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Whether you brave it alone, play with friends, or go online to team up with others, battling against a horde of zombies is a lot of fun and throughout the years there have been some incredible versions of it. Updated by Matthew Wilkinson on April 18th, 2020: The Zombies' mode of Call Of Duty has always proven to be incredibly popular, with every map having some positives and negatives.

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Anybody who has played Buried will know all too well how scary and creepy this map is, with the haunted house being a terrifying experience that is not really recommended for people who get scared easily. This map came under some criticism for being a little gimmicky when it was first released, with the game allowing you to play as famous world leaders; John F. Kennedy, Fidel Castro, and Richard Nixon.

Some gamers were unable to look past that fact early on, but, once you got to play the Five map, it was a lot of fun, with tight spaces and very few places to hide keeping you on the edge of your toes throughout. Five also brought a new form of enemy with the Pentagon Thai, who took things to a new level with his attempts to steal your weapons, causing problems for people throughout.

It felt like one big game of Clue by taking place in a huge mansion, and COD did a great job of bringing more than just Zombies into things, with vampires and werewolves helping to make this even scarier than normal. Charles Dance, Kaiser Sutherland, Brian Blessed, and Helena Botham Carter were all featured here, and they added a lot of fun.

Inspired by the 1940s New Orleans Jazz scene, the fictional More City was a perfect environment and switched things up for Zombies, going from the traditional bleak colors to something a little more vibrant, which was met with positive and negative feedback. This is the final map in the series, and, because of that, everything is ramped up to make this very difficult, although it does bring the story arch together satisfyingly that left everyone happy.

Her Eisendrache may just take the number one prize in terms of visuals, with this map being absolutely stunning to play through with incredible detail-packed to both interact with and in the background. The elemental staves added something fresh to the combat, with giant robots walking around the landscape, giving something else to the gamer to think about, with a look to the sky being needed to avoid being crushed.

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This map was full of story reveals that brought things to an end in a perfect way, mixing emotion and impactful moments with fantastic gameplay and graphics. If you want a really fun Zombies experience, then Mob of the Dead is probably the perfect choice for you, with a fantastic atmosphere with a gangster feel that also didn't take itself overly seriously.

This map did have elements of dark humor which were welcomed, while also having an incredible story that had a real thriller feel with a brilliant payoff that was well worth dedicating some time for. Taking place on Alcatraz, the location chosen was superb and fit the zombies franchise well, with a hidden Johnny Cash song and the return of the introduction of the Tommy Gun, this map had it all.

This was the starting point for Zombies, with this being a surprise mini-game that people weren't aware of until they unlocked it, which took place after players completed the World at War's main solo campaign. Once you had made your way through the game you actually bought, you were given a huge bonus of the Yacht Her Unto ten map, which provided an incredible experience that nobody had prepared for.

While it still has the dark theme that would be expected from the game, it also has some amazingly vibrant neon lights that give the map a pop of color. The whole map takes place in a zombie infected amusement park with rides blaring around and a hilarious MC who keeps things entertaining throughout.

Since Her Raise originally debuted within World at War, Trey arch has remastered the map on two more occasions, proving it is a major hit for the franchise, and that is why it ranks so highly on this list. The brilliance of this map was that it had a genuinely eerie and strange feel to it, with the theater being the main hub, with deserted and ripped apart chairs, cobwebs everywhere, and a dark moody atmosphere.

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Spanning three different games (sorry Nintendo DS we're not including you for this one) the Zombies franchise has a cult following and for good reason. There are insanely detailed and hard to execute Easter eggs, stories that run so much deeper than you'd ever imagine, and honestly some of the funnest gameplay you can ever experience with your friends.

We're even including Black Ops 3 zombie maps as they come out, so you can vote those up if they're wonderful. You're almost always in close quarters, there are obstacles like mud to slow you down, and oh, yeah, there's a giant freaking robot trying to crush you with his feet.

The Easter egg on origins is the hardest to pull off, and when you finally do, you'll be scratching your head at what has just been presented to you. One of the many levels where you play as a guest cast, Mob of the Dead is definitely a fan favorite among Zombie freaks.

Her Eisendrache is a visually stunning map with a lot of interesting things to marvel at, but if you're planning on completing this Easter Egg, you better know what you're doing. Upgrading the fire bow can be ridiculously hard, requiring precision no scope shots to hit a target while flying through the air.

King her Token introduced crawler zombies to the game, which became crucial in gearing up for the next round. The attention to detail and visual aesthetic are definitely two things which add to the finesse of the entire experience.

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Players look forward to every new rendition because of the upgrades, the new buildable, the clever Easter eggs, and weapons that add a terrific edge to the gameplay. Keep in mind that the ideal map would be handy, impeccably designed, and actually make the player's job easier instead of dragging the game unnecessarily.

The map takes place in an abandoned Group 935 Siberian outpost, with a shipwrecked freighter, a lighthouse, and a rather empty coast, which made the design all the more intriguing. The mythical thematic design of this map won a lot of accolades from Cod loyalists.

The map set in Delphi makes way for the finale to the Chaos storyline and was designed to be versatile and continues to be a major fan-favorite. The map's Sentinel Artifact is located in the Amphitheater, and grants access to the lower parts of the city once activated.

The Wundersphere is the most efficient way of commuting in Her Eisendrache, and for 500 points, players can instantly fly off from one landing pad to another. This map uses Black Ops 3's gameplay systems, but that actually works in its favor, lending it a unique kind of simplicity.

The Panzer Sold at was the new enemy in this one, it was a zombie in a mechanized suit and uses a flamethrower, but is actually easy to destroy with some focus. The best thing about the map is definitely the Easter egg, but the military-led approach to visual styling was also widely appreciated by players.

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It occurs within Alcatraz Island, where four players make a break from their cells and scavenge for scrap parts to build a plane. Players need to find as many useful items as possible while fighting zombies, and the design of this set-up was quite old school and easy to immersive.

Besides three musical Easter eggs, there’s buildable like the returning Zombie Shield and the new Acid At Kit, a new Perk-a-Cola called Electric Cherry, which is superbly clever because it creates a barrier around the player when they’re reloading! It’s also the most gratifying map, especially for the pros, because once the player figures out a way to accumulate the zombies for confrontation, things get fascinating.

When C all Duty: World At War first launched, no one could have imagined the Zombies Mode would have become what it is today. While many players pick up the newest title in the franchise each year for its online competitive multiplayer, the Zombies Mode has built itself a dedicated fan base who purchases the titles solely to fight endless waves of the undead.

Originally released in the second DLC pack of Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Mob Of The Dead has players control four new protagonists in the series Finn O'Leary, Albert Arlington, Salvatore Delta, and Billy Handsome. This time visiting Alcatraz, players take control of the Black Ops Zombies main cast: Dempsey, Nikolai Babinski, Take Masai, and Edward Richthofen.

Although Infinite Warfare was not loved by fans, their Zombies Mode was actually quite fun. In this map, players control four aspiring actors fighting in Space land Theme Park, United States of America.

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What makes this '80s movie-themed map memorable, however, is the inclusion of '80s icon David Hasselhoff as the theme park DJ. Changing the tone of the iconic mode was a risk that paid off immensely.

If you were to ask many fans of Zombies what the worst map is, there is a good chance they will say The Tortured Path from Call of Duty: WW2. Throughout the serie's run Zombies has been a continuous wave-based mode, however, The Tortured Path tried to change the status quo.

While players still face enemies in waves, they are also forced to complete small missions during several rounds. Furthermore, while other maps have tried to incorporate sub-maps, The Tortured Paths are visually dull and forgettable.

When it comes to Call Of Duty Zombies, Trey arch has made some incredible maps. Set in a fictional 1940s More City, which was based on Chicago, players are forced to fight off endless waves of the undead after the Shadow man sends the characters to a supernatural realm.

Although Trey arch has crafted some of the most amazing Zombies maps, Transit proves that the studio is not perfect. One of the best maps Call Of Duty has ever released for the Zombies Mode is Origins.

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In this map, players control of younger versions of the Black Ops Zombies characters Dempsey, Nikolai, Richthofen, and Take. What is even more frustrating, however, are the several survivors that players need to protect throughout the match and the Emus that shut off the Ex suit abilities.

About The Author Nicolas Jackson (26 Articles Published) NIC is a freelance video game journalist from Vancouver, British Columbia. “Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies has returned.

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