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Voting closed 2 months local of Duty Zombies is a first-person shooter survival mode developed by Trey arch, Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer Games, and Raven Software and published by Activision. I’d recommend doing this early on and upgrading it as you go, since being able to choose your own attachments is a fantastic way to maximize your salvage and loot drops.

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No more messing around then, here’s the ideal loadout you should be bringing with you into Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s Zombies mode. With how this game’s Prestige and progression works, you’ll receive unlocks no matter what mode you play.

I’ve found this one really useful for getting out of certain jams, and it’s saved me no small number of times when zombies get me cornered. It takes a second or so to activate, but you’ll get the hang of it, and using your Ether Shroud is a LOT better than getting downed.

When you start camping in corners to take out loads of zombies in later rounds, this bad boy will be an absolute godsend. Of course, start rolling for the Ray Gun when money stops being an issue, as having this in your back pocket along with your Gallo SA12 will make you extremely hard for the undead to take down.

Players can create their own loadouts for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies. Players are able to create their own class similar to the online multiplayer mode.

Originally, players began the game with a pistol and would need to generate enough points to purchase stronger weapons. This adds the benefit of giving a player a machine gun or sniper fairly early into the game.

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Continue scrolling to keep readingClick the button below to start this article in quick view. It's easier than ever before to unlock everything players want for a specific gun by jumping into the zombie mode.

Ether Shroud: This field upgrade allows players a few moments to become invisible. The zombie's mode has been a staple in the Call of Duty titles developed by Trey arch.

Endless rounds of zombie hordes attack the player until they either escape or die trying. His hobbies consist of creating content on YouTube and streaming videos games on Twitch.

His YouTube channel has generated over 185,000 subscribers and 35 million total video views. This guide is broken down into Chapters and Topics, a Chapter defines the content of the Topics (“Buildable” contains all relevant info to Buildable) to make all the guides easier to navigate and read.

This is a breakdown of all the Game Features of Die Machine, such as the Mystery Box, Essence, Weapons, Equipment, etc. To activate the power, you can follow the purple arrows around the map that will direct you into the facility.

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Once power has been activated you will be required to press 2 more buttons inside the particle accelerator room that will open an interdimensional anomaly to the Dark Ether in the center of the particle accelerator. Once you enter the Dark Ether you will have a limited time until you are pulled back into the normal daylight based map.

In order to access Pack-a-Punch you will need to have first turned power on and activated the interdimensional anomaly to the Dark Ether. Enter the Dark Ether portal Make your way up either the Pond or the Crash Site area of the map and enter the Ether Portal which is highlighted, and you will be transported to a small area where you can pick up a piece of the Pack-A-Punch machine.

There are challenges you can activate in the Control Room area of the facility that will reward the player when completing tasks. And with each tier comes different rewards ranging from a power up drop to a wonder weapon.

Crafting tables are a new addition with Black Ops Cold War which have a range of different uses(will update with full details) with the new currency “Salvage.” There is a range of new weapons and equipment in Die Machine and along with Black Ops Cold War comes a new rarity tier system.

In the Particle Accelerator room near the medical bay there is a platform with an armor and weapons upgrading machine. You will need to use salvage in order to upgrade your armor and weapons tiers.

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In order to start the main quest you must have turned the power on and activated Pack-A-Punch. The Arthroscope is a buildable item that has 3 spawns across the map that will only appear when inside the Dark Ether.

Enter the Dark Ether Portal that spawns in the doorway between the Medical bay and the Particle Accelerator. You will be able to find another anomaly upstairs in the medical bay outside the Observation Deck that you need to interact with.

This will start a short cutscene where zombies will stop attacking you and once the cutscene is finished you will be taken out of the Dark Ether and a Dark Ether Wrench will spawn on the ground where the two spirits were having a conversation. Make your way over to the Yard/Spawn and interact with the tank 3 times to wake up the zombie that is inside it and then kill it.

Throw an explosive into the manhole of the tank, and it will shoot a bullet at a nearby tree near Stamina. Make your way over to the Crash Site area near Stamina and you will be able to find a Decontamination Unit on the floor in front of the tree, you will need to pick this up and take it all the way over to the medical bay and insert it into the machine where you picked up the Dark Ether Wrench.

Once you have split the Megaton you will need to get both halves to go underneath the Containment Tube. They will be sucked inside the tube, and you will need to go up the stairs in the Medical Bay and interact with the computer to trigger the in0-game cutscene.

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(Note: All players in the game must be in the observation room to activate the computer) After the cutscene is over you will be in a small lock-down situation where a lot of Megatons and Plague hounds will spawn in, simply kill these to continue to the next step. Enter the Dark Ether from the portal in Yacht Her Unto ten's “Living Room,” and make your way over to the Omega Control Room, you will find an anomaly that will spawn in Orlon's spirit and a mini cutscene.

Once this cutscene is over, and you return from the Dark Ether there will be a “Photograph of Orlon's Family” where the ghost spawned. Pick this up, and you will be immediately teleported into the Particle Accelerator room for the boss fight.

You will need to protect Orlon whilst he disables the particle accelerator at 3 locations around the room. During this “boss fight” Plague hounds, Kayaks, Megaton Splitters and Bombers, and normal zombies will spawn in.

Once Orlon has begun destroying the machine you will have 90 seconds to get to the Email at the pond but beams of light will spawn around the map that will instantly down you. Take the key card to the weapons lab and insert it into the computer opposite the mystery box and pick up the golden D.I.E.

Go up to the Yacht Her Unto ten area of the map to the “Living Room” section and look through the blue gap in the wall(image required) and interact with it. You will need to have done at least Part 1 of the Main Quest and input the password into the computer before you can continue this upgrade process.

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Machine alternate suction mechanic to bring the canister to you and then you can pick it up. Make your way to the Weapons Lab and down the stairs where Dead shot Daiquiri is and insert the canister into the West walls “Clearing Unit” and then kill a Plague hound in front of the machine.

Shoot the box off the top of the ledge from the roof of Yacht facing towards the pond. Image location Make your way down to the pond area and pick up the flask.

Have a Megaton spit its radioactive goop at the fungus on the tree next to where you picked up the flask. To play the song the player(s) must find and interact with 3 cassette tapes around the map.

Enter the Dark Ether for the first time and build Pack-a-Punch Once you’ve returned, go down to the Particle Accelerator room and search for five blue floating orbs. The locations are as follows: Once all five orbs are shot, you will be teleported back to the Dark Ether.

You can use the terminal with a smiley face on the coffin to choose the rarity in which you want your reward. Look to the right side of Quick Revive and you should notice the screen beginning to shake, along with a large, distant monster walking along the outside boundaries of the map.

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NameDescriptionHow to ObtainHeavy Metal In Die Machine, forge the Pack-A-Punch machine. Guide Here Care D.I.E.M. In Die Machine, free the lost Decompressive Isotopic Estrangement Machine. Seal the Deal! In Die Machine, close the rift. Complete the Easter Eggo Birds, One Stone In Die Machine, kill the two split Megatons with one shot. Use either the Ray gun or Upgraded D.I.E. Nightmare at 20 feet In Die Machine, kill 100 enemies without leaving the top of the crashed plane windmill 100 enemies from the plane wingEntamaphobiaIn Die Machine, stay in the Yard for 15 rounds... CraftworkIn Die Machine, craft 14 different types of items in one match. Use the crafting tables around the map and create 14 different itemsSocket-To-MeIn Zombies, upgrade a skill In the zombies' menu purchase any upgrade with Ethereum Crystals Packing Zombies, upgrade 6 Perk Skills to Tier Himself Explanatory This is a complete overview of the Storyline, Lore, Radios, Ciphers, etc.

There are TBC different ciphers unlocked through the Intel system scattered around Die Machine. If you want to further improve this guide or report a fix, please message me /u/voidbowaintthatbad privately or the Subreddit's mod mail.

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