Best Buy Stole My Money

Daniel Brown
• Sunday, 10 January, 2021
• 7 min read

Details Poster decreased review rating.05/09___I got an LG soundbar and after having it for 10days it started making a crackling noise. I had paid through PayPal and when I get to the store and go through the return process, they turn around at try giving me a gift card.

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Which was confirmed by a chat agent online about 1hour after I had left the store. I wanted to try to get taken care of elsewhere because to be honest I felt or feel like they stolemymoney.

Straight up lied to me and said it would be processed on my account 3-5 business days. I knew that manager at the Fort Lauderdale off of FEDERAL Highway was lying.

There is better and cheaper places and any problems online it gets taken care of promptly trust me. User's recommendation: They have a high volume of customers so if you ever have an issue it will be delayed.

As you may remember from my previous posts, I bought a MacBook Pro for myself just a few weeks ago, so I wasn’t going to go crazy in terms of my budget. But I thought that an affordable laptop for browsing and writing would be an unexpected and very welcomed gift.

I bought an economical yet decently powerful Acer Aspire 5100 (15.4” Crystalline TFT LCD, AMD Turin 64 Mobile 2 GHz, 1 GB RAM, 160 GB 5400rpm) on Friday afternoon from the Best Buy at the Maryville Mall in Markham, Ontario. I brought it home that night, checked that it was OK, booted it up, installed the OS and surfed for a while.

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Last night while she was sleeping I started to set it up so that it would be ready for today’s birthday. I installed Firefox, Thunderbird, Open Office, etc… I started to use the laptop, and it seemed all good, but after an hour or so I noticed that the light on the screen was uneven, and it seemed a bit too flickery for my taste.

I left it idle on my desk, while the screen saver was running, and I started reading a research paper on Haskell. The screen had developed a black patch, typical of when crystal liquid leaks, at the top of a huge internal V shaped crack and many colored lines all over the place.

The external glossy glass was perfectly intact and didn’t have a single scratch or impact point. I moved the mouse pointer, hoping with all my being that this was some kind of joke cooked up by a screen saver programmer, but obviously such was not the case.

OK, I told myself, let’s not freak out, I’m going to Best Buy tomorrow morning, and I’ll ask them to exchange the defective unit. I bought this laptop two business days ago, and yet despite this, they told me immediately that they were not going to exchange it or give me a refund.

“It’s customer abuse”, a clerk named Mohammed told me and there is no way that Acer or Best Buy is going to replace it. I argued with them for at least an hour and spoke with a bunch of people including Alex and George (a manager) at the Maryville Mall Best Buy.

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Let me rephrase that, they don’t give a shit that you just spent almost a thousand dollars on something that is defective. They don’t care that it’s obvious that there is no abuse whatsoever but rather that it’s a defective LCD which overheated or leaked on its own.

I bought from Best Buy because the price was right and because I though that if I were to run into trouble, I would be able to easily replace or get the unit fixed. Because he bought a defective GPS unit and the clerk was like (paraphrasing) “tell me the truth, you dropped it, didn’t you?”.

The guy was luckier than I was, probably because the cost of that GPS was rather minimal, so they eventually gave him a refund after a little of a struggle on his part. Guess what, they already made it clear that my chances of getting it replaced or fixed for free, are extremely slim.

In 3 or more weeks someone from Best Buy is going to give me a call, and it’s pretty much guaranteed that they are going to tell me that it’s my fault and that I should suck it up. They will most likely tell me that I can get it fixed by them for hundreds of dollars or collect it in its still broken state from the store.

So after a minimum of three weeks time and no further ahead that I am today, I will end up contacting Acer, who’ll probably take the laptop for another month or so before telling me that I’ve to pay X amount of dollars to get it fixed, because they don’t cover problems like this. If I don’t get a replacement after the initial three weeks, I’m going to forward a complaint to both Consumer Affairs and the Better Business Bureau.

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Because I bet many readers won’t consider buying their next laptop from you after reading this “horror story”. On a side note, it may be just a rare defective unit, so at this point I don’t feel like saying “Acer sucks”, but please be warned about their possible QA issues and the fact that they won’t fix the laptop for free, if something similar happens to you.

Firstly, you can leverage the power of the social Web by promoting this story on sites like Reddit and Dig. Also, this post may appear a tad whiny, but put yourself in my shoes and realize why I’m pissed off.

This is a good idea I think, but unfortunately the laptop is already been held by Best Buy somewhere in Canada for the “three week evaluation” (that I described in the article). Funny, isn’t it, how three weeks is just enough time for them to tell me that it will be too late for a refund or replacement then.

The point is to raise awareness about how Best Buy deals with defective units and, possibly, to make them realize that saving a few hundred dollars on their part, while obtaining a lot of bad publicity from this post, is just not worth it. I’m in contact with a few people from the media who are considering running my story if a positive outcome is not reached.

Today for the first time I’ve been contacted by email and phone by the Best Buy headquarters in Canada. I am writing to you to advise that we have received a copy of your recent blog regarding your Acer laptop.

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At this point, the laptop has been evaluated by Best Buy technicians and I will be informed about the outcome of their findings tomorrow, by their Senior Customer Support Consultant (for Canada). Here is the text of their email: Hi Antonio, The total cost of the repair, is $525.56 which includes the part, labor and taxes.

But from Best Buy’s answer it is clear that Acer is just as guilty of not backing up their own products. At this point, not only should you avoid Best Buy altogether, but I strongly recommend that you do not purchase Acer laptops either.

I’ve written a follow-up article called The end of my Best Buy saga and I invite you to read it and if you care to dig it and Reddit it. In fact, I believe it is fair for the outcome of this story to be heard like the initial consumer warning was.

The laptop is finally back, with a brand-new screen: Thank you again everyone, and if you wish you can keep in contact by subscribing to my feed. He authored Ruby on Rails for Microsoft Developers (From, 2009) and Technical Blogging (The Pragmatic Bookshelf, 2012, 2019).

He is also the Marketing Lead for Cognitive Class, an educational initiative which he helped grow from zero to over 1 Million students. We can replace the remaining balance on a lost, stolen, or damaged gift card, as long as you have the original purchase receipt.

(Source: garrettmafiadorecife.blogspot.com)

While here to help, the opinions presented by me on this site do not represent the views or decisions of Best Buy and its affiliates. Authorized company representatives identified with -BBY after their names are able to address specific concerns or inquiries in greater detail.

The suspects, a male and a female, arrived at the Best Buy on Falls Parkway in a stolen Honda Pilot with a Wisconsin license plate of AKR6012. If you have any information regarding this incident, or if you recognize the suspects, please contact the Menomonee Falls Police Department at (262)532-8700.

To make an anonymous tip, contact Waukesha County Crime Stoppers at 1-888-441-5505. Jun 16, 2018 109 views Details I purchased 3 large alarm systems and cameras from best buy and also paid for their installation, they stay at my home until midnight just working on the first installation and could not get the system to work, so we cancelled everything and removal and they didn't even attempt to install the other 2 systems, it's been 6 weeks, and they have not returned my $6000, and they keep saying oh yes it's been refunded, and it never has, I have rung their head office management team, and they said they would look into it and get back to me, and they never have even though I have rung back their several times and left messages, I have been to the branch many times, and the person who sold me the system no longer works there and texted me saying that the company has issues and are no longer allowed to sell those security systems as the manufacturer has pulled out of dealing with best buy, my house has holes in it and has been damaged from this installation and what makes it worse is that we had a perfectly good working system in the house before we just wanted to upgrade, and now we have no protection at all, and we are our 6000 dollars as well.

Our content is free because we may earn a commission if you purchase products after clicking ads on our website. Our content is free because we may earn a commission if you purchase products after clicking ads on our website.

I recently requested a repair on my Surface Book 2 laptop. I gave the Surface Book 2 laptop WITH its Microsoft Surface 127W charger to the nearby BestBuy, so they can send it to the service center for repairs.

So, I don't even know the state of it since it won't turn on because it has no charge and Geek squad did NOT send me back my charger. I called Best Buy, Geek squad, and the local Best Buy that I sent it in and even used the Best Buy Live Chat and Geek squad Live Chat to see if they can send me back my charger, so I can use the laptop.

Spent over 4 hours calling Best Buy and Geek squad which was not helpful at all. When I called my local Best Buy, the person told me there was nothing about a charger being received which is NOT true.

I literally handed the Geek squad Agent the laptop AND charger since I was told by the Agent to also include the charger. So, the next thing this person does is just route my call to the Geek squad hotline with absolutely no further help and without even telling me.

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