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• Sunday, 27 December, 2020
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Show more See all customer reviews Product Description With 5 isolated and filtered outlet banks and connectivity for cable boxes, LAN, telephones and DSL modems, this power conditioner ensures that your home theater system and other electronic components remain protected from voltage fluctuation. Show more See all customer reviews Product Description With 5 isolated and filtered outlet banks and connectivity for cable boxes, LAN, telephones and DSL modems, this power conditioner ensures that your home theater system and other electronic components remain protected from voltage fluctuation.

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Even if it includes a cheap circuit breaker, a power strip is still essentially just an extension of your wall outlet, while a surge protector outlet includes a mechanism that either blocks or shorts electric current to keep the voltage at or below a safe threshold to keep your electronics protected. Though power spikes may not be an everyday event, there is really no reason not to incorporate a surge suppressor into your network to protect your expensive gadgets and electronics from failure.

Some surge protectors are designed to safeguard other types of electronic equipment like phone lines, Ethernet, satellite or coaxial cables. But it should be noted that even the best surge protectors will not keep your equipment running during a blackout and will not provide you with extra time to save the work on your computer when the power goes out.

A lower joule rating is fine for smaller items like your phone charger and the lamp on your bedside table, but you may want to get a suppressor with a higher rating if you're using it to protect your expensive custom-built home theater set-up, or if you live in an area that is prone to hurricanes or heavy thunderstorms. You'll also want to select a surge protector that offers you the right number of electrical ports, well-placed and not too close together, so you don't have to daisy-chain several surge protectors or power strips, a situation that is highly unlikely to provide you with the protection you want.

Top comment I didn't need quite this many plugs, but when I compared it to a more expensive surge protector also in the store that had 8 plugs, and had almost half the surge protection cap, it was a no-brainer... On top of that they provide two USB ports that provide power suitable for rapid-charging at 3 amps and a recessed power switch...on the surface this might not seem like a big deal, but ask anyone who has ever accidentally shut down their computer by bumping the power strip, or because a pet or child bumped/stepped on it, how nice it is not to have to worry about it anymore “ Show more See all customer reviews Product Description Safeguard computers and electronic devices with this reliable APC Surgeries surge protector.

This APC Home Office Surgeries surge protector has 11 outlets and two USB ports. Show more See all customer reviews Product Description Safeguard computers and electronic devices with this reliable APC Surgeries surge protector.

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Show more See all customer reviews Product Description Learn more about Magnolia Premium Installation This 8-outlet surge protector features an 1125-joule rating and cable, satellite, antenna and telephone line protection to shield a variety of sensitive computer and home theater components from power spikes and surges. Show more See all customer reviews Product Description With 5 isolated and filtered outlet banks and connectivity for cable boxes, LAN, telephones and DSL modems, this power conditioner ensures that your home theater system and other electronic components remain protected from voltage fluctuation.

While most accidents are preventable within our own reasonable control, events such as power surges are difficult to predict. A surge protector essentially stops this from happening by diverting excess voltage away from your expensive home electronics in the event of a power surge.

While extension cords and surge protectors may appear compatible on the surface, in general it is not a good idea to combine them. The quality and in particular the gauge (thickness) of extension cords varies, and they will often be incapable of handling the same load as a surge protector.

Some surge protectors include USB ports as well, in additional to traditional electrical sockets. Another option is a whole house surge protector, which may be incorporated at the primary source where electricity enters your home.

Whole house surge protectors are a bit pricier and must be properly installed to an electrical panel, but they can offer a broader blanket of coverage for all your electronics. It seems that we can no longer leave the house without using one of our digital devices to stay connected to everyone and anyone.

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When we look around our homes we can see that almost every power socket has some digital device connected to it. We are constantly plugging in our smartphones, tablets, and computers to recharge the batteries, so we can take them around with us wherever we go.

They are often the result of the electrical supply company switching the power back on after an outage. Lightning strikes can very easily cause a surge in your electrical supply, threatening anything that is plugged in.

This beneficial little device has been designed to protect your digital equipment from unexpected spikes in voltage by controlling the flow of electricity. Sometimes you just want a basic surge protector that will take care of some of your household’s smaller devices or kitchen gadgets.

This surge protector is ideal for use in smaller kitchens, charging devices and for use in kids’ rooms. A smaller home office would also benefit from having equipment plugged into this surge protector.

The power cord is long enough to reach where it’s needed, and it’s tough enough to withstand household foot traffic. In that time, they have consistently delivered quality to their consumers, and that, in large part, is why they are still an essential name in the business world today.

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With this GE 6 Outlet SurgeProtector, we are once again shown the amount of thought and care goes into each product. With six slots and a surge suppression rating of 800 joules, this is a device that can easily handle more heavy-duty gadgets and offer peerless protection to those tools.

This could be very convenient if you are in a room where the wall socket is located far away, and you would rather not move from your comfy spot simply because you want your device plugged in. This protects from potential shock and is a security feature you won’t find with many other extension cables out there.

There are also keyholes at the back of the extension, which make mounting it on the wall a viable option. Sporting a flat plug, it can be plugged into a wall socket behind a couch or other tight areas and the LED indicator light keeps you informed on the protection status of your appliances and can turn off multiple items at once.

With this many outlets, you have an idea of where all your electrical devices, and you never have to worry about forgetting where your tools are stored. The addition of two USB ports is a welcome bonus, and now you can also keep your phone or tablet protected along with the rest of your devices.

The Cable Matters surge protector comes with an 8-foot cord that is very expedient and allows you to use the power strip over a considerable distance easily. It’s also very handy when it comes to storing the surge protector as it can fit under a chair, saving you from a potential tripping hazard and allowing a significant degree of maneuverability when using it.

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The thick 14 AWG wire is also safe to carry about and is unlikely to tear or shock you. Armed with an in-built circuit breaker, it turns itself off when it detects excess current flowing into the strip, and it also sports holes at the back that aid with wall mounting and safe storage.

Overall, this is a power strip that provides incredible value from the affordable price to the USB ports. The Welkin 7-Outlet Power Strip SurgeProtector is a useful tool that is the perfect safeguard for your gadgets, including your home theater system.

As the name implies, it is equipped with seven power slots that have a combined joule energy rating of 2,320. It has two LED indicator lights, one that lets you know if your devices are secure and the other to alert you when the electrical wiring is not properly grounded.

It is accompanied by a heavy-duty 6-foot cord that is great to use over considerable distances and is easy to store away when not in use. What’s more, Welkin has implemented top-quality designs and construction into this power strip that makes it the ideal option when protecting your appliances from damaging voltage fluctuations, surges, and spikes.

However, it should be noted that, like most surge protectors, you need to ensure that you do not plug in too many high-energy gadgets at once and be careful of moist environments and places that restrict airflow to the power strip. If you are in the market for a reliable surge protector for your home theater system, then the Welkin comes highly recommended.

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This Welkin SurgeProtector allows you to plug in up to 12 devices making it perfect for the office. There is a neat little indicator that lets you know your smart home devices are protected, and you will never have to worry about any spikes or fluctuations in your electrical supply.

It comes with a built-in voltage sensor that responds to the needs of every device you plug in and will adjust the power supply accordingly. The housing of this surge protector is considerably stronger than many others making it a very durable device that you will protect your precious equipment for longer.

This one is also nice and quiet thanks to the power filtration system and the sleek design means you can tuck it away where it won’t be noticed. It’s not always convenient to cart around a lot of equipment when you travel, but you still want to protect your devices when you’re on the road.

You can connect 3 of your devices into this surge protector and there are also 2 USB ports for some of your other bits and pieces. These USB ports also deliver 2.1 AMPs for faster charging of your smartphone, tablets and other small devices.

If you have a home entertainment system, complete with a gaming console, you’ll be looking at a lot of plugs that need a socket. This monster surge protector can take 12 of your devices and protect them through power spikes and surges.

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The heavy-duty power cord can be plugged in across the room and can withstand lots of trampling. This makes Welkin 12-Outlet Pivot-Plug Power Strip SurgeProtector perfect for the home office with limited wall sockets.

As surge protectors go, this one has been designed to take up as little space as possible and the 8 rotating sockets make it simple to plug in all of your devices. The housing is damage resistant, so it is durable enough for use in a busy family home or office and the power filtration means it will operate quietly in the background.

You can plug in all of your home office equipment into HOL SEM 12 Outlets SurgeProtector Power Strip. The neat little on/off switch makes turning everything off at the end of the day simple.

The 4000-joule energy rating is ideal for computers, laser printers, telephones, and home theater systems making it perfect for your games and entertainment room. If you don’t want to leave this surge protector on the floor, you can easily mount on the wall behind your desk.

Protect your devices and appliance from lightning surges and spikes in electrical supply with this SurgeProtector Power Strip from APC. You can charge all of your devices via this surge protector and sleep easy, knowing your electronics are protected.

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This particular model has a surge protection rating of 2880 joules which is great for plugging in and charging all those devices we used to stay connected. This is the perfect surge protector to set up in the middle of the room and plug in the devices you need.

Make sure you also check our guide to the best smart plugs for more great items like this. Six 360 rotating outlets adjust to fit a wide variety of large plugs.

Auto shutdown technology cuts power in the event of a major surge. On/off switch with integrated 15-amp overload circuit breaker reset for easy recovery.

You can plug in 10 of your devices of larger pieces of office equipment, or you can set up a complete gaming system with a computer, consoles and multiple add-ons. The indicator light lets you know it is working, and it includes and integrated circuit breaker to save your devices.

The mounting holes make it easy to put this surge protector on a wall or back board, so it is conveniently out of the way. This model also includes fast charging USB ports for those days when you need your gadgets charged fast before heading out the door and two of the outlets make it easy to plug in larger plugs or transformers.

surge protector wall power outlet tap strip mount usb outlets protection desk mountable ports travel under office portable socket durable
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You just plug it into a wall outlet, and you can start charging up to 6 of your portable devices. This surge protector is a perfect companion when you are on the road as you can effortlessly charge all of your devices at the end of the day, without going in search of wall sockets all over the room.

This model is great for protecting your electronics in the event of lightning storms or power surges. It offers an extra degree of safety for your equipment, particularly in older homes where the electrical supply may be a little less stable.

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