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Bob Roberts
• Wednesday, 18 November, 2020
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Manage The first super-sized NFL WildCard weekend did not disappoint, as two 12-win teams were sent packing while three of the six longest postseason droughts in the league were snapped. The Browns jumped out to an early lead by scoring a defensive touchdown on the first play from scrimmage, meanwhile, the Ravens were able to seal their victory with a Marcus Peters interception.

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Jack Andrade and the NFL Media Research team put together the best stats and records from the weekend's slate of games. Tom Brady had 381 passing yards in the Buccaneers win at Washington on Saturday, his career high in a road playoff game and the most in a single playoff game in franchise history.

The Rams beat the Seahawks behind 176 scrimmage yards from rookie running back Cam Makers on Saturday. John Garbage now has 8 career road wins in the playoffs, breaking a tie with Hall of Fame Tom Landry and two-time Super Bowl-winner Tom Coughlin for most by any head coach in NFL history.

Los Angeles Rams' best defensive plays against the Seattle Seahawks | Super Wild Card Weekend Skip to main content The browser you are using is no longer supported on this site. The NFL throwing another team into the Wildcard Weekend mix has given us a slightly more full-bodied daily fantasy slate, allowing DFS players more room to overthink things just enough to ruin an otherwise good lineup.

The glaringly obvious stacking starting point is pairing Josh Allen with Stephen Riggs. I don’t feel compelled to write four paragraphs telling you why Riggs is a good play, so you’ll have to settle for this: Indy opponents have attacked the Colts Defense recently via hideouts, with 65 targets going to receivers facing the Colts over the past two games.

John Brown, Gabriel Davis, and Isaiah McKenzie are all viable options with Cole Beasley looking iffy to suit up. A galaxy brain GAP option: stack Allen with two of Brown, Davis, and McKenzie, and not Riggs.

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Probably the horseshoes are going to face a steady drip of negative game script in the Incredibly Super Duper Wildcard Round, forcing Philip Rivers into plenty of drop backs. Anaheim Hines, the third most targeted running back in the league this season, would be the natural beneficiary of Indy chasing points for two or three (of four) quarters.

Hilton, who led the Colts in air yards by 346 in the regular season, makes for the most logical run-back option alongside a Bills stack. Hilton had at least seven targets in four of his final five regular season games, and had the seventh most air yards among all hideouts from Week 14-17.

If you can’t jam Hilton into your Wildly Incredible Super Duper WildCardWeekend DFS lineup, you could hold your nose, cover your eyes, quiet your gag reflex, and use a Colts tight end alongside Allen and one or two of his pass catchers. Last week in comically negative game script, Miami tight ends commanded 16 targets against the Bills.

Jack Doyle for some reason has emerged as the Colts’ primary pass catching tight end over the past four weeks. When the Titans beat the Ravens a month and a half ago, Henry turned 28 carries into 133 yards and a touchdown.

Matchups don’t matter with Henry, who should be in any DFS tournament lineup predicated on a Baltimore-Tennessee game stack. Nearly 70 percent of the yards gained against the Titans this season have come via the pass -- the seventh highest rate in the league.

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Though Marquise Brown was blanked on just three targets when these teams squared off in November, he now looks to be the likeliest candidate to take advantage of a generous Tennessee coverage unit. He’s the 16th priciest wide receiver on the Saturday-Sunday Draft Kings slate and the 17th highest price hideout on Manuel after notching six touchdowns over the final five regular season games while challenging Mark Andrews for target supremacy (Andrews had a 33 percent target share over that span, 2 percent higher than Brown).

A track meet or a game that sees Baltimore playing from behind should inflate Brown’s targets that’s been gouged for the second most receiver receptions in 2020. Andrews, who caught five of seven targets for 96 yards and a touchdown last time these teams met, could be worth his hefty Wildcard price tag.

There will be lots of Alvin Samara -- who’s expected back from the COVID-19 list -- along with Drew Trees, Emmanuel Sanders, and maybe a little Taylor Hill for the galaxy brain afflicted. With his pass routes climbing back to 23 per game over the past month and Cook enjoying a 15 percent target share over that stretch, he could take full advantage of a tasty little matchup.

That would mean you throw Cook, Samara, or Sanders -- maybe two of those three -- into a lineup with Allen Robinson or David Montgomery. We could very well see DFS player shy away from Robinson after his debacle of a Week 17 against Green Bay.

Any game in which the Bears see massive negative script is going to (almost) guarantee double-digit targets for A-Rob. Robinson -- who has eight end zones targets over his past four outings -- owns 43.3 percent of the team’s air yards since Week 13.

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Cole Met has now some hard luck while ascending to the top of Chicago's tight end depth chart. He's well under his expected fantasy production over the past three weeks and his usage remains rock solid.

The Saints are a low-key fantastic matchup too: tight ends have seen a 24.45 percent target share against the New Orleans defense, the second highest mark in the league. I’m not wild about stacking Met calf with Russell Wilson ; I think he’s better used with a secondary stack alongside Cam Makers or Robert Woods or -- galaxy brain alert -- Gerald Everett, who saw seven targets from John Wilford last week and racked up nearly 100 air yards.

Classic, happens to play a Tampa defense that’s allowed the most running back receptions this season. Pittsburgh passing game stacks could be weirdly unique in Absolutely Crazy Super Duper Wild Card Weekend DFS tournaments.

Let our experts Sean Corner, Chris Rayon and Matthew Freedman help you make lineup decisions with their fantasy football defense rankings for WildCardWeekend. They’ll be updated throughout the week, so be sure to check back frequently before lineups lock for their most up-to-date rankings.

CR = Chris Rayon is a Senior Editor and co-host of The Action Network’s Sirius KM Fantasy Sports Radio show. Six games are set for what the NFL is dubbing Super WildCardWeekend thanks to the addition of two extra playoff teams creating the bonus matchups.

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The matchups are all intriguing and the spreads are all at least 3.5 points, giving plenty of room to play for people hoping to bet on the action. It may have been controversial thanks to the Eagles’ decision to lay down in the fourth quarter, but Washington is back in the playoffs as NFC East champions.

A 7-9 record will generate plenty of skepticism, but the Football Team took care of business to earn this home playoff game. Despite its strong defensive unit, the Football Team is an 8.5 point home underdog against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who could be down Mike Evans after he hurt his knee in Week 17.

Washington is also capable of generating a pass rush with its front four, which has proven to be the key to topping Tom Brady in the past. With 3:01 remaining in the 3rd quarter and trailing the Browns by 19 points, the Steelers faced a 4th & Goal at the CLE 5-yard line.

Despite facing longs odds of making a comeback, Coach Tomlin made the correct decision. With 10:06 remaining in the 4 TH quarter and trailing the Ravens by 4 points, the Titans faced a 4th and 2 at the BAD 40-yard line.

Disports weekly column Risky Business by Frank Frito: 4th Down Decisions Shape the Opening Weekend of the NFL Playoffs. With 1:43 left in regulation and trailing 17-21, Coach Dodge and the Chaparrals faced a 4th and 1 at the Mustangs 1-yard line.

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By deciding to go for it instead of attempting an FG, Coach Print increased the Cougar’s (pre-wrap) win probability by +5%. Every decision matters, and it’s important to make the ones that give your team the best chance to win the game.

The NFL's regular season is fun to watch, but the proliferation of mediocre to bad teams sprinkled into the mix of high-quality squads can make the product uneven at times. Once the league's best enter the postseason, those teams face do-or-die scenarios in an attempt to reach the ultimate prize: a Super Bowl victory.

In 2021, fans got to enjoy the NFL's first “super” WildCardWeekend after the postseason expanded to feature seven participants in both the AFC and NFC. The New Orleans Saints likely ended Mitchell Risky's tenure as the Chicago Bears' starting signal-caller.

But its quarterback, who wasn't even on an NFL roster until Dec. 8 and didn't start as a member of the XFL's St. Louis BattleHawks, established himself as a legitimate NFL quarterback during a gusty performance in which he extended plays, carried the offense at points and kept his team within striking distance. Schottenheimer went from a potential head coach candidate to possibly being fired by Seattle within a week's time.

On Jan. 3, NFL Network's Tom Polisher included Schottenheimer among the possibilities to fill Adam Game's old spot with the New York Jets. Six days later, the Seahawks' offense struggled during a 30-20 loss to the Los Angeles Rams, which only added to Seattle's issues down the stretch.

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The frustration boiled over on the sideline with star wide receiver DK Met calf losing his cool during the season-ending defeat. Now that it's reached this point, it's time for a change because the Seahawks can't waste the prime years of Wilson, Met calf and Tyler Locket.

Allen added another exclamation point to his breakout 2020 season, throwing for 324 yards and two scores with a 121.6 passer rating while chipping in another 54 yards and a score on the ground in a three-point victory over the Indianapolis Colts that gave the Buffalo Bills their first postseason win since before he was born. Before the game kicked off, Ian Rapport of NFL.com reported the Bills are prepared to approach Allen in the off season with a “massive” contract extension that will make him one of the highest-paid signal-callers in the league.

Lamar Jackson may have an MVP award, but if I were starting an NFL franchise, Allen is the quarterback from the 2018 class I'd pick to lead it. But Label blew it in Sunday's loss to the Baltimore Ravens, and it's part of the reason Tennessee's players will be clearing out their lockers Monday.

Rather than hand the ball to the bruising running back who has led the league in rushing each of the past two seasons, Label elected to punt. The Ravens then proceeded to eat about six minutes off the clock with a drive that culminated in a field goal that ended the scoring.

According to Pro Football Reference, it was the first time since at least 1994 that a team in the playoffs punted on 4th-and-2 from that field position while down by a single score in the fourth quarter. For the first time in roughly forever, Browns fans can feel good about the direction their team is headed.

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The Bears are...who we thought they were, and that is a team without a quarterback or a functional offense with a defense that looks to be exiting its championship window. The Bears came into the game short-handed, playing without linebacker Roman Smith and rookie receiver Darnell Mooney, who was a key piece of the offense, and then they committed several errors (a Jason Wins drop on a wide-open touchdown and a jump offside on a Saints 4th-and-2) a playoff underdog can't get away with.

The AFC's seventh-seeded Indianapolis Colts made a great argument for the expanded playoff field in a tight game against the Buffalo Bills, but the Bears did not look like they belonged in the postseason.

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