Best Dual Zone Undercounter Wine Cooler

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• Sunday, 10 January, 2021
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If you want to make sure that your reds and whites will stay fresh at all times, you would certainly want to invest in this wine cooler. If you love to throw parties, then you would undoubtedly benefit from the ample space and the dual temperature feature of this type of wine cooler.

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Thermoelectric or Compressor Once you have decided to invest in this type of wine cooler, the next decision that you have to the choice that you have to make is about the cooler’s cooling technology. These are a lot taller than the freestanding types, but its depth is limited only to the size of the cabinets it will be installed in.

We realize that each reader will have a unique budget, and it’s important to keep this in mind when deciding on the most ideal wine cooler. The size and weight of each wine cooler will vary, and this is an important consideration, especially if you’re looking to use it as a build-in/ under counter system which will have to fit into a certain side gap.

Each wine cooler will have a different temperature range, and this may (in some cases) dictate the types of wine that you choose to store in it. Bear in mind that compressor-powered units often have a greater temperature range than thermoelectric ones, due to the increased level of power.

To make things a lot easier, we have listed down the wine coolers in the order of smallest to largest and cheapest to the most expensive. Additionally, the cooler also has an interior LED light that exhibits your wine collection in the most stylish way possible.

Last but not least, the cooler has a built-in ventilation grill and circulation fan which delivers the right interior temperature, making it a perfect built in wine fridge. If you also usually do not finish a wine bottle in one sitting, you will benefit from the standing-bottle space that this cooler has as this storage options can help avoid messy spills.

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It also protects the wine bottles from being exposed to harmful UV rays which may facilitate their spoilage. As if that is not enough, you will enjoy LED light upon opening the cooler’s door, shedding illumination to your extensive wine collection.

With its freestanding design, this cooler is best used by wine lovers who plan to move their wine cooler from one place to another. This may also be a great option for those who are renting a home or condominium units as they can easily bring it with them every time they have to relocate.

General Specs 18-Bottle Capacity Interior lighting Temperature Control Panel Removable Shelving Security Lock Freestanding Design The best feature that you would love about the wine cooler is it comes with a security lock at the bottom part of the cooler’s door.

Aside from its shape, what makes this wine cooler even sleeker is its all-black finish coupled with a smoked-glass Thermopylae door featuring a modern digital display that shows the current temperature inside the cooler’s compartments. This wine cooler is a great option for people with a small kitchen that has lots of tight spaces.

Description With it’s tempered and smoked Thermopylae double doors, this is a wine cooler designed to protect your wine bottles from both humidity and UV rays. This simple feature also prevents air from coming in contact with the wine bottles, keeps UV rays and sunlight out, prevents the cork from drying out, ensures constant humidity, and preserves the freshness and taste of the wines.

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Since the refrigerator has double doors, you are assured that the temperature inside the compartments won’t be altered even when you get a bottle from one of the chambers. Both compartments feature a soft interior lighting that sheds illumination when you open the door.

This freestanding wine cooler can’t be built into your cabinets, but the good news is, its compact and small size will allow it to be placed under the kitchen counters. With the number of bottles that it can accommodate, it is also recommended for people who like to store different types and brands of wine.

The outer part of the wine cooler has easy-to-grip non-slip handles (similar to that of a classic refrigerator) that allow the user to open the doors easily and comfortably. The internal part of the wine cooler features removable and adjustable metal shelves with stoppers on both of their sides.

It’s ideal for storing both reds and whites, given its large temperature capacity, and this is partly due to it having a powerful compressor, which is extremely quiet in operation, whilst being very cost-effective to run. The wine cooler also has lovely looking Beachwood shelving, and a security lock, to help ensure that unwanted visitors cannot access your wine collection.

As if that’s not enough, the wine cooler also has a double-dated tempered glass door that keeps UV rays and humidity out and further ensures that the wines are stored at the right temperature. To make the wine cooler more functional, it is made with elegant-looking Beech wooden shelves that are removable and adjustable.

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This gives you the option to rearrange and reconfigure its layout, allowing you to maximize the available storage space inside the cooler. If you love throwing parties and have a big wine collection, you would certainly benefit from the high storage capacity that it has.

General Specs 46-bottle capacity 15-inch width design Black stainless steel design Suitable for both Freestanding & Built-in usage Triple-tempered glass door for extra protection and insulation Quiet compressor-powered with carbon filter Push-button temperature control Internal LED light 5 Removable Beachwood shelves Security Lock It’s great for storing both reds and whites, given its large temperature capacity which is partly due to having a powerful compressor system, which is extremely quiet in operation, whilst being very cost-effective to run.

We surely hope that you can further understand the differences between the models and products listed through the information that we have provided you. Since we also have provided recommendations for each product on the list, feel free to choose whichever you think suits your needs the best.

Additionally, you’ll notice that wine that’s been properly preserved and aged has a different quality to it. Like most alcohol, high temperatures can damage the wine, speeding up the aging process and turning it into a brown color.

Lower temperatures, although not as damaging, can also be bad for your wine as it slows down the aging process. Depending on the sugar, tannin, and acid content of your wines, most of them will last around 2-10 years if properly stored.

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The ideal temperature for wines varies depending on several factors such as the ones mentioned above (acid, tannin, sugar, etc. It should have this temperature 1 and a half hours before drinking to fully experience what the wine has to offer.

If you want to maximize your wine tasting experience, there are a few factors you should consider; the most crucial is serving it at the right temperature. Serving red wines at their ideal temperature gives a burst of flavors and a heat from the front of your mouth to the back of your throat.

Meanwhile, serving too warm red wines will smell and taste too heavy which can ruin the experience for you. Although it’s served much cooler than reds, too cold white wines lose their aroma and flavor.

It has a silent compressor which gives off only a low level of vibration, ensuring your wines are in optimal storage condition. It features a security lock which will help prevent kids from playing with your collection.

Our runner-up, the Edge star CWF380DZ has sliding wood-trimmed wire racks which are thin enough to fit in 34 standard wine bottles but also strong enough to carry each of them without bending. Additionally, it has powerful circulation fans that allow for the even cooling of your wines, ensuring their in their optimal condition while in storage.

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It has an LED dual electric control display which allows you to set the two different zones of your wine fridge. It has a stainless steel-trimmed door with tinted front glass which helps with both the preservation of your wine and its overall aesthetic.

You’ll benefit from a nifty alarm that sounds if the temperature gets too high or too low, so you won’t run the risk of spoiling your wine. The dual opened glass doors along with the wood-trimmed shelves means this cooler doesn’t just perform strongly but looks the part, too.

For major collectors or bar owners, a dualzonewine fridge is a definite must-have to store their massive selection of fine wines. It’s a great alternative when a traditional wine cellar isn’t just a realistic option.

It’s designed to look versatile and combine the traditional black look of a wine cellar with the sleek modern look of technology. Remember though that this a large wine fridge, so make sure that it can fit in your home before purchasing one.

It proves this by featuring even cooling and a sleek and modern stainless steel design which is a great addition to any home. Its removable wooden shelves are capable of storing 18 standard bottles of wine overall, each displayed by a delicate LED interior lighting.

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Perhaps the most notable about this model is that it uses thermoelectric cooling which frees it from low-level vibration which can alter the integrity of your wine. The only downsides of this model are that like the others, it can have difficulty storing larger wine bottles and that you have to empty its water pan from behind the unit which can be a hassle.

It has a 32-bottle capacity which is divided into 7 pull-out flexible shelves that have 2 temperature levels, each capable of holding 16 bottles. It has an elegant and sleek black metal with a stainless steel rim which is a great enhancement to your home’s aesthetic.

The upper zone, meant for white wines, can be programmed within the range of 40 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit while the lower zone, which is meant for red wines, can be programmed in the range of 50 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, it has a soft blue interior light which helps illuminate your wines.

The Ovation IV-FWCT181DB 18-Bottle DualZoneWineCooler uses vibration-free, quiet, and energy-efficient thermoelectric cooling to reach the ideal temperature for storing and aging your wines. It has digital touch controls and an LCD which allows you to set the optimal temperature for each zone.

Its closed Thermopylae doors are insulated with CFC-free solid polyurethane foam to ensure that your fridge is properly sealed and that its temperature remains constant. Moreover, its doors are also fitted with dual opened tempered smoked glass which protects against light and room temperature which can affect the aging process of your wines.

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Its sleek and modern design, coupled with its soft interior lighting, makes it a great addition to your home. The only downsides, however, is that its freestanding only design doesn’t allow for it to be built into cabinets, therefore, making it hard to blend in with your current decor.

While it’s not exactly cheap, considering the performance, build, and brand heritage, we’d argue this cooler represents outstanding overall value. The quoted capacity is based on standard 750ml bottles of Bordeaux. Stainless steel double-paneled doors are tinted, so you don’t get any rays penetrating and spoiling the controlled environment.

Easily adjustable thermostat Control each zone independently with ease Freestanding installation Interior lights to illuminate your collection Outstanding build quality This model comes with a fan baked in, so you enjoy consistent and robust air circulation, but you won’t be menaced by any annoying noise.

Blue LEDs inside mean your wine won’t be exposed to any harsh light. At the same time, you’ll be able to monitor your collection without opening the door, so you can preserve the integrity of your cooling environment.

Temperature is one of the most crucial factors in determining the preservation and aging process of wines. This is why dualzonewine fridges are essential and are great investments if you’re a collector or simply someone who enjoys good wine.

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The two zones can be set at different temperatures simultaneously, eliminating the need to purchase two different wine fridges.

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