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Daniel Brown
• Monday, 21 December, 2020
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Map updates are paused. This city has a bustling and diverse foodie scene, from casual eats to high-end restaurants, but our first stop here is always a feast on the best Ottawa burgers.

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From huge, stuffed burgers that you’ll struggle to get into your mouth to the more manageable cheeseburgers, we have all bases covered. So get planning, bring along a couple of buddies and a serious appetite and start working your way through these seven great Ottawa burgers.

Go online to memorize their secret menu, which includes The NSF (Not Safe For Health): four beef patties, cheddar x2, Swiss, mozzarella, bacon, and BFF sauce. They grind their meat fresh in house every single day and put a lot of emphasis on sourcing the freshest ingredients.

Also, add in the quality craft beers, fine wines and specialty cocktails, and you have a place to linger for a couple of drinks after your burger. There’s a brilliantly casual feel to the place, with wonderful comfort food and sweet treats.

A perfect place to come with friends for some delicious food and a couple of their cocktails (make sure to check out the Bloody Mary! Chen Lucien serve up some of the most wholesome, honest and enjoyable bar food in the whole city.

45 Clarence Street, Ottawa, ON “Why not try Dad's Root beer float and sweet potato fries, need some Canadian influence get the Poutine instead.” In 11 reviews.

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137 Murray St, Ottawa, ON “My top choices are the Bourgeois Burger made with pear slices and Brie and their protein salad which is made with nuts, tofu, and beans.” In 3 reviews.

1433 Woodruff Avenue, Unit D, Ottawa, ON “The breading is crispy and full of flavor and the meat is just superb; moist and not at all greasy.” In 4 reviews.

“I was already a fan of the BFF on Bank St, so I decided to check out this one to see how it held up.” In 6 reviews. “We were served by BRI, a wonderful young woman who gave us the best service we could ask for.” In 2 reviews.

“Great service, great food and (except the overpriced Tower of Rings) good value.” In 4 reviews. “They offer all their sandwiches/burgers, pastas and flatbread gluten free which is always a must when I am going out with my coworkers as a few people are gluten sensitive.” In 3 reviews.

100 Green view Avenue, Ottawa, ON “My go to is usually the Colonel Carnivore poutine (poutine with chicken tenders) but this is one of the few places I feel comfortable exploring the menu.” In 4 reviews.

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324 West Hunt Club Road, Ottawa, ON “They have weekly specials: don't miss their 25 cent wing night on Wednesdays, and half price pizza on Thursdays.” In 2 reviews.

“They have fries or the choice of a number of poutines, onion rings, Brings (small combo box of fries and onion rings), donuts and pies, salad, and deep-fried pickles !” In 2 reviews. “The hamburger steak was huge, real mashed potatoes a good side of mixed veggies and gravy that was drool worthy.” In 3 reviews.

Map updates are paused. After over 20-years writing about life in Ottawa, we think we have a pretty good idea of the best of what this city has to offer.

The Works are very much an Ottawa staple, at the forefront of high quality burgers in the city. Not only do we love them for their big, juicy burger patties, but their entire aesthetic is just so cool.

We recommend any of their “Get Stuff’d” burgers because honestly, does it get any better than cheese oozing out of a juicy patty? They have delicious beef burgers of course, but we highly recommend their mouth-watering “Northern Fried Chicken” sandwich.

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This adorable tiki-themed burger joint is the perfect mid-swim lunch stop as its located right by the beach. The spot has a small, but delicious menu of burgers, shakes, beer, coolers and the atmosphere is to die for on a hot summer’s day in Ottawa.

Unfortunately, they’re not open in the fall and winter, but put them on your list to check out as soon as the warm weather returns! They put those two strengths together to create their heavenly “Crispy Chicken Burger Sandwich” that you MUST try.

World Burger is located in the suburbs of Repeat on Derivable Road and is top-notch. We recommend the appropriately named Ottawa Burger which is topped with sautéed mushrooms and onions, candied bacon, cheddar cheese, lettuce and an incredible maple mayo.

Vera’s is a burger counter located inside The Butchery, an upscale meat shop, and it is truly a hidden gem. Located in a butcher shop, the meat is fresh as can be and packs a punch of flavor.

With a very simple menu, with just a handful of beef and chicken burger options, this spot exemplifies quality over quantity. As the name suggests, it's located in the hip Hinton burg neighborhood and is a no frills, straight up burger and shake shop.

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