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Brent Mccoy
• Thursday, 17 December, 2020
• 12 min read

If you just want to know if something works with Reminder or not, please check the Hardware Compatibility sections in the forum, and the Wiki first. I've just come across these Am crest IP2M-841 Proud 1080P (1920TVL) Wi-Fi IP Security Cameras which are only $98.60, shipped! They have quite a lot of features and seem to be pretty good quality.

zoneminder cctv surveillance ubuntu camera dengan dan captured tell process then
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I remember cameras with this quality and features were $100-200+ just a year or two ago (and many still are in that price range, even today, including some Reminder recommended ones! To me this camera looks very visually similar to (or perhaps is the latest evolution of) the Fiscal 9000 series, so that would seem to make sense, although this is pure speculation on my part (and/or I thought I might have read that somewhere, plus my own observations).

The only thing that makes me leery is this guy's generally negative opinions about Fiscal as a company, in particular the way he specifically cited AstroTurf 5-star comments on Amazon as their marketing strategy. I am not sure if that is really the case, or perhaps instead this reviewer (Marc) is just much more tech-savvy and has higher expectations than most people.

Based on reading Marc's Linux Blog above, it seems to me that IP cameras have come a long way, and that he had a pretty frustrating time dealing with many early models. I actually feel pretty bad for the guy, but give him a lot of credit for blazing a trail.

Perhaps the time is right and technology has progressed to the point where IP cameras are matured and prices have come down to a reasonable level? I had been searching around the internet looking for additional reviews, haven't found many yet (although admittedly I didn't have much time) but I did find a Reddit discussion where apparently some people found these as low as ~$70 USD around the holidays; checking on CamelCamelCamel confirms this.

My low resolution is set up for 8fps, 720p, h264 pass-through mode, and I'm still getting about 70Gigs from it in 24 hours. I'm thinking of upgrading my system to POE cameras and with much better specs than what I have now.

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Any suggestion for what to buy as a POE switch that won't brake the bank. Currently, thinking of getting some Am crest 5MP cameras as they seem to be cheap enough, or maybe Relink... No PTZ, so 15watt per port is fine.

I thought about getting like an old school Cisco 3750 or even older (3560), as you can find them fairly cheap on Facebook/Craigslist. But those things are very power hungry, pulling up to 500 watts, and noisy as well, not very practical for home application.

Server running KM and Pinhole directly connected to edge router. So I wanted to isolate them entirely from internet as currently I have only one network and the only means of denying internet access I use is DNS blocking via Pinhole, and that Pinhole just gets hammered all the time by them.

The problem with that setup would be, the PC I use as a server is HP elite 8300 SFF. Since I run pinhole in the same server I would need reliable connection to it for entire home network.

I have a camera monitoring my driveway and notice is always misses motion near the edges of its vision. I want the camera to check the entire FOR, so I left it at default settings.

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That means the list below is only as good as those who chose to maintain it. Most modern IP cameras are ONVIA compliant, which means most modern IP cameras should work with Reminder.

You should verify one can adjust camera parameters such as frame rate, resolution, contrast, etc. If your camera is not listed, it does not mean that it won't work with Reminder.

IP Video Encoders are generally easier to use and maintain than PCI / Capture cards. The Across IP9100, Models A, B and Plus has four analog video inputs.

You can also find more details on the BTT module, such as parameters to pass via insmod, in the kernel and on the v4l wiki 2nd link Any regular composite or S-video camera connected via a supported capture card.

Cam OPTIC PRO (V4L2, Chan 0, PAL, BUY) Most Video cameras, including: Advent AWC213, Creative Labs VF0420, Logitech Quickly Express, Logitech HD C270, Quickly Pro 3000, Quickly Pro 4000, Quickly Communicate STX/Deluxe, Logitech Webcam Pro 9000, Webcam C250, and Logitech C525.

zoneminder escam devin
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To find out if your hardware is supported, check the HCL Single board computers such as the Raspberry Pi, Droid, BeagleBoard, and many others.

Both of which refer to the same thing, but aren't actually helpful. I checked the /var/run/zm, and it has the appropriate permissions and is clearly creating the .sock files there: Camera is streaming out 1920×1080, I can use the source URL in VLC, and it views fine.

I find it to be a better built doorbell, and it doesn’t lock up under the same conditions as Bell. Note: Oct 8, 2019: A public CVE was recently filed here about certain vulnerabilities related to an old version of Bell.

Note that I don’t have a smart relay for a door lock. That being said, I don’t trust any small company with security unless they are very specialized.

I’ve blocked Bell’s P2P system on my firewall a long time ago and don’t allow any external traffic to hit the bell. Note Sep 2019: The Bell can be affected by overheating if you are always streaming.

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My bell faces the sun and KM is constantly streaming from it. During summer (May – Aug), the combination of the sun and streaming overheats the Application Processor (AP) and it shuts down every few days.

For those who have been following my work, I developed a machine learning server for Reminder. A lot of users have since installed it and have posted many interesting object detection use-cases.

I reached out to both, letting them know I am a Reminder developer and wanted to use their bell, so I could hook my system up. Door Bird responded within 24 hours and told me about how I could sign up to get a demo unit at 50% of their cost.

I wrote back to Door Bird about how I go about doing that, but it took them a while to respond, so in the meantime, I contacted Bell via email. Did not receive a response from Bell, but I called them up, and we chatted for quite a while.

All of that being said, In general I applaud companies who let their doorbell cameras work with personal DVRs. They had a video explaining it. I had it done in around 15 minutes (which includes disabling my existing chimes).

solved screen
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I broke a clip while trying to install it and hacked the back with some new screws and superglue. Press here to ask for Canadian Maple WhiskeySetting it up in Reminder was easy.

Bell through ninja (1280×720) Setting up for Face Recognition Now that I had streaming working, it was time to set up so that my app would receive notifications when people or known faces came by.

(Updated Sep 2019: I finally paid a handyman to move my bell up by a foot. The nice part with Bell is they included a “wedge” in their box that lets you install it at 30 degrees left or right.

So I had to devise a way to use KM zones to grab an image before they hit my doorbell call button. As you may know, I am not analyzing streaming video, due to performance reasons.

Challenge #3: Face recognition performance was terrible with CNN It is reasonably old and not meant for graphics computing applications (no GPU too).

settings 600d canon camera t3i setting dslr
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I don’t have real time performance needs today. Now that I actually had a good use-case for face recognition, I tweaked my machine learning event server with some optimizations.

Yes, I have many cameras As you see above, my Doorbell (Bell) camera detected me when I walked up. That coupled with Bell’s IR performance makes face detection impossible at night.

Dbell is a startup, and they are trying hard to survive in a space where big companies are flooding the market. The camera angle of view isn’t wide enough for a 3.5 ft doorbell as I wrote earlier.

I moved my bell location to 4.5ft recently (Sep 2019) and now faces are detected, pretty much 99% of times Their IOS app is buggy (crashes every once in a while, but starts up again. Basically when we tested calls they were choppy and delayed and often hard to often understand (I have excellent Wi-Fi coverage) so maybe it was an app issue and not HW.

With modern systems like Google Wi-Fi mesh (which I have), you can’t force connect to 2.4GHz if your phone supports 2.4 AND 5 GHz. So I had to walk away from my house to disconnect from 5GHz and latch on 2.4GHz (5GHz range is less) and then setup was easy.

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