Best Elemental Upgrade Zombies In Spaceland

Paul Gonzalez
• Friday, 01 January, 2021
• 9 min read

As if the Pack-a-Punch machine wasn’t enough to survive Zombies in Space land, you can also upgrade your weapons with elemental effect like lighting, fire, and venom using unlockable elemental effects. We’re going to break things down and explain how to obtain all four elemental upgrades in the tutorial below.


Elemental effects are a permanent upgrade, and change the way your shots function. Each Elemental Effect is located in a different section of the park, but the basic steps remain the same.

To the left of the Pack-a-Punch machine, you’ll find a strange Soul Jar. Interact with the UFOs to activate them, so they hover near four trap sites.

The UFOs will circle one of the trap sites in four map locations; Kepler System, Astrolabe, Polar Peak, or Galaxy Journey. Find the UFO and use the nearby trap system to kill zombies.

Continue to get kills with the trap until the UFO changes flight directions. Arcane Cores cost 300 tickets and are available to purchase from 3-item vendors scattered around the map.

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Show preshow less Loading... We need to locate the SOUL URN and press the USE button on it to release 4 UFOs that have been trapped inside it.

Once they are released within the Pack A Punch room, they will fly into the portal and into the big bad world of Zombies in Space. What you need to do in order to get the elemental weapon upgrade from each UFO, is first get a huge train of zombies together and like a moth to the flame, lure them into the traps and activate them.

It is located at the small cart to the entrance of Polar Peak. You will notice it on the end of your weapon attached when purchased. Go back to the UFO you want to charge and kill around 30 zombies in order to charge the UFO enough that it will release its cargo in the form of one of the elements for you to use.

So in short lets go over one more time in a super condensed version to get each elemental weapon upgrade at each of the trap locations, you need to: Activate trap and kill a huge amount of zombies with it until the UFO circling changes its direction Get 300 tickets and head over to Polar Peak and attach it to the weapon you want to upgrade Kill around 30 zombies underneath the UFO to charge it with souls Once charged with souls, the UFO will drop the elemental upgrade.

Located in the Journey into Space section of the park, this elusive weapon has not yet been found by the community. It’ll pop back out, glowing red and about to explode.

If you can make it back, throw the glowing grenade into the Cosmic Way portal and the battery will appear. Part #3: Lure a Brute into the Crocodile Trap’s mouth and close it to break the inanimate teeth off.

Insert Gold Teeth (300 tickets, purchased from the Astrolabe vendor) into the missing sockets to reveal a canister. Shoot the 2nd hole of the canister in the mouth area with Astrolabe elemental bullets.

Insert Gold Teeth (300 tickets, purchased from the Astrolabe vendor) into the missing sockets to reveal a canister. Shoot the 1st hole of the canister in the mouth area with Polar Peak elemental bullets.

The Shredder is a powerful energy pistol that’s similar to the Alien Blaster from previous Zombies maps. It fires a laser that explodes on contact and completely demolishes enemies.

After the battery falls out of the boat, go to the fountain square where water spouts up from the ground. When the stream of water appears on the green colored circle, that’s when you can collect the battery.

Next to the giant monster face’s mouth, below and left of the TRITON sign. Hanging in the glass exterior display, right next to Blue Balls and past the Souvenir machine.

Check out even more Infinite Warfare & Zombies in Space land guides on Camera: In this guide we are going to show you how to activate a set of UFOs, which you can use to charge up and unlock Elemental Effects for your weapons.

The first thing you need to do to get started with Elemental Effect upgrades is head over and turn on all the power. Locate the small Soul Jar in the middle of the PAP room, and activate it by holding the Square/X/Use (usually F) key on your platform of choice.

There isn’t a prompt, so just move close and hold the button until four UFOs fly out of the jar and through the portal. The trap sites are located in the following areas: The Kepler System, Astrolabe, Polar Peak, and Galaxy Journey.

Once you arrive at the location of your chosen element, you must use the trap system in that area to take out zombies. Continue getting kills using the trap until the UFO changes course and begins flying in a wide arc around the area.

Arcane Cores are small attachments that can be purchased for 300 Tickets from a few vendors around the park. After roughly 30 kills or so, the UFO will drop the Elemental Core near the trap, where you can collect it and equip it.

Cold War Zombies has reinvented the mode and made one of the bestZombies experiences to date. New features have been introduced such as Field Upgrades (which have replaced Specialists from Black Ops 3 and 4).

Each Perk and Field Upgrade is distinct; some aren't worth taking a second look at, and others are the most essential things in the game. Frost Blast often delays the inevitable, rather than helping you out of a tight spot.

The Energy Mine does linger, so you can put it in a place to run into with a train of zombies, but you can accomplish the same with much less effort with just a C4. Dead shot Daiquiri was widely considered to be one of the worst Perks in the previous Zombies installments.

This trend continues in Black Ops Cold War, although being able to upgrade it improves it slightly. After being gone in Black Ops 4, Speed Cola returns in a traditional Perk machine.

Like previous installments, Speed Cola is a useful Perk but doesn't directly help you in any major way. Fully upgraded Stamina is fantastic is as well, as you're likely to be shooting at Zombies while walking backward.

When used a ring forms and when standing inside it you do more damage while Zombies entering into it will be slowed down. While it won't be saving you from any situation, it will make you into a giant threat to zombies.

Elemental Pop is the first Perk new to Black Ops Cold War, and it immediately stands out as one of the best. Elemental Pop will randomly trigger an alternate ammo type even if it is not attached to your gun.

Having access to more powerful alternate ammo types is never going to be a bad thing, and it affects all weapons. However, with its Black Ops Cold War iteration, it also boosts the speed it takes for your health to start regenerating again.

This means that Quick Revive is such a necessity in Black Ops Cold War, as maintaining full health is so important in Zombies. It also gives more incentive to use it in Solo, as originally it would just act as an extra life.

Ether Shroud is the ultimate tool to save you when you mess up, and that's what makes it so good. After being missing from Black Ops 4, Juggling returns and reclaims its title as best Perk in the game.

With how damaging some zombies can be such as the Megaton, having extra health can make or break a run. Having worked many odd jobs, including article writing, he is now a list writer for TheGamer.com.

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