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Daniel Brown
• Monday, 07 December, 2020
• 6 min read

It's home too nostalgic, old-school joints and even places serving up South African eats. The charbroiled burgers may not be gourmet, but will satisfy your cravings for beef and nostalgia at once.

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Along with offering customizable options and stuffing patties with cheese, Woody's features ten signature burgers with internationally inspired flavors. Plan B Burgers Behold, one of Toronto's only destinations for South African fare.

Order up The Burg'er and chow down on a patty topped with cheese, ketchup, lettuce, tomato, red onion and zesty “PB sauce”. Magoo's Hand-crafted lean beef burgers are a source of pride for this longstanding establishment.

Shaun Jennings: Loved the stuffed burger with a 50/50 and a side of BBQ sauce Matt Cooper: Best burgers in the city, bar none.

Jay Harris: Gluten Free Burgers are Bomb The smoked cheddar, Apple cider bacon and chipotle BBQ sauce is the perfect combination.

Our group had the fully loaded, the veggie burger and the special (Pic ode Gallo). Rashida Mark: Just had The Fully Loaded Burger, and it was delicious.

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It's juicy, melts in your mouth and is not too fatty. I have discovered my new favorite burger has avocado, sundries tomato, goat cheese and bacon smothering a beef patty on a gluten-free bun.

K. Nichole: Burgers are awesome, poutine is great and the pizza is fantastic! Karen S J: Must try the banquet burger with the special onions.

Daniel Darrow: Been going for years, I always order the Homemade Banquet Burger. Great at any time from Lunch til after the bar.

Jordan Bushel: Burger is outstanding, best in the city. Eric Misha Moravia: Burger great gourmet styles, beer good, beef braised and spicy, risotto was very red and featured scallops.

Map updates are paused. Riddled patties are great, of course, but sometimes you want that smoky char you can only get from the grill.

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Even with bacon, cheese, pickles, multiple sauces and caramelized onions, the gloriously beefy patty still shines through, and that’s no small feat.” 1438 Sundas St. W., 647-352-9120, themed.ca The Burger’s Priest 7 “It’s hard to imagine this now, but before the Burger’s Priest opened their first location in 2010, finding a decent riddled hamburger in Toronto was surprisingly difficult.

Without the Priest, the burger trend probably wouldn’t have hit the city as hard as it did; it’ll always have a special place in my heart for that alone. And though I think the quality has gone downhill since the heady days of their lone east-end outpost, it’s still pretty great.” Various locations, theburgerspriest.com.

And while they’re both quite good, these days I have to give the edge to Holy Chuck. In particular, their namesake burger is a greasy, gooey mélange of tender beef, melty cheese and sweet caramelized onions.

It’s big, beefy, and luxurious, and manages to have an amazing, steak-like richness while retaining all the other qualities that make a burger so great.” 66 Wellington St. W., 416-777-1144, by mark.mcewangroup.ca Rudy 1 “I frequently get asked which I prefer: Holy Chuck or the Burger’s Priest.

But ever since Rudy opened a couple of years ago, I have an easy answer: neither. The correct answer to this, and to any question regarding where the most delicious burger can be procured in Toronto, is Rudy.

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It’s everything you want it to be: the patties are immensely juicy and tender, with a picture-perfect mahogany-brown crust and a face-punch of amazing beefy flavor. And the bun is soft, squishy and slightly sweet; it’s perfect, just like every element of this outstanding burger.

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