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David Lawrence
• Friday, 15 January, 2021
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These new Seasonal items will let you indulge in forbidden love with the Orifice and Hiroshi outfits, or take a wild ride with the Rodeo-Style Springy Ride-On This Total- Wipe out -inspired battle royale is an utter blast, but in the heat of the moment you don’t want to be fumbling over how to jump, dive or grab.

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To that end, we’ve put together a quick Fall Guys controls guide that’ll inform you of all the buttons you need. © MediatonicFall Guys: Ultimate Knockout only has a few controls to worry about, but the action is so hectic that it really pays to learn them in advance.

A well-timed dive can get you over the finish line ahead of the competition, and grabbing is essential to certain levels and modes. Practice diving as well, because while it’s slow when you hit the ground, it’s faster than running for that final leap over the line.

He spent his younger life studying the laws of physics, even going so far as to complete a PhD in the subject before video game journalism stole his soul. But while those big marquee exclusives trickled out slowly, the PS4 held on by delivering the best console versions of most third-party games.

Now, the PS4 is knocking out multiple big exclusives every year, including Final Fantasy VII Remake, Ghost of Sushi, and The Last of Us Part II in 2020. Throughout the PS4's lifespan, however, Sony's DualShock 4 has proven the best wireless controller to experience all the PS4's games with--especially since all it takes is the push of a button to share incredible moments like a hilarious glitch or beating a Blood borne boss without getting touched.

Sony recently released a back-button accessory that maps two of the DualShock 4's buttons and lets you keep your thumbs on the analog sticks when you want to crouch, jump, reload, or anything in between. However, it doesn't bridge the gap completely, and the battery on the DualShock 4 eventually means you have to use whatever controller charger you have lying around just to play longer sessions.

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When it comes to the best PS4 controller not made by Sony itself, Scum has a couple of great pads in the Infinity4PS Pro and the Vantage 2, both of which feature back paddles and a number of other excellent customizable parts--you can even replace the Infinity4PS Pro's trigger buttons with click, mouse-like buttons. Racer also has a pair of great controllers that feature extra buttons, multiple configuration profiles, and trigger stops.

Sony has confirmed that while PS4 controllers will technically work with the PS5 console, they won't be compatible with PS5 games. This might disincentive you from buying a new controller, but if you're looking for a more dedicated controller for a specific game (like a nightstick or fight pad), you might take comfort in knowing it won't go to waste once you start playing your favorite game on the Sony's upcoming console.

The Vantage 2 is Scum's premium PS4 controller and an excellent choice for those who prefer the off-set analog sticks similar to those found on the Xbox One. I found certain configurations were better for shooters, while fighting games benefited from replacing the D-pad with the included circle pad and shorter trigger pulls.

You can use the Vantage 2 across a wide selection of games effectively--and on PC--using the Micro-USB port and cable, which is awesome considering how great it feels to use the controller. The face buttons are rounded and are satisfying to push, the back paddles are aligned in extremely comfortable positions, and the D-Pad is one sturdy piece that makes going left-to-right and up-to-down much easier than the official DualShock 4--this can be especially effective in games like Mortal Kombat 11.

The one downside is that the battery life can feel a little short, requiring you to charge it daily with a micro USB cable if you're playing a game for long sessions. Impressive build quality Modular nature lets you swap the left analog stick with D-pad Excellent ergonomics Programmable back paddles are very comfortable to use 2.4GHz wireless connection provides great low-latency experience...

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Castro is well-known for its high-end gaming headsets and audio equipment, but the brand has recently ventured into professional-grade controllers with the C40 Tournament Edition. The ease of use extends to the triggers and bumpers; their shape and low actuation resistance is a definite upgrade over the DualShock 4.

The Scum Infinity4PS Pro is perfect for anyone who likes the DualShock 4's shape and design but wants a little extra customization and utility on top of the form of the official controller. These delightful features are all par for the course for a Scum controller, but it's the different types of customizable triggers that make the Infinity4PS Pro so special.

Interchangeable D-pad and thumb sticks Satisfying, click buttons Curved triggers are comfortable to use and rest fingers on Extra shoulder buttons are placed perfectly on top of controller Easy remapping via Rail app Able to swap between remapped configurations on the fly The Rail Ultimate features the same analog stick placement as the DualShock 4 and boasts interchangeable thumb sticks and D-Pad.

They click satisfyingly like a gaming mouse and are easy to press with your fingers resting on the triggers. One of the modular D-pads is actually just four directional buttons, while the other is one solid piece of plastic that makes it easier to hit diagonals in fighting games.

Satisfying is a great way to describe using Racer's Rail Ultimate, and using the Rail app for mobile devices makes remapping the extra buttons and creating new profiles extremely easy--you can even swap between profiles with a button on the controller. If you're looking for an Elite-style controller with the same stick placement as the DualShock 4, then Racer's Rail Ultimate will work excellently in nearly every situation.

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Unable to swap between remapped configurations on the fly Mostly plastic body feels cheap in comparison to the Rail Ultimate Square back paddles aren't as comfortable as other controllers It still features the back paddles and extra shoulder buttons, but it doesn't have as many bells and whistles as the Rail Ultimate.

The analog sticks, on the other hand, aren't quite as smooth-feeling as the Ultimate's, as they're made of plastic as opposed to metal, but they still feel good. And thankfully, you can still remap the extra buttons with the Rail app, though you won't be able to swap profiles on the controller itself.

In short, the Rail Tournament Edition may feel cheaper than the Ultimate, but it's still a great controller, especially if you prefer the off-set analog stick placement. With the Rain, you don't need to switch to a fully-featured controller for things like character customization within your favorite fighting games.

It's a premium fight stick with a base made entirely of aluminum, making it feel like an absolute tank. Thankfully, the stick is also extremely comfortable to place on your lap and use across Street Fighter V, Dragon Ball Fighter, Taken 7, Soulcalibur 6, or just about any other fighting game.

It also feels sturdy, and unlike cheaper sticks, I wasn't worried it would break while I was in the middle of some particularly desperate matches. There's a small, yet pleasing amount of throw between the beginning of the push to the end, with a satisfying click to accentuate each button press.

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The pleasing feel of the buttons made it much more enjoyable trying to learn new combos, and I found myself becoming more effective in Dragon Ball Fighter as a result. The Pro buttons allow the player to program L3 and R3 to two of them, while the third is used for Training Mode--it resets the characters' positioning in various supported games.

It costs as much as a console, which can deter some players, but if you're looking for the best fighting experience on PS4 and are serious about competitive play, then this excellent wired controller is for you. If you're looking to save a little money but still want an excellent fight stick, then the Racer Panther Eve is worth considering.

The plastic stick manages to hold up well; the buttons have a small throw and click satisfyingly as you knock out combos. The Xbox One's Racer Matrix is a great fight stick, but it's slightly outshone by the Panther Eve when it comes to sheer playability.

Its build quality is further enhanced by the responsive and click Hayabusa buttons--Hori's proprietary hardware--as well as the excellent cable compartment that feels tight and secure, making it easy to roll up the cable and keep it tucked away safely in between sessions. It would be a near-flawless design if the joystick itself was metal, just to give it a sturdier feel, though the plastic version still performed well in my time with the Fighting Edge.

One particular feature set that’s always appreciated in fight sticks is the replication of every function you find on a standard controller. The Horn Fighting Edge has buttons for L3, R3, and share in addition to switches for right-stick control and Tournament Mode, the latter of which is used to turn off all non-critical functions during a match.

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Its buttons and joystick perform well during intense battles, while its sturdy build quality is sure to hold up over a long time. This achievement can be gotten at any of the courses but an easy way to do it is from the main menu select “practice”, then choose the avatar you want to use, then for the difficulty select “tryouts”.

It will then ask you to choose your course, select Wipe out zone Tryouts”. Then play through this course without getting any wipe outs until you get to the balance beam.

When it asks you which character you want to be just select either one of them and finish the episode. It is when everyone is on a platform, and you need to jump and crouch to avoid getting kicked off.

You need to jump and crouch when the bars turn green. It will get very fast at around the 20-second mark so you're going to need to stay focused until you get 30.

He doesn't get the achievement in the video so this is just to make sure everyone understands what the sweeper is and what to do. Just run forward to the first obstacle and get knocked off before the timer hits five seconds.

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The only way I could do this was on practice mode on easy difficulty, Wipe out Zone B. An early obstacle are these hammers that slap down on top of you, get hit by one, and it might pick you up and sling you back.

Make sure the person with the account you want the achievement on wins. Play as a female character during a multiplayer game.

At certain checkpoints during the game you will be allowed to blast your opponent. The best place to get this is in practice mode, easy difficulty, Wipe out zone B.

One of the early obstacles are hammers that will come at you and sling you back. Completed a Mimic Board as Jill Wagner.

There is a huge mud pit in episode three during the qualifier round. Once you get to it just backpedal from the front all the way to the back, you will get this achievement while doing that.

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Big Balls are in pretty much in every episode on qualifier round, so you should not have any problems finding them. It will then ask you to choose your course, select Wipe out Zone Tryouts”.

You need to make sure you are running at full speed because if your character starts walking/jogging the time will restart. This one can be got in numerous places but the easiest one I found is going from the main menu select “practice”, then choose the avatar you want to use, then for the difficulty select “tryouts”.

It will then ask you to choose your course, select Wipe out Zone Tryouts”. Keep going until you are on treadmill moving forward wanting you to duck under the bars.

Don't crouch and just start backpedaling for 15 seconds on the treadmill. The best place to get this is in Practice mode on the course 6 qualifiers.

Now you just need to walk really slow, long enough, so you can be on the beam for 15 seconds. Do not get hit at all by the sweeper arms coming up because it needs to b uninterrupted.

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You can teeter back and forth but make sure you don't fall off, and you keep moving. Finished Bruise ball without touching any mud or water.

During Bruise ball you need to complete it without touching any mud or water. This is pretty easy and can be done in multiple area but the easiest one for me was from the main menu select “practice”, then choose the avatar you want to use, then for the difficulty select “tryouts”.

It will then ask you to choose your course, select Wipe out zone Tryouts”. The Crankshaft is a rotating thing that look like the picture in the link below.

If you get hit by the very end piece, and it knocks you forward into the next area then you will get the achievement. Bounced between the Mega Big Balls 10 times and loved it.

If you fall you will land on the big balls, just fly off into the water and try again. There are many pumps throughout the game, but if you can't find one there is one during the Wipe out Zone in episode eight.

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Anyways, there are two good ways that people have unlocked this achievement, just try whichever one works the best for you: Lock you elbows slightly out from your sides and swing your hands from shoulder height down quickly.

Adjust the speed of your swings and timing with the avatar. It does not matter if the pump is no longer moving, you might just be going too fast for the game.

Go to any pump, and swing both arms around in front of you in a windmill fashion. It helps to watch the intro, so you can see exactly which obstacles are in each course before you are playing on it.

On the harder Wipe out Zone courses there are obstacles where you will be on a conveyor belt and a spider-like sweeper will be twirling around the conveyor belt with small ones inside the larger ones. This is hard obstacle, I found the best way to do it is to jump throughout the entire time on the conveyor belt.

You will have a really hard time getting the harder episodes in under 3:30 if you don't get a majority of the -5 second coins. It will then ask you to choose your course, select Wipe out zone Tryouts”.

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Just play through that course and once you complete it with a good enough time the achievement will unlock. Finished Bruise ball or Medieval Zealot 4 times in a Practice session.

For Bruise ball select Practice from the main menu, choose your character, medium difficulty and if you unlocked it then choose it, complete it, and repeat the process 3 more times. For Medieval Zealot do the same thing but for the difficulty select hard.

If you unlocked it, complete it and repeat the process 3 more times. Finished any Wipe out Zone 5 times in a Practice session.

You could select a harder difficulty, but the easy courses are obviously more convenient. Finished any Qualifier 3 times in a Practice session.

You could select a harder difficulty, but the easy courses are obviously more convenient. Set up a four-player multiplayer game, certain obstacles allow blasters to be used, it will tell you which ones after certain checkpoints.

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Make sure each person gets blasted at least one time during the episode and the achievement will unlock. You can be all 4 people, just select “not me” at the top of your screen if it recognizes you.

Now at certain checkpoints a notification may come up that says Blasters are enabled. Once all three water balloons hit the avatar simultaneously the achievement will unlock.

This should unlock by just getting the gold medal achievements for all the episodes. The Wipe out Zone is the final course in an episode, when you play on it just make your you wipe out on every single obstacle.

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