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Daniel Brown
• Thursday, 24 December, 2020
• 8 min read

No longer do I need to keep up with the block that allows me to charge my phone from a wall socket. I can just charge it (or any USB device) from this instead, and have it protected from dangerous surges.

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It is sturdily built, with extra room between some sockets to accommodate large wall wart-type plugs. Of course, surge protectors are one of those things you by hoping that they're never truly put to the test.

So far, this one hasn't blocked any surges I know of, but I have several other Monster brand protectors, and they've all stood the test of time. This one's claim that it won't melt or catch fire if it stops a big surge is comforting, but again, I'm not willing or able to put that to the test.

I decided recently to make sure every power strip in my house would be surge protected. This one is supposedly fireproof and rated very high for all forms of protection.

Monster is known for quality and this power strip goes above and beyond in terms of outlets and USB capability! The built-in USB charging ports are very useful as phone chargers, or to save room charging something like an HTC Five controller, where the normal adapter takes up an excessive amount of space.

With Welkin devices not being as readily available in many (other than Fry's) stores anymore, this is definitely the brand I'm going to trust with my hardware: be it the media center in the living room or bedroom, or the 3-monitor center with laptop and desktop split connectivity for software development at home. Chose this surge protector for daughter's college dorm room.

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The school is in an area that has many electrical storms, and we needed something reliable with an equipment warranty of $250,000. I had already purchased an additional charging block with more USB ports.

Great build quality and decent specs. It is only a protected outlet strip to keep electronics from getting fried by power fluctuations, so the specs say we're safer than without one.

Had another brand of surge protector on my TV, Blue Ray, Surround Sound system, we had several storms in a short period of time. The strip when out and cause several of my electronics to go out, .had to have several pieces of my electrical equipment repaired, I had this brand on my other equipment it all still worked, so it was just natural to change.

Sort most RelevantMost Helpfulness RecentOldestHighest RatingLowest Rating I live in the Cincinnati area and I-kid-you-not it stormed the ENTIRE month of April.

Honestly, I thought the salesman just wanted me to spend more money. So after coming back and researching it, and talking more with the Best Buy guys, I came to learn that indeed it is necessary to protect the $1,000 television, so it actually lasts a while.

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I have my 52" Samsung LCD, PS3, WII, DVD, VCR and Demon Home theater system all connected to this power supply and wouldn't have any other unless it was the model above this one. It has protected my complete entertainment system on a number of occasions including lighting strikes and not once has it failed to do what Monster says it will do.

I did have to replace it one time, but it was for my own stupidity I connected a heater to it that should have been run to its own dedicated outlet, needless to say I burned up my power supply but even doing that it shut down my entire system without harming any components. So in short the saying you get what you pay for” is absolutely true when you buy a Monster product.

I bought this surge protector in a deal of the day sale. It fits nicely behind the TV stand and has labels for each outlet.

Optional sticker labels for the end of the cords themselves are a nice touch. Show more See all customer reviews Product Description With 5 isolated and filtered outlet banks and connectivity for cable boxes, LAN, telephones and DSL modems, this power conditioner ensures that your home theater system and other electronic components remain protected from voltage fluctuation.

Show more See all customer reviews Product Description Safeguard computers and electronic devices with this reliable APC Surgeries surge protector. This APC Home Office Surgeries surge protector has 11 outlets and two USB ports.

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Show more See all customer reviews Product Description Safeguard computers and electronic devices with this reliable APC Surgeries surge protector. This APC Home Office Surgeries surge protector has 11 outlets and two USB ports.

So you might have asked yourself if that $100 Monstersurgeprotector you bought from Best Buy for your new HDTV and electronics really works or not? Luckily, most of us will never encounter a power surge to see if our equipment will survive or not, which is a good thing.

However, if you’re someone who owns a lot of expensive techs, don’t feel immune to power surges just because it hasn’t happened to you yet. I never had a problem with this before and I had my NAS plugged into a power strip with surge protection.

As you can imagine, I was quite upset that my NAS still got fried by the power surge. On top of that, the so-called “insurance guarantee” was complete BS.

First, I had to fill about a 30-page form in order to file a claim with the manufacturer of the power strip. In the end, though, I learned after doing a lot of research that it was my own fault.

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Surge protectors are not all created equal and no surge protector in the world can handle lightning. In this article, I want to go through a little about what I learned on how surge protectors work and what you really need to do in order to protect your expensive equipment.

Even a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) with surge protection will not be able to handle a lighting strike that is close by. Unless you really have to do something important, you should unplug any device that you would want to save during a lightning storm.

Apparently, it’s a piece of hardware that gets installed at the point of service for your house. That means it gets installed between the main board and where it splits off to your house.

In my house, I have a huge printer and whenever that thing turns on to start printing, it actually completely knocks out one of the electrical outlets in the same room! When there is a surge, the extra voltage is diverted to the grounding wire inside the surge protector.

There is usually some device inside the surge protector that handles this process of switching over to the ground when the voltage is too high. It sounds simple, but it is what makes all the difference when it comes to price for these devices.

Basically, there are three factors that differentiate the level of surge protection and the cost: 330 V is a good low value whereas 500 V is too high because your electronic equipment might fry by then.

Another good thing to look for is an indicator light on surge protectors. If you really want to save equipment, even from lightning or from surges down power lines, there are a couple of things you need to do.

Note that these will require calling your electrical provider/power company and asking for their help too. You can call your power company, and they will usually come out and perform a test at no charge.

You can also get an upgraded grounding if your power company offers the service. You can buy these bad boys online and attach them to the top of your house or in other locations along with grounding.

Again, something you’ll probably have to get professionally installed, but the only real way to truly protect against a lightning strike without having to unplug everything in your house.

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