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John Hansen November 24, 2021 Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Guides Shock wave is a powerful vacuum blaster gun that transmits zombie energy into ammo.

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This gun is only found in Die Machine, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s first map, and lives up to its name of a wonder weapon by being completely different from the norm and robust enough that players will want to use it almost every match. The four upgrades for the Shock wave further change the gameplay with all the different ways it fires and outputs damage.

The Nova 5 upgrade is fast and easy to get; the Electrobolt can potentially take some time to do. However, should you invest the time into getting Electrobolt, it puts out serious damage and can shred through Megaton Zombies.

The electric effect also seems to chain to other zombies in a group and slightly stun them, although not as much as a Dead Wire ammo mod. While Cryo-emitter, like Nova 5, is super simple to obtain, the ice beam that blasts from it only affects the zombies in front of a train.

The fireball it shoots at crowds of zombies may be large, but it seems to not affect enough of the victims in its path to be truly viable in a quest for reaching higher rounds. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has reinvented the Zombies' mode in a major way.

Changes fans have been asking for have been listened to, from bringing back the iconic Juggling to making the Ray Gun good again. One of the new features introduced to Black Ops Cold War is the ability to upgrade parts of your loadout.

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In Zombies, as you play, you'll obtain Ethereum Crystals that can be used to purchase these upgrades. Elemental Pop is a Perk new to Black Ops Cold War, and one that you should throw Ethereum Crystals at right away.

When it's at Tier 1, it will also give Equipment a chance to trigger an alternate ammo type. Shotguns are useful against any enemies, taking care of Plague hounds and regular Zombies with just one shot and even able to do a large chunk of damage to Megatons.

All the alternate ammo types can be upgraded, but unfortunately, Brain Rot is the weakest of the bunch. This is useful in maps with small corridors since they'll body block other zombies, but Die Machine is too open for this to come into play.

When used, you'll become completely invisible to all zombies, allowing you to get out of a corner or revive a downed teammate. Dead shot Daiquiri continues its curse of being the worst Perk in the game in Black Ops Cold War.

On the bright side, upgrading it does boost it a bit, but not nearly enough to warrant using early Ethereum Crystals on it. Its Tier 1 greatly increases the amount of critical hit damage does when an enemy is at full health.

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None of these will have major effects on your game, and even though there is no Perk Limit, there's barely a reason to buy Dead shot Daiquiri. Unsurprisingly, the best Perk in the game; Juggling should be the first thing you use Ethereum Crystals on.

Upgrading Juggling all the way gives you an incredible amount of survivability, which is the most importing thing in Zombies. You will never play a game without Juggling in your arsenal, and since it's so good, it should be upgraded to its max Tier as soon as possible.

Sniper Rifles were once pretty good back in the Black Ops 3 days, however, those days are long gone and Sniper Rifles are among the worst guns in Black Ops Cold War's Zombies, only ahead of Launchers. Zombies are too high octane to take time to properly use a Sniper Rifle, and as such, upgrading them should be the last thing you do.

Having worked many odd jobs, including article writing, he is now a list writer for TheGamer.com. In this Black Ops Cold War Zombies Shock wave Wonder Weapon Elemental Variants guide, we’ll explain how to collect all four upgrades for your DIE Shock wave Wonder Weapons in COD BO Cold War.

The real hustle begins when you start upgrading your Wonder Weapon. To unlock each of these upgrades you’ll have to complete certain quests during your gameplay.

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The quests for unlocking Gas and Ice upgrade are comparatively easier than compared to those for unlocking Fire Bomb and Electric upgrade. Make your way to the Mezzanine room, and you’ll find a golden canister lying on the floor.

Once again make your way to the top of the Yacht Her Unto ten building and head inside the penthouse. If you look over the edge of the building, you’ll see a box lying on the ground.

Pick up the blue flask and make your way to the medical facility. The blue flask will help you open the box, and you’ll successfully unlock the Ice upgrade for the DIE Shock wave weapon.

This fuse belongs to the laser cutting machine in the weapons lab. Without losing any time, get the laser machine to cut the box underneath.

Open the box to find the Fire Bomb upgrade. These crystals will be found near the crash site, on the top floor of the Yacht Her Unto ten building, and near the pond.

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All the boxes are located on the first floor of Particle Accelerator. Open all of them after making several trips to collect the crystal for every box.

I’d recommend doing this early on and upgrading it as you go, since being able to choose your own attachments is a fantastic way to maximize your salvage and loot drops. No more messing around then, here’s the ideal loadout you should be bringing with you into Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s Zombies mode.

With how this game’s Prestige and progression works, you’ll receive unlocks no matter what mode you play. So, we’re going with a maximized salvage and equipment drop rate in this loadout, which is massively beneficial throughout the game but especially in later rounds.

It takes a second or so to activate, but you’ll get the hang of it, and using your Ether Shroud is a LOT better than getting downed. When you start camping in corners to take out loads of zombies in later rounds, this bad boy will be an absolute godsend.

It's called a “special interest” and it's essentially the center of my life. My feelings about this game may read as intense, but it's only because Zombies has helped me cope with a lot.

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A love of history brought me to world at war, which introduced me to the zombie mode. When Her Raise came out something about the characters and secrets hooked me.

I wrote about it, drew fan art, hung out on forums, played all day- this enthusiasm followed for several years until BO2. With BO2's release came the worst years of my life.

I won't go into detail (trauma stuff, family deaths, bullying, etc), but I became very depressed. Eventually I lost my sole interest, my muse to create art, and my coping mechanism.

At the time, Her Eisendrache was the newest map, so I promised myself to look it up when I was released. The map was beautiful and the gameplay fun, but the characters truly shone.

I went from being hypersensitive and afraid of my own shadow- to chatting and gaming and laughing like any other guy. I draw every day, still making fan art that people always leave amazing feedback on.

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I was afraid of leaving the house, but I've traveled to zombie-inspired places around the world. I wrote a whole book motivated by the characters, and literary reps want to adapt it to get it published.

I wish I could say the story ends there, and I got a happy ending… but things started happening again. Edit: Woah I didn't expect so many people to read this.

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