MELD to produce, but they should deliver the punch you're looking for on the battlefield. It will also set terrain elements on fire, potentially destroying cover that your opponent might be hiding behind.

A powerful arm upgrade for the MEC, allowing the wielder to pulverize adjacent cover and enemies. Medicine require fine motor control; instead, the MEC can spray Restorative Mist to heal all nearby allies.

This is an excellent choice as you can heal more than one soldier at a time if they are positioned properly. Proximity mines can be deployed at medium range, and will await nearby enemy movement before triggering their explosive charges.

Mess can stun organic enemies and damage robotic ones with this area of effect electric shock device. True to the Assault class, this ability reduces damage from all the baddies that you are up close and personal with.

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The MEC will still have trouble taking damage from enemies while out in the open, so don't get too confident with this ability. The nearest visible enemy suffers -20 Aim and cannot critically hit this unit.

He will likely run or choose a better target, but you will still be pushing the enemy from his desired position. It's not likely that your MEC will stay in the same place for long, but if you're entrenched in battle, every bit of Aim and CRT count.

Just like any other class, you will get an ability each time your MEC soldier gains a rank. Area of effect attack that destroys most cover and hits all eligible targets for 34% damage.

This attack is another skill good at taking out difficult enemy positions, and it has a better range than the Kinetic Strike Module. Another excellent way to start reducing damage to your MEC and make him the thank you need him to be.

When activated, confers the ability to jump to the normally inaccessible heights for the rest of the turn. Moving or using an arm based weapon will return the MEC to standard posture.

If you turn this on and then use Overwatch, you could free up any soldiers using him as cover, making them dangerously susceptible to enemy fire. This is excellent for delivering an Assault soldier to the front lines more safely.

Increasing the ammo on the Rail Gun that the MEC trooper starts with is the best part of this ability. Firing the MEC's primary weapon as the first action no longer ends the turn.

Just like the Heavy's ability to fire first and take a second action, this becomes a force multiplier by allowing a shoot and Overwatch or reload. Any hit that does more damage than 33% of the MEC's maximum health is reduced to that number.

It's unlikely that all the enemies you are facing will have enough firepower to break this limit, but it will make sure even the big baddies will have trouble with your MEC. The fact that your MEC trooper can't carry items or use armor is quickly negated by all the options you have.

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