Best Dual Zone Undercounter Beverage Center

David Lawrence
• Sunday, 29 November, 2020
• 7 min read

If you’re thinking about building an in-home bar or man cave, you might want to consider purchasing a beverage center. They make a great addition to any space where it would be nice to have cold drinks at the ready, but where a full-sized refrigerator wouldn’t fit.

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We considered cooling mechanism, minimum temperature, size, lighting, door material, and venting to rate every product. It’s large temperature range, internal LED lights, and compressor cooling system provide anything you might want in a beverage center.

A powerful circulation fan ensures that the cold air is evenly distributed throughout the beverage center, preventing hot spots or uneven cooling. This feature prevents your drinks from freezing or becoming slushies and can be extremely useful if you aren’t planning on keeping the beverage center fully-stocked at all times.

On top of its efficient cooling and large capacity, this beverage center also comes equipped with both blue and white LEDs. The color can be switched easily with just the press of a button to match whatever design scheme you have in your home.

Three sanded glass shelves make storing your beverages easy and maximize the storage space. These selves match the double-pane glass door, which contains Argon gas in between the panes for maximum circulation.

Nothing can ruin an upscale feel like a dingy, poorly designed beverage center. Many nicer beverage centers are exceeding expensive, however, and can quickly break the bank.

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The EdgeS tar CBR901SG comes equipped with multiple up-scale features, including elegant glass shelving and blue LED interior lights to showcase all your beverages. It also functions exceptionally efficiently and can easily keep your beverages cold.

At half the price of many other beverage centers, this one features a blue LED interior light and reversible tempered glass door. It doesn’t need any side clearance unlike some other models and vents entirely from the front.

This makes it ideal for bars, kitchens, man caves, and anywhere else in your home that needs to be able to store a massive amount of drinks. Four adjustable shelves and five wire wine racks maximize the unit’s storage space, allowing you to store many beverages without having to buy a full-sized beverage center.

If you are planning on having your beverage center somewhere where quiet activities take place, the last thing you want is a model that is incredibly noisy. But, if you’re designing an elegant at-home bar, the last thing you need is a beverage center that sounds like a lawnmower.

It features an advanced compressor system that is extremely quiet while still maintaining a temperature of between 38 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit with fewer starts and stops. Blue LEDs light up the inside of the center, adding elegance and function.

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Its compact size means that you can add abundant storage without sacrificing much cabinet space. Six wire racks maximize this small space and allow you to store up to 96 cans easily.

Advanced, quiet compressor Six removable wire racks Compact size Stainless-steel Beverage centers are a great storage solution if you need to store a lot of cans or bottles.

While a mini-fridge usually has multiple shelving heights, a beverage center usually only has one, allowing it to maximize storage space and letting you store an absurd number of cans very easily. However, because their shelving is specifically designed to store cans, if you need to keep other things cold as well, you should probably purchase a mini refrigerator instead.

This is perhaps the most important feature you should keep in mind when shopping for a beverage center. Many beverage centers contain glass shelving that is explicitly designed to hold cans.

Occasionally, a beverage center might come with adjustable shelving that allows you to accommodate oddly shaped cans or even bottles. We recommend carefully considering your needs and choosing a shelving system that meets those needs.

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If you’re planning on having your beverage center in a quiet location, this is extremely important. No one wants to be having a relaxing evening only to hear the beverage center fire up on the other side of the room.

But, if you want to store more high-end products or like your drinks to be at a particular temperature, make sure you keep this feature in mind when purchasing your beverage center. After all, it is hard to know what temperature to set a beverage center at if the inside varies depending on where you’re grabbing a drink from.

Most good beverage centers, like our top picks, will have durable, high-quality fans that ensure the inside of the machine stays a reasonably even temperature. A beverage center is an appliance that is designed to store and refrigerate drink cans or bottles.

How precisely a beverage center keeps the drinks cold depends on the cooling system a particular model has. When these constricted, hot gases meet the cooler air temperature of the room, they turn into a liquid.

In this case, you’ll want to set the beverage center at the optimal temperature for that particular beverage. While you could technically make it work while allowing for the proper clearance on all sides, this is unpractical and will look silly in most situations.

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A beverage center, however, will generally have shelves that are precisely spaced to hold cans. This allows them to maximize their space and carry far more cans than your typical refrigerator.

Even though they didn’t make our five best beverage centers list, they’re the best of the rest, and each is still an excellent option for all your beverage -storing needs. Featuring double-pane, tempered glass to prevent cold air from escaping and automatic defrost, this beverage center will easily woo the crowd.

This beverage center is designed to handle a heavy load of beverages all within a sleek, stainless steel body. It features well-spaced shelves, a tempered glass door, and room for wine.

Zero-clearance hinge system Low E-glass seals Tempered glass door Featuring a stainless-steel glass door and unique 18” width, this beverage center is a sleek choice that will look great in any kitchen, game room or home bar.

18” width Recessed LED lighting Stainless steel trimmed glass door With a large capacity and reversible door, this beverage center is both aesthetic and functional.

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This stainless steel beverage center comes equipped with a right-hinge door and 24 inches of storage. With an advanced compressor, this beverage center is extremely quiet while maintaining an even, cool temperature.

Triple-Layered glass door Low vibration compressor system 33 to 64 temperature adjustable Featuring a stainless-steel design and reversible door, this beverage center is a great choice no matter what room you’re planning to use it in.

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