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Fans showed a lukewarm response to this film, giving it a 56% audience score, though many viewers agreed it's a great choice for kids. Many fans wrote that they think this film has a similar plot to the 1985 teen classic, “Weird Science” but it's still pretty good.

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“Double-Teamed” is based on the real careers of sisters Heather and Heidi Burke. Walt Disney Television, Inc. A high schooler named Jamie keeps a diary about her day-to-day life through the eyes of her popular and confident alter ego.

She mixes up her journal with an English essay and turns her personal diary in to her teacher who ultimately gets it published as a book. Many fans commented that they enjoyed the songs throughout the movie, but found the plot to be cheesy and the special effects lackluster.

Ed Raquel / Getty Images Based on the 1987 movie of the same name, Adventures in Babysitting stars Disney -Channel actresses Sabrina Carpenter and Sofia Carson. Even though reviewers seemed to enjoy this remake, some audience members wrote they felt it doesn't live up to the original.

“This movie is nothing more than a bad remake for fans of the original and that most teens and younger kids will like,” one commenter wrote. Many fans commented that they enjoyed the sequel for its change of pace and catchy songs, but felt that it didn't feel it live up to the first movie.

Corbin Blue stars as high school boxer, Izzy Daniels, as he joins a competitive jump rope team. Walt Disney Television, Inc. “High School Musical” star Corbin Blue plays a boxing teenager who discovers he has a knack for competitive jump rope when his friend asks him to be a substitute on their team.

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Disney Debby Ryan from Netflix's “Insatiable” stars as a high-school student who is leading a double life as an anonymous DJ for her school's radio station. “ Radio Rebel received many favorable reviews with some fans writing they felt that the story was a bit cheesy but fun.

Singing duo Any & AJ star as two spoiled sisters who have to learn tough lessons about responsibility in “Cow Belles.” In Cow Belles, ” two high-maintenance girls, played by Disney stars Any and AJ Michaela, take over their dad's dairy farm while he goes on vacation.

Though some commented that the sequel was notably darker than the original “Halloween town,” many fans wrote that they still enjoyed this fun Halloween-themed movie. In Johnny Tsunami, ” a Hawaiian teenage surfer is forced to move to Vermont when his dad gets a new job.

One reviewer wrote, “The way Johnny Katakana seizes the day and learns to out-do his opponent after only weeks of training goes leaps and bounds over what is expected with your run-of-the-mill Disney movie.” Walt Disney Television, Inc. With a new cast, the fourth installment to the “Halloween town” series follows Marine Piper as she begins schooling at Witch University.

As soon as she arrives, magic is banned, and it becomes clear that she needs to discover the secrets held in an ancient prophecy. Kirsten Storms plays Xenon, a girl who grew up in outer space who must now adjust to life on Earth.

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One reviewer commented, “I think most of the funny moments come from the over dramatization of girls crushing on a famous person. (Left to right) Johnny Pacer stars as Danny Sinclair and Any Michaela plays Allyson Miller in “Now You See It...”.

The premiere of “Tiger Cruise” in New York City, August 6, 2004, Robin Platter / Getty Images Based loosely on a true story, Tiger Cruise follows a girl and her dad as she boards his Naval ship to shadow him at work. However, her time on the ship is interrupted by news of the September 11, 2001, attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City.

Brown once again stars as teen witch Marine Piper in the third installment of the Disney -Channel classic. Walt Disney Television, Inc. Back again with much of its original cast, Halloween town High is the third movie in this spooky franchise.

Mandy Moore reprises her role as Rapunzel and, in the film, she struggles with the pressure to marry Flynn Rider, and she instead decides to go on her own adventure. “ Tangled: Before Ever After served as a movie premiere to a TV series and some fans wrote that they felt excited to check out the show after.

One audience member wrote, “It sets up a good amount of material to make the idea of the TV series interesting.” David Beach / Getty Images “ Descendants shows what happens when classic Disney villains' teenage kids are banished from an isolated island and attend prep school with the children of iconic princesses and heroes.

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In The Jennie Project, ” a family brings home a chimpanzee and treats her like a human child, teaching her American Sign Language, so she can communicate. Some audience members wrote that although they liked this classic movie, they found some scenes to be overly emotional.

Eric McCandless / Getty Images A teenage girl bumps into a pop star while on a trip to visit her grandma in California. Bob D'Amino / Getty Images Based on the Disney -Channel show of the same name, Wizards of Waverley Place: The Movie” stars Selena Gomez, David Henri, and Jake T. Austin.

Things get more complicated when he meets his insufferable 12-year-old step-uncle who wants to join a mountain-boarding crew that started a rivalry with Johnny's grandfather. “ Johnny Katakana: Back on Board received slightly higher audience ratings than its predecessor, with fans enjoying the movie's extreme sports and original song by the Jonas Brothers.

Disney In Minutemen, ” some high-school students create a time machine so that they can make their experiences as awkward teenagers less humiliating. Fans noted there were nods to “Back to the Future” in this time travel film, but enjoyed its unique spin on changing the past.

Walt Disney Television What some consider the scariest COM, Don't Look Under the Bed is about a town that is being vandalized by the Bogeyman. In terms of genre alone, this movie was a huge departure from prior Dooms and some fans commented that they appreciated that.

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One reviewer wrote, “This film was beautifully cast, wonderfully directed and had me on the edge of my seat the entire time. Walt Disney Television, Inc. After her mother's death, a teenage girl returns to her family home in Hawaii to discover she has inherited a plantation.

Fans of Rip Girls wrote that they enjoyed the Hawaiian setting and heartfelt story. “Here is a solid, satisfying movie, very much in the mold of the best of Disney's product of recent years, seamless, escapist and enjoyable,” wrote one audience member.

Walt Disney Television Tia and Tamara Dowry return to star in Twitches Too.” The girls go back to their home kingdom to find a dark force taking over the land.

Many fans of “The Proud Family” show wrote that they enjoyed the animated group's return in this full-length movie. Brown made her debut as Marine Piper the teenage witch alongside Debbie Reynolds in this October classic.

Disney Channel On Halloween night, a girl finds out that she comes from a family of witches and follows her grandmother, played by Debbie Reynolds, back to her mystical home in Halloween town. Once there, the family battles a dark force while meeting quirky skeletons, ghosts, and other creatures.

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The star-studded cast of “High School Musical” includes big names like Zac Efron, Vanessa Huygens, Corbin Blue, and Ashley Tisdale. Disney Channel In High School Musical, ” the captain of the high-school basketball team, played by Zac Efron, and a star academic student, played by Vanessa Huygens, both choose to follow their passions and audition for the school's upcoming musical.

Kim Possible juggles fighting evil, saving the world, and finding a date to prom in this animated classic. Fans noted that it was imperative to have some background with the “Kim Possible” television show to understand the story in the movie.

However, many wrote that they thought it was enjoyable, with one audience member commenting, “The voice-actors, action animation, music, and comedy continues to entertain fans of the series.” Fred Hayes / Getty Images After a high-maintenance snowboarder is dropped from her team, she has to train with a less popular coach.

Some viewers of “Cloud 9” wrote that they appreciated the inspirational message behind a typical sports movie, but felt the romance and acting was cheesy at times. Walt Disney Television, Inc. Based on the true story of two hot-rod-racing sisters, Right on Track shows the adversity they overcame to become champion racers in a mostly male-dominated sport.

Disney Channel In The Color of Friendship, ” a white South-African girl studies abroad in Washington, DC in the 1970s and lives with the family of an African-American congressman. Both the South-African girl and the American teenager made assumptions about the race of the other prior to meeting and now must work through perceived differences.

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A reviewer wrote, “It's an amazing feat watching these two girls from different worlds learn the true meaning of understanding, friendship, and love no matter what color they are.” Audiences wrote that they enjoyed the action sequences and message that girls can do anything they set their minds to do.

A reviewer wrote, “Cute cool movie that proves that girls are just as good at any sport as guys.” Disney Channel's “Lemonade Mouth” stars Hayley Kyoto as Stella, Naomi Scott as Mo, Blake Michael as Charlie, Bridget Mender as Olivia, Adam Hicks as Wen and Nick Roux as Scott.

As one audience member wrote, “It has catchy tunes, but what truly makes it a stand-out are its relatable, genuine characters, well-acted by a talented ensemble.” Disney Channel Starring Shia LeBoeuf, True Confessions is about a girl and her twin brother who has some developmental disabilities.

Many fans lauded LeBoeuf's performance in this movie and appreciated the film's deeply familial messages. Bob Mahoney / Getty Images Loosely based on the 1990 film that was based on a play from the 1800s, “Cyrano de Bergerac,” Let it Shine is about a teenage hip-hop musician whose friend takes credit for his talented lyrics as his crush starts to fall for his lying friend.

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